Xantrex 8080915 PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch

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An easy to mount 15A Inline Transfer Relay provides switching between shore power and inverter AC source.

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The Xantrex 8080915 PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch comes with a power plug for convenient connection to the inverter GFCI and a hardwire cord for the AC input and output interface. It is available as an accessory to the Prowatt SW product line.

Current Rating 15 Amps
Brand Xantrex Technology Inc,
Item Dimensions LxWxH 10 x 7 x 4 inches
Mounting Type Plug-In Mount
Specification Met Certified frustration-free
Unit Count 1.0 Count
Number of Items 1


  • Country of origin : China
  • Part Number: 808-0915
  • Package weight : 2 pounds
  • Package Dimensions : 10″ L x 7″ W x 4″ H

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in

Xantrex Technology Inc



Item Weight

1 pounds

Product Dimensions

10 x 7 x 4 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number


Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

February 11 2011



10 reviews for Xantrex 8080915 PROwatt SW Auto Transfer Switch

  1. GE

    Specifications list a switching time of 40mS. Actual measurements …Specifications list a switching time of 40mS. Actual measurements show switching time in the range of of 100mS to 110mS. Heavy loads will fully turn off during switching. Avoid if this is a possible concern. Xantrex should review and correct their specifications for this switch.

  2. Gino

    long delayWorks, but will not keep a computer on … delay is too long… I had to buy a ups so my compute would stay on. Quality looks good.

  3. autoteck

    love itinstall it in rv trailer to 1000 watt inverter and ac panel .switches back and forth from shore power to inverter without any hiccups .have a powerdrive bluetooth pure sine wave .together work great

  4. Pierre

    Works like a charmQuality switch which I use to keep my sump pump working in case of a power failure. I’m very happy with it.

  5. Martin

    Well madeThis is a well made switch which operates quietly, is relatively compact, and does what’s supposed to. Only complaint is the wires are a little on the short side for my installation. Overall, though, this works really well.

  6. Vladimir

    This switch is amazing, especially using it with an Alexa enabled WIFI Outlet….I purchased this switch so i can run my aquariums off of Solar or AC Power. I connected the AC wire to an Alexa Enabled WIFI Outlet, then AC power, the other cord plugged into my Inverter which is connected to a battery and Solar panel. I can switch from AC Power to Solar anytime I want through my cellphone and the aquarium lights, filters, air pumps don’t even flinch. As soon as i beef up my solar system, i will just run it off the solar panels and let it switch to AC when the Solar battery goes dead and the inverter alarm goes off. I’ll have to test it, as i dont know if that would trigger it to switch over.I purchased a 3 prong plug and a 3 prong jack from RV to connect to this switch box. The only issue i had was that it’s hard to tell which is silver and which is gold on the terminals to wire them correctly. I guess i did it correctly. This switch is amazing, glad i bought it. Using it with Alexa enabled WIFI outlet plugs makes it very versatile.

  7. psboom

    Works as advertisedThis transfer switch works great. I have been using it for a few weeks now and no problems. I do find that it runs a little warm to the touch when it’s running on shore power. I would definitely recommend this.

  8. L. P

    Solar switcher! works good for me.Solar switcher! works good for me. So I have a couple RV deep cycle batteries in my shed next to the house – being recharged by a 100 watt & 50 watt panels. I ran the 12v in electrical conduit in through a house foundation vent under the floor and up through to my entertainment center. I have security cameras that show on an extra television that is in this entertainment center. When it’s sunny, I use a samlex 600w inverter (sinewave) to power the tv. Before I got this transfer relay switch that I am reviewing – I had to physically unplug the tv from the inverter and plug it into the wall when we didn’t have enough solar to run the inverter & charge the batteries while running the tv.Now, when the voltage drops to about 11 volts and the inverter alarm goes off – I simply turn off the inverter – and this transfer relay switch automatically transfers to the wall outlet!! it’s awesome.Now, if I only had an automatic switch that would shut off the inverter at 11 volts and turn it on at about 13volts – the whole system would be fully automated.NOTE: When I first plugged it in, according to the labels, the transfer relay would prioritize the “shore power”/wall outlet ac input. So, the transfer would not occur when I turned on the inverter. So, I simply switched the plugs (inverter AC & wall AC) so that now the inverter has priority and it works perfectly. Normally, in an RV or boat – it would be the other way around.

  9. JoseyWales

    So far ( just put in over last weekend) works great for backup power for cell booster (Updated)Had looked for this type of switch for a long time for use at our cabin in remote and deep woods in S Indiana about an hour from a major city. We are in a big valley on a small lake and do not have interior cell service with out our Wilson 70 db booster (a must have is the newer self adjusting unit that always maintains reception and not the older manually adjusted units). We had almost no OTA TV with out Winegard LNA-200 boosters on 2 antennas in attic and a Denny’s stacker UHF/VHF antenna high above roof, and now have 21 stations and all major networks in perfect HD. Bought a used 15 device Verizon 7730L hotspot (using the little known Verizon no contract $65/mo UNLIMITED data only available on their PREPAID plan with auto pay) for internet, Netflix and RV TV (binge watch in high def w/the unlimited data plan) and to now run RV Cloud cams and Canary security cams. When power went out as it often outdoes with power cables running through the woods, these electronics all went down. You had to be there in person in the second floor utility closet to switch the Belkin 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector with 10-Foot Cord that powers all the boosters including Wilson and a Netgear Nighthawk WIFI extender, from the AC plug to then plug into GpPower’s 175-Watt Modified Sine Wave Inverter (no fan =low draw) and then clamp onto the deep cell trolling battery next to the inverter. Now with this badboy transfer switch installed, when the AC power goes off, it auto switches to the plugged in inverter connected to the deep cycle battery, and then automatically switches back to AC when restored. Ran long USB cords to some of the cameras off the same surge strip so they also function when AC power is out. Wilson booster draws 20W which is .17 amp which means that deep cycle trolling battery could run everything on the power/surge strip for a long, long time. Will prob run a long power cord to the hotspot which is near the Wilson interior panel downstairs. BE SURE that you order and correctly wire the 3 prong male adapter plug and female adapter plug for similar uses, as 2 wires from the transfer switch have no connectors. It comes with a marked 3 way male plug to plug into the inverter. Black wire is hot and is for the narrow flat plug, white wire is the return and is for the wider flat plug, and green is ground. I’ll try do an update in a few months, but so far it’s perfect for what we wanted. Now my wife and kids can make calls and use the internet from inside cabin if power is out, with out me trying to explain over the phone how to connect to and switch on the inverter in the storage closet by flashlight. That is priceless and calls for a beer.(Update 1/8/20)Still working great. When the power goes off, auto switches to deep cell batter on 175w inverter to power wifi security cameras. The jetpack mifi has its own large battery so we can still have the peace of mind with security during power outages.

  10. My Eyes Are Up Here!

    Works great for a DIY hybrid grid-tie solar arrayI have a small solar array I use to power a chest freezer and a few other electrical draws during the day when the sun is out.I use an appliance timer to kill the grid power at 9 am and this transfer switch automatically switches the circuit to my solar system. Likewise, the timer and this switch automatically restores the grid power in the evening when the sun can no longer power my needs.This way I don’t need permits or permission from the utility company to tie my solar system to the grid because the timer and this switch keep the two systems isolated from each other. I also don’t need an expensive battery bank to power my stuff when the sun isn’t out. Basically I just use the electricity as its generated. I have a single deep cycle battery between the solar charge controller and the inverter which is great for grid power outages.

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