BougeRV High-Efficiency 180W/12V Solar Panel

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The BougeRV 180W/12V solar panel modules are perfect to get a start in solar. The panels offer extreme cost performance through monocrystalline solar modules that offer extremely high conversion efficiency.

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The BougeRV 180W/12V solar panels are perfect to get a start in solar. The panels offer extreme cost performance. We use monocrystalline solar modules with extremely high conversion efficiency to ensure that each unit area can produce the highest power output. Our aim is to let you have not only good products but also good services.

BougeRV solar panels can reduce your energy bills. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average U.S. residential customer uses approximately 909 kWh per month of energy. A 180-watt solar panel can output about 375kwh of electricity a year. In this respect, BougeRV panels will reduce your energy costs.

BougeRV solar panels also charge anywhere during travel, because they are great for off-grid applications. Use them for your RV, van, truck, or trailer. With corrosion-resistant aluminum and waterproof panels, the BougeRV solar panel can work efficiently in a complex environment where the sun shines and the rain falls. The monocrystalline panel provides the most efficiency per space. Never worry again that there might suddenly be no electricity for lighting by a beautiful lake.



The BougeRV panels are easy to install. Pre-drilled holes on the back of the panel allow you to quickly install solar panels without using heavy tools.


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum allows extended outdoor use.
  • Anti-reflective, high transparency glass has impact resistance and water resistance.
  • It can withstand high wind (2400 Pa) and snow loads (5400 Pa), suitable for cold and complex outdoor environments.
  • Comes with a 25-year warrantee.


  • With multiple layers protective system, solar energy chips maintain efficient solar energy conversion efficiency.
  • Bypass diodes ensure maintain stable power in low light conditions.


  • Maximum power (Pmax): 180±3% W
  • Open circuit voltage Voc(V): 21.6±5%
  • Max. Power voltage Vmp(V): 18±5%
  • Max. Power current Imp(A): 10±5%
  • Sort circuit current Isc(A): 10.5A
  • Solar cells efficiency: 21.2%
  • Series fuse rating: 15A
  • Max static load (front & back): 2400pa
  • Product diameter: 58.27 x 26.38 x 1.38 inches
  • Net weight: 10.9kg / 24lb

FAQ from Manufacturer:

Q1: What does 1-on-1 solar solution mean? What can I get as a customer?

A1: Every project is unique, BougeRV provides each customer a 1-on-1 solar solution and customized technical services by professional tech support. We will quickly respond to your question in 24 hours and help you to select the appropriate solar kit to build the solar system with the step-by-step guide.

Q2: Why choose the Class A+ cell? What’s the difference between Class A+ cell and Class B & Class C cell?

A2: All of the BougeRV solar panels were made of the Class A+ cell. It’s able to achieve high-level performance, which is beyond the reach of most solar panels in the market.

  • Class A+ cell: No visible defects pass the strict EL test without any microcracks.
  • Class B & Class C cell: it has visible defects, and will have microcracks after the strict EL test. Also, it will have corner breakage, busbar missing, watermark, and color deviation.

Q3. What causes the low output power or no output during the use of solar panels? How can I solve it?

A3: The output power of solar panels is mainly affected by light intensity, light angle, and shadow occlusion during the use of solar panels. Therefore, during daily use, the angle of illumination must be adjusted to prevent shadows, and the obstructions on the solar panel must be cleaned regularly, such as bird droppings, dust, and garbage. Such obstructions may cause the solar panel to not output at all.

Q4: What other equipment do I need to power the load with solar panels?

A4: Solar panels will only have output during the day, so you will need batteries to store energy, controllers to protect the batteries, inverters to output AC loads, and use other photovoltaic cables to connect this solar system.

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 58.27 × 26.38 × 1.38 in
Part Number


Item Weight

24 pounds

Product Dimensions

58.27 x 26.38 x 1.38 inches

Item model number








Power Source



12 Volts


170 watts

Amperage Capacity

8.91 Amps

Maximum Power

180 Watts


Outside; Amateur

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?




