MOSTON Dimmable LED Light (Cool White/Natural/Warm) Motion Sensor Rechargeable Battery

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No more running into furniture or stumbling in the dark. MOSTON motion activated lights will automatically turn on when movement is detected in the dark and auto turn off after 20 seconds.

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The 200 lumens MOSTON Cordless Motion Sensing Night Light is for closets, cabinets, and other hard to reach areas that require light.


Dimmable Under Cabinet Lights
Brightness 200 lumens. Keep Pressing “SETUP” button for secs to adjust luminance (between 20% and 100%) steplessly. Powered by a large capacity rechargeable battery which can last few weeks or even more than a month, on condition that the numbers of lighting up are within 10 times in motion sensor mode per day. A suitable luminance means battery usage time will be prolonged. BUT too frequently auto light up will decrease battery life fast.

Walk in Closet Lights
No more running into furniture or stumbling in the dark. MOSTON motion activated lights will automatically turn on when movement is detected in the dark or the ambient light is not sufficient, then they auto turn off after 20 secs to save battery. Switch “G/AUTO” enable motion sensor feature, the sensing range is about 10ft & 120°.

3 Color Temperature Modes
Cool White 6500K/Natural White 4000K/Warm Light 3000K. Press “SETUP”cycle button once to adjust per your desire.Perfect for portable lighting applications that don’t have a power source like closets, kitchens, pantries, under counter, shelves, hallway, walkway, wardrobes, stairs, cupboard, drawers, basement, garage, storage room, and more. Use at any place you need a nightlight situation.Even great for outdoor camping or working under the car, tent, or trailer.

Mount Anywhere without Tools.
Sticking the included metal mounting strip with double-sided tape under cabinet or closet,the magnetic light can be auto absorbed on the metal strip.(But please must clean the flat surface before sticking). With built-in Magnetic feature,it can also be easy absorbed on any iron furniture,e.g outside of refrigerator,the iron shelf or in the safe. You can also take it as a hand-held light when necessary.

Built-in USB Rechargeable 1500mAh Battery
Due to the magnetic feature, you can fell free to remove the light from the place to recharge and then adsorb it back.Easy recharged by any USB chargers.

TIPS: USB charging cable is included. BUT CHARGER IS NOT.

This Aluminum Alloy Shell LED Homelife Light decorate the furniture, it also comes with MOSTON’s the best lifetime warranty.

Product Description

MOSTON Cordless Motion Sensor Night Light for Closet

walk in closet lights

3 Color Temperatures




Cool White

Natural Lights

Warm Lights

Dimmable Under Cabinet Lights


mounting under cabinet lights

Lighting At Any Place You Need A Nightlight Situation

motion sensor night light

Package Included:

  • 1 x MOSTON magnetic motion sensor LED Light Bar
  • 1 x Metal Mounting Strip
  • 2 x Double-sided Tapes
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
Style Modern
Color Silver
Product Dimensions 1.6″D x 8″W x 0.5″H
Special Feature Dimmable, USB Rechargeable, Built-in Magnet, Cordless, Motion Sensor(Auto On/Off)

Additional information

Weight 4.16 lbs
Dimensions 7.87 × 1.57 × 0.39 in


10 reviews for MOSTON Dimmable LED Light (Cool White/Natural/Warm) Motion Sensor Rechargeable Battery

  1. Bruce M

    Overall ok. When they changed over too the newer USB c port like newer phones (go in upside down etc. I tried my new superfast Samsung chargers that have the small connector on the adapter end too. I have several of these. They do not work. The older Samsung charger with the larger USB connector have no issues. My older Samsung chargers and outlet strips with USB ports work. Only the Samsung with the small port at the Charger do not work. FYI for buyers and Seller. I was ready to throw the one I bought in April away. The two old ones with the old USB (flat on one side) (I bought a year a go are still working fine). (they only have one setting).It would be nice if seller could put screenshot of manual(s) online. I pitched mine for all three I bought before.

  2. Zane Borg

    I have a dark breezeway coming into the house from the car [at night] it works well for and also under the kitchen sink!!!

  3. Charley Henderson

    The product looks great. We really love using the sensor lights works great

  4. Smilinggeek

    These are a breeze to install and to remove to charge but very difficult to change the setting quickly so they don’t come on during the day – the battery life is really bad on these.

  5. Lori

    I received this motion sensor light, installed it into clothes closet right away. Super easy installation, bright LED lights. Cannot believe the sensitivity of the motion detector! It’s like it anticipates I will be entering the closet! I installed the strip lower than one would expect; about 3 feet off the floor. That eliminates the light shining right in my eyes when I enter the dark room. The magnetized strip attaches to the wall (or in my case closet door) with sticky tape. The light then can be easily attached. Be sure to have the motion detector part facing where you will enter. If you do it wrong, guess what… all you have to do is pull it away from the magnet and turn it around. Great product. Seems well-made.

  6. Laura W

    This motion sensor light is great! I ordered it to use in our pantry and it lights up the whole pantry. I like that you have lighting options such as 3 different kinds to choose from, which we are going to use the brighter of the 3 for now. And the motion sensor is the best option since we keep the door closed most of the time, but it will come on as soon as you open the door, and it goes off in 20 seconds, so you don’t constantly burn the light. And very easy to install with the mounting tape and magnet strip that comes with it. Not to mention the rechargeable feature, just take the light down from the magnetic strip and charge. There’s a red light letting you know it is charging and it turns to green when it’s fully charged.

  7. Ppv

    Light is being used inside a medium sized closet. Brightness isn’t bad, the warm white felt the brightest. Charge lasts a bit over 2 months when triggered 3-5 times a day. Magnetic backing is great, it can be taken off from the wall quickly and used as an emergency flashlight/work light.The motion detection is alright, it takes 2-3 seconds to detect or I have to wave my hands about. Also, it’ll automatically turn off after 20s – 30s even if I’m still in the vicinity, will need to wave arms again to turn it on and it takes longer to detect motion after automatically turning off.

  8. Rhodie

    The price was great. So easy to install. I just used the sticky part of the magnet. No need to screw the plate in as the lights are not heavy. Like the different setting of the light intensity. If you do have them on the highest needless to say they do need to be charged more often. But that is easy peasy to do.

  9. RV Customer

    This item does exactly what is says, easy install and lights up the entire closet. XFast charging and so far the adhesive pads works well.

  10. Buruko

    Looking high and low for a decent output light with a long lasting battery for installing a motion activated light in closets without any lighting. This fit the bill beautifully with a rechargeable battery that will probably out last the house in cycles. With about 1600 lumen output it lights a decent sized closet (5×6) rather well.Easy to mount along the inner door edge and activates instantly when the door is opened, 20 seconds of no activity it shuts off, couldn’t work any better.

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