LIGHTBAR | LED Headlamp (300 to 500 Lumens)

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Lightbar is a lightweight tool with all-day comfort, unlike traditional headlamps that are bulky and heavy on your forehead, Lightbar feels more like your wearing a flex-fit baseball cap then a headlamp.

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Product Features

  • POWERFUL 210° RANGE: an array of SMD 5050 LED lights are brighter than traditional headlamps. Featuring 16 SMD 5050 LEDs (300 lumens), over 200 degrees or range, and 6 brightness levels, red light mode you’ll have a powerful but not blinding tool for any job. Featuring Red Light mode with this model.
  • HIGH QUALITY MODULAR DESIGN: Every Lightbar piece is durable and removable for cleaning or upgrade. The Lightbar and battery are easily detached to allow for easy washing of the elastic band and for longer product life expectancy.
  • MORE EFFICIENT: Lightbar Pro design provides maximum efficiency with up to 5.5 hours of light. If you need more light you can purchase an additional Lightbar Pro rechargeable battery to get even more light time.
  • EASY OPERATION: A click of a button on the Lightbar to turn it on. Keep clicking for 6 brightness levels/functions, including the Spotlight mode which is great for working in groups without blinding others and saves on battery life. Turn off by pressing and holding the button. A 3000 mAh Lithium Ion battery is included.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Lightbar is a lightweight tool with all-day comfort, unlike traditional headlamps that are bulky and heavy on your forehead, Lightbar feels more like your wearing a flex-fit baseball cap then a headlamp.
Special Feature 2 Button Controls and Easy On/OFF, Battery Capacity – 3000 mAh Lithium Ion, Run Time – 5 to 35 Hours, Battery System Included – Rechargeable, 500 Lumens See more
Color Red
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Included Components Battery

Product Description

lightbar headlamp climbing running biking



Lightbar climb


Every Lightbar piece is durable and removable for cleaning or upgrade. The Lightbar and battery are easily detached to allow for easy washing of the elastic band and for longer product life expectancy.


Lightbar design provides maximum efficiency with up to 5 hours of light. If you need more light you can bring 3 spare AAA batteries or purchase an additional Lightbar UBS-rechargeable battery and get even more light time.


A click of a button on the Lightbar to turn it on. Keep clicking for 4 brightness levels. Turn off by pressing and holding the button. 3 AAA batteries (Sold Separately) are required

Led Headlamps

See your surroundings

Every traditional headlamp has one common problem – tunnel vision, or a narrow beam of visibility. Our Lightbar products offer a 210 degree range of illumination that helps you execute your tasks safely and securely.

lightbar headlamp hiking running climbing

lightbar sport headlamp hiking running climbing

lightbar Pro headlamp hiking running climbing


This handsfree Lightbar is very suitable for fishing, hiking, climbing, camping, and other indoor and outdoor activities.


Lightbar Sport design provides maximum efficiency with up to 5 hours of light. If you need more light you can purchase an additional Lightbar rechargeable battery or upgrade to the Lightbar Pro 3000 mAh lithium ion battery and get even more light time.


The lightweight design is comfortable to wear and adjustable to any head size or even to fit over hats and helmets.

lightbar headlamp hiking running climbing

lightbar headlamp hiking running climbing

lightbar headlamp hiking running climbing

lightbar headlamp hiking running climbing


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20 reviews for LIGHTBAR | LED Headlamp (300 to 500 Lumens)

  1. Level Headed

    This light is extremely good. I use it in my shop to see inside large electric motors, control boxes etc.Not a burden to wear. Comfortable and eventually you dont know its on you head.Charges anywhere there is a USB port. Just a simple cord that hooks to the head lamp and plugs into a USB port.I have had at least a dozen varieties of head lights. this one is hands down the best.The light is a flood light so for close up work or even under the hood of a car they are perfect. no need to adjust or move you head. no glare. just simply good light. one button switch for on and another for off. On or off. no endless stream of orange, red, blinking, sos, and so one. just on / off.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great for truck drivers, really needed at night! Gives you a better peripheral vision than just a typical headlamp!! WORTH THE MONEY!!!Thanks so much for creating this product! Saw it advertised on Instagram.

  3. pinkfreud

    I am returning the device. Not because it is a bad product but because i needed it for a purpose it was not designed for. I need a shop augmentation light. I have overhead lights and this headlamp does not increase light substantially enough to be of assistance. It works nicely as a flashlight in the dark but as a work light it falls short. Does not add to my overhead lights. I also noticed it was getting hot as i wore it but to be honest i did not wear for long as it did not provide the light i needed. Was lightweight and generally comfortable. Just need a strong spot light.

  4. Christian Lenoir

    I was a nice idea but it does not charge via USB or some standard method. Instead, it has a 4-pin non-standard connection and I unfortunately lost the included “adapter” so after one charge, this will sadly end up in a dumpster.