Date First Available

December 22 2018



9 reviews for BougeRV High-Efficiency 180W/12V Solar Panel

  1. Amazon Customer

    Delivered as promisedReceived the panels quickly and they came as described in very good condition. This was the second time I ordered these panels, the first time was from Brand Name Beat but they were not the panels I thought I was getting. The first panel was the blue, which looks exactly the same as the black but for 2x the price. (I assumed I was getting 2) Also comparing the BrandNameBeat panel to the ones from Bouge RV I noticed the corners were not well finished( maybe they were seconds). To add insult they charged me $45 to return. So go with the BougeRV, I ordered 2

  2. Pinoy RN

    Everything as advertisedHave not had much time to use the product but tested a few times under winter sun within 1 1/2 hour from sunset and was still able to generate around 138-143 watts. Cant wait to take it camping during summer months with my Max Oak 1500. The only complaint i have is it is a bit large and has some weight to it so it may be a little cumbersome to lug around inside my Teardrop T@b, but quite happy with it so far and i think it will do a great job charging my Max Oak.

  3. Danny boy

    Well built. Higher qualityProduces peak power at correct angle to sun in summer,-165+ one panel. Now sep 21 shorter days less light same panel -130watts for about four hrs. 1st two hrs(-50), next hr (-100) then peak. Clean carefully do not scratch or abrade cleaning surfaces.

  4. Patrick Fitzgerald

    Great panel for the priceInteresting that RV includes warmth as a category to rate. Let’s see, black material under glass. Does it get warm in the sun? Of course it does. Just keep underside open as much as possible. Everything else is exactly as expected in a solar panel. I didn’t notice at first but I was sent a 180w and not a 170w. At least that’s what the panel says. So not sure. BourgeRv did come out with a 180 so maybe I got it by mistake? Anyway, on my Bluetti power station it peaks out around 130w or so. It might be better if I moved it around more or changed the angle regularly but that takes a lot of work. Still testing and experimenting but one of these is equal to or greater than two Jackery 100w in parallel. The Jackery ones do fold up and are portable though. I did get the third version of the Jackery. To learn more about the different versions, go to YouTube. Hobotech is particularly good at testing and reviewing.

  5. Martin Lee

    Worked less than a yearI used this product from May 2020 until now Feb. 2021 and it stopped working. I used it for less than 9 months.

  6. Bravens2012

    STURDY ITEMThis was a wise investment.

  7. Chris M

    I love the panels!I bought 2 panels for testing and in 2pmMississippi Sun, clear sky, and just eyeballing the panel angle, I was getting 310 watts with 2 in series to my Bluetti 300AC… The build quality looks amazing (ie, good sealing on the back of the panel around the edges, aluminum frame is sturdy, and the front glass was free of cracks)… The packing material was adequate, and overall, I’m happy…. BTW, for anyone new to solar, spend the few extra bucks, and buy the inline fuse before connecting these to your charge controller… GJ BougeRV!

  8. Paul E Seevers

    Boxing good Quality control is in questionI received the solar panel in A very good box designed to protect the panel. And the box had no damage on the outside. After unpacking the box and examining the solar panel there is a major gouge on the backside of the solar panel. Since the box was in good shape it must be quality control from factory. Solar panels seem well-built.********************************************************************************************************************************UPDATE: Shortly after I received my solar panels and posting review. BougeRV contacted me and started a conversation about the damaged panel. After a few emails and pictures of the damage solar panel BougeRV backup there warranty with a new replacement panel. I am very pleased with there response and timely execution of shipping the new panel. I received the panel in a good quality box and no damage. I would recommend this seller for quality product and customer service.

  9. Shepherd

    Best quality I’ve seen, great output!I’ll come back for a more full review when I have time, but I am testing 2 of these right now, and I’m happy with the performance, so I’ll be buying 2 more. I’m kinda bummed the price went up from 149 to 155 in only a couple days though /:These are producing 130 watts each for me when lying flat and 153 watts when held to be aimed perfectly at the sun. That’s the output that should be expected, so I’m very happy. I just returned the 190w Richsolar panels because they had lower performance than these and the customer service got an attitude with me about how great their products are and that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I haven’t had to contact BougheRV customer service, so idk how they are, but that’s a good things because the products work as expected! I bought their wire and MC4 connectors too and they all appear to be top notch quality.

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