TireMinder i10 RV TPMS with 10 Transmitters & Rhino Signal Booster

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The TireMinder i10 RV TPMS features a bright color monitor that displays up to 10 tires at once.

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TireMinder i10 RV TPMS with 10 Transmitters

Monitoring a tow vehicle? If a front and rear vehicle are added to the monitor, the display will automatically swap between the front and rear sections. This allows you to view up to 20 tires, without having to touch a button.


  • Always on Display
  • Display up to 10 Tires Simultaneously
  • High Powered Rhino Signal Booster Included
  • Extremely Accurate +/- 1 PSI from 0-199 PSI
  • Operates While Stationary or Driving
  • Lifetime, USA-Based Customer Support

TireMinder Rhino Signal Booster

Works with all RVs

Always on Display

High Powered Rhino Signal Booster Included

The TireMinder Rhino Signal Booster is included for maximum distance and signal reliability. Compatible with 12V or 24V. High voltage protection built-in.

Up to 199PSI, 100FT and 20 Tires

The TireMinder i10 is able to work all types of RVs. As long as your RV or trailer setup is less than 100FT and has less than 20 tires, the TireMinder i10 is made for you!

Constantly Monitoring Your Tires

The TireMinder i10 will constantly monitor your tires while your driving or while stationary. The monitor stays awake to display exactly what’s going on with your tires at all times.

TireMinder i10 with 10 Standard Transmitters

Included in the Box

1 TireMinder i10 Monitor, 10 TireMinder Transmitters, 1 TireMinder Rhino Signal Booster, 20 CR1632 Batteries, 10 Additional O-Rings, 10 Anti-Theft Locking Nuts, 1 Locking Nut Wrench, 1 Instruction Manual, and 1 Product Registration Card.

Brand TireMinder
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.75 x 4.15 x 4 inches
Item Weight 1 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 24.4 H x 7.1 L x 18.6 W (centimetres)
  • Monitors up to four different vehicles
  • Country of Origin : China
  • Package Weight: 2.5 pounds
Award Winning RV TPMS

The Most Award Winning TPMS Brand

Over the last 10 years, TireMinder has achieved more awards than any other brand in the RV Industry. For those looking for the best product, there is only one choice – TireMinder.

When it comes to your safety, have the peace of mind to know you didn’t go with second place.

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10 reviews for TireMinder i10 RV TPMS with 10 Transmitters & Rhino Signal Booster

  1. Cap’n Dan

    A good precautionWe bought 10 transmitters (kinda pricey) to attach to the tire valves of our motorhome and toad. Installation was a bit tricky but it went fairly well after a phone call with tech support. The monitor is handy and it appears to be quite accurate

  2. Brenda Manley

    accuracysystem works good, I use it to monitor immediate tire leaks not tire on road pressures. Monitoring tire pressures while driving you have to ignore to some degree or you will go crazy with the alarms. I use it to monitor immediate tire leakage. and check my tire pressures manually with a handheld gauge. I that capacity it is awesome

  3. Mike H

    Just what I was looking for!I tried to find a write-up about someone using this on a tractor to no avail, so I gambled and tried it on my Kubota M5-111. It works perfectly. I use my tractor for mostly brush hogging and the tires often run over cut stubs that will sometimes pierce through the tire. I was always keeping an eye on the tires to see if they were going flat but it was hard to tell until it was almost flat. Being stuck in a valley or out away from home when a tractor tire goes flat is not a pleasurable experience. This systems constantly monitors the tire pressure and seems quite accurate when compared to my digital pressure gauge. There are warnings when the pressure drops 15% below normal pressure (and you can set that) giving me time to get back home before the tire goes flat. It was extremely easy to setup taking no more than 15 minutes total. Kubota is thinking about putting TPMS on tractors but so far they haven’t. This is a great alternative and recommended for tractor owners.

  4. Dave

    A must have for ANY RV’erWe’re new to the RV world and, despite checking pressures before EVERY departure on a 2k mile trip, we blew a tire. EVERY RV should have a tire pressure monitoring system on it, either by the manufacturer or by the dealer. We could have been killed had the tire blown while we were at 60+ MPH on the highway. I installed this system and it’s very easy to use and easy to monitor. I mounted it using velcro tape on my dash (makes it easy to take off whenever you have your RV in storage or at a dealer etc.)

  5. Geri Velasquez

    Peace of mindBought these for our RV we were going on a month long trip to Vancouver Washington. Half way on our trip it let us know one of the tires was loosing air it was down 9lbs. We stopped at a tire place in Winters Ca sure enough it down 9lbs. We put the air in and was on our way. Without the tire Minder we could of had a blowout causing damage to our RV. Thank you tireMinder!!

  6. Jeff

    4 Star ratingVery good product although it will occasionally lose signal with some of the transmitters. I did not receive required amount of locking rings. Overall seems like a good product.

  7. David

    Big improvement over last modelThe display is larger and easier to see all tires of my truck and trailer as the two screens rotate.

  8. James

    I’d buy againThey stand behind their warranty and have an excellent battery program. A little pricey but worth it. I’d buy again and recommend and I have.

  9. Steve F

    Tireminder i10 Works but I have a different wiring suggestion for booster.This TPMS works well so far. I do think there is a better way to wire the booster. I don’t like things running all the time. It wears them out and drains the batteries. Also those little clips could easily fall off from a bumpy road. I travel to the Colorado mountains camping 3 or 4 times a summer and travel time is only 15-20 hours per year. Instead of wiring the booster to your battery as the instructions say, I connected the hot wire to my clearance light wiring. This is how I have my 3 RV cameras powered as well. I always turn on the clearance lights when going down the road and have full use of my cameras and now the signal booster for the Tireminder i10 as well. Things are not powered 99% of the time. I am also a little uncomfortable with the fact that the Tireminder shows the last setting if you unhook and drive away. It should tell you when it has lost a signal from any tire transmitter. After all it is a monitor. I will run this a while and may update as needed.

  10. D

    TPMS for a semi truckI bought this to use as TPMSs on a semi truck. They work GREAT! Setup was a breeze, no issues. I was told by a worker at Minder that he used the cap sensors on his personal semi truck and that they worked fine. I wondered about how long the plastic cap would last. The inside duals sensors are a bit of a pain to get on and off, wether you are hooked to a trailer or not, but it’s managable. I dropped one once trying to reinstall, and it fell inside the INSIDE wheel. THAT was hard to find, AND hard to get out too. I got a “used” set from RV where the box was smooshed, otherwise I would have maybe opted for the flow through sensors for the inside wheels. I still might buy 4 seperate sensors to swap out. I wired a seperate plug to charge it, and bought one of the magnetic charging cables with the little plug that stays IN the device and just snap those together when it needs to charge. I like the display on this WAY better than the over brand with the constant trailer positions shown. 10/10.

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