  5. robert heymach

    It worked alright when it worked, but it failed suddenly one day, and was just out of warranty (13 months old). Company never replied to email request for support. The website has trouble shooting that exactly described the issue, the light flickers when wire is wiggled. It’s a very weak connection, but a top priced device like this should be more durable. I think I’ve only used it half a dozen times, and never outdoors in wet or dusty conditions. It also uses a specialized plug to charge the battery and does not accept usb-c (any usb for that matter) or iphone plug, so if you don’t have your cord with you when it fails, or if you lose your cord, you may as well throw it away. Bad design decision. Needs a conventional USB connection for charging.

  6. Ray Haynes

    First impressions – first the good and it’s by far mostly good. Fits my big head (7-5/8) with plenty of adjustment room. Seems well built but haven’t abused it yet :-). Plenty of brightness and nice adjustable levels. No issues in these areas.Now for the bad, really more irritating than bad – the charging cable is a separate piece that WILL get lost. You disconnect the battery from the headset and attach a special USB cable to charge it. Bad design. There should have been dedicated micro USB charge port on the battery.Secondly the switches or more correctly the logic of the switches are just wrong Pressing the switch will turn on the LEDs (red or white depending on the switch). Additional clicks will cycle through the brightnesses but not back to off. To turn off you have to hold the switch down for a couple of seconds. Now that would make sense if when you pressed the switch again it came on at the same brightness level it was at when you shut it off. But instead it comes on at full brightness. The off position should have been in the regular single click rotation or it should have remember the previous setting (this would have made the most sense).While these irritations are just that, and not really a reason not to buy, but they are there nonetheless.

  7. kdrez

    This headlamp is really bright, which is great, but the battery pack is really heavy. When I run, it falls down my head.

  8. Cherie Maloney

    My husband has a vision problem which is progressively getting worse. I got him this for his last birthday and he absolutely loved it. He’s had a lot of head lamps but this one is far and above the others. For this reason it’s completely worth the cost. Everyone wants to try it. One day someone borrowed it when he wasn’t around (“just to try it out,”) then laid it on the driveway, forgot about it, and drove over it.😑 Up to this point it was perfect and never gave any problem. I had to order another one ASAP because he can not do his job without it. It’s not a luxury item. It’s necessary. If you need a dependable, high functioning light, this is the one. You won’t be sorry.

  9. Jace

    I like that were I look is lit up definitely would like for it to be brighter and have more battery life so going to have to buy extra battery packs so it can keep up

  10. Dr Fermento

    This is an outstanding addition to a standard headlamp, not a replacement for one. As an Alaskan that spends half a year in the dark, I rely on headlamps a lot. This unit clearly has a different purpose than penetrating the night and looking at objects at a distance, like standard headlamps are designed to do. This new breed of lighting is designed to cast a more diffused, wider aura of light. The only complaint I have is that the head strap system needs significant work. It takes some concerted effort to get it initially set up to fit both properly and comfortably on your head, and doesn’t adjust easily or quickly. The velcro feature that secures the battery pack to the head strap system is inadequate to the point that I feel that with vigorous activity, it could dislodge. The connector between the battery pack and the lighting system could be re-engineered for quicker connect/disconnect, especially for cold weather users. Still, would I recommend this unit to avid headlamp users? Absolutely. I have not tested it in the extremes yet, but find this a welcome addition to my night eyes in a place that depend on effective lighting in very demanding and very varied conditions.

  11. Amazon Customer

    The light is bright but very diffused. I need something that focused the light a little better.

  12. Jennifer

    It’s not as bright

  13. Phil H.

    I purchased the top tier light & overall it’s not too bad. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, & the battery isn’t overly heavy. The light is more flood like & doesn’t have a lot of range projection which is fine for arms reach work or so, but being that the LED’s don’t have any lenses to focus them I expected it to be such. I find myself actually using the partial light mode more than having them all on because if someone looks in your direction or tries to talk with you, they end up seeing spots because you can’t just angle or turn your head a little to stop it from dazzling them.I haven’t had a problem with the charging cord or plug. I put some silicone dielectric grease on it to keep it lubed & help prevent any corrosion in case something happens to get past the o-ring seal.The only thing that does annoy me is how finicky it is to get it into the mode that just uses the few center lights instead of them all. The two buttons have to be pushed & released at the exact same time without hardly any room for error…for my light anything more than a quarter of a second between the two buttons & it just goes into full white or red mode. It would be nice if it would just see that you pushed both buttons together and go into that mode with some looser time tolerance.

  14. S. Crawford

    Starting with the good, this light is absolutely the best I’ve ever used for working on equipment in a server cabinet, behind equipment under a desk, or under the house. If you need to work in enclosed spaces like that, buy one! The light is even and relatively shadow-free and doesn’t require me to swivel my head to point the light where I want. It’s almost like working in a nicely lighted room. I haven’t purchased an extra battery case but it’s nice to be able to carry spares and use standard batteries as a backup if needed.I plan to try the red mode when flying at night but haven’t had the opportunity just yet.What could be improved?It’s probably a design choice related to waterproofing or some such, but the fact that charging requires a special cord specific to this light makes for one more cord to keep track of or lose. It would be nice to be able to use a standard USB cord.I would prefer that the intensity start low and increase rather than starting at high and decrease – often I don’t want the blast of light hitting my night-adapted eyes.The headband does get warm on high. I’m not sure what can be done but perhaps a slightly thicker and vented headband. It’s not terrible but adding heat when I’m already in a warm spot is less than perfect.Note that the “up to” 5.5 hours of light doesn’t mean you can run it on high that long. It will start to dim noticeably after an hour or two on high.

  15. Stephen

    I saw this headlight on a Youtube video. They were pretty impressed with it and my headlight was old and heavy and bulky. So I took a chance, spent some good money and I am happy I did. The white light works great lighting up the area in front of your face. You can see everything. The red light works even while driving at night. It does not interfere with me seeing the inside of my jeep, nor seeing thru the windshield. I have only charged it once. I like that it is a usb charger so I can charge it up in the jeep if i need to.

  16. PaulSince72

    Excellent light and comfortable to wear. If you wear a Ball cap you’ll want to turn your cap around as the bill will shade the light. Great battery life. but the proprietary charger is a bit of a bummer if you lose it. Would be nice to have a usb plug-in option like so many other lights do these days.

  17. Janette

    Overall I like it but it can use some improvements. I felt like the description for all models was basically the same making deciding which one to get harder. I assumed the Pro model would include the best of everything as it means but mine didn’t have Spot mode.PROSGreat for most all things as shown in the advertised pictures.Wide field of lighted vision. Good peripheral lighting.Bright.Lowest setting is dim enough to wear around a group of people.Came with rechargeable battery.Strap and battery pack are removable for washing.Lights up my lap or area directly in front of me.Great for close working conditions.Good for automotive work.Good for Handyman work.Good in winter because the lightbar gets pretty warm.CONS**My Pro model DOES NOT HAVE A SPOT MODE like the description says and I PAID A LOT MORE $$ for it.*Does not have a center top strap to keep it from falling down so you have to tighten it enough to give you a headache after a while.*People working with, or around you, won’t like it in bright mode since light goes in all directions. With a spot you can’t point it away from people.*Proprietary charging cord and rechargeable battery pack. I can not use regular batteries if needed such as camping being without a power outlet.*Hot in summer on bare forehead because lightbar gets pretty warm.The following are only slightly annoying: *Velcro strap behind the lightbar is a bit rough and scratchy on bare forehead and it buckles because of being curved. (Wearing a hat or beanie alleviates this.)*Red light modes have always been useless to me. I could never say if it is helpful in any way, mostly because red light doesn’t allow you to see well. I would never want to work in red light.*A rear red flashing light would be a nice safety feature to be able to turn On/Off.

  18. Jonathon

    Pros:- Very Bright- Large Coverage Area- Red Light Mode- Essentially 1 Size Fits AllCons:- Gets Very Warm to Hot***- Button Functionality is Limited- Proprietary Charging CableDETAILED REVIEW – I used the Lightbar Pro at home when packing for a camping trip, after fully charging it as the manual says, and I have limited visibility in my garage normally, so the Lightbar Pro was amazing at making everything visible at a distance. The only downside is it was about 95 degrees out and I had this on the MEDIUM bright white setting, and it was heating up quickly. So quickly, I had to take a break for about 10 mins for it to cool down a bit before continuing to pack. ***I was wearing it directly on my head without any hat or any insulation between me and the Lightbar Pro, so I could’ve tried that to fix the heat issue, but in already hot weather, I wouldn’t recommend adding layers. On this camping trip, I tested the brightest white setting and it was almost obnoxiously bright. That could be both a pro and a con to some. The best functional use on this trip was when it was pitch-black out and I needed to be able to see without my eyes going haywire. The Red Light setting was perfect for this! It has 2 Red Light settings, High and Low. Both are very bright, but not harsh on the eyes. The only major downside I have with the Lightbar Pro is the button functionally. There are two buttons on the side. 1 button is for the White Light and the other is for the Red Light. To get to the LOW White Light setting, you have to cycle through the HIGH and MEDIUM. The same goes for the Red Light; 2 settings, HIGH and LOW. I wish there were some other way to select which brightness you want without needing to cycle through them. Another minor issue is the proprietary charging cable. Don’t lose it or you’ll have to buy another one. It would’ve been nicer for the Lightbar Pro to have USB-C Charging to we could use any USB-C Cable, but that’s not the case. You need the adaptor, that it comes with, to plug into the battery and has USB-A on the other end.OVERALL – I WOULD recommend the Lightbar Pro due to having super bright White Light, and 2 Red Light options. My only concerns are the heat this gives off and the proprietary charging cable.

  19. Evan McKinney

    Lost my first one and love my second one as much as the first, also got the pro battery so it literally never dies in the job

  20. T2

    This is a top of the line product for flying.A lot of the mid-grade reviews have people complaining that it’s not bright enough compared to what they expected. Perhaps that’s true if that’s your only light and you’re out in otherwise a lightless envionment.For my application though, general aviation, the amount of diffused light this puts out – not to mention the option for either white or red light. Is IDEAL!The brightness, diffusion pattern, and battery life, and comfort are top rate! Highly recommend!

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