GearIT LED Work Light 3000 Lumen COB LED – 16 Gauge Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 5-15R

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24W COB LED | Dual Switch 2000/1000 Lumens | Input 120V 60Hz 24W | Output 120V 60Hz 22W | 16AWG Gauge | 3 Conductors

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Color 3000LM Green
Material Metal, Rubber
Finish Type Metal
Light Source Type LED
Shade Material Metal
  • CONVENIENCE FEATURES – 4 rubber, non-slip and skid resistance handle | 360° degree hook with retractable hanger| Rare earth magent on the rear handle for attachment of metal surface
  • EXTRA LONG CORDED CABLE – 20 feet indoor/outdoor weather resistant SJT/SJTW heavy duty jacket to withstand -40°C to +130°C temperatures
  • EXTENSION OUTLET – Convenient NEMA 5-15R AC outlet located on bottom of the handle to power an additional device

Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 16.69 × 5.2 × 4.02 in


10 reviews for GearIT LED Work Light 3000 Lumen COB LED – 16 Gauge Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 5-15R

  1. Quarterpounder

    Has a long cord so it reaches any area under the car

  2. Tammy

    I purchased this light a few months ago for my boyfriend whose a mechanic. He absolutely loved this light until it stopped working. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent us a new one . This is and has been his favorite light and the dealing with customer service was a positive experience. Will be purchasing from this vendor again in the future.

  3. Geo


  4. RVholic07

    I purchased this gift for my father-in-law, who is constantly working on cars. It’s portable and easy to charge so it’s perfect for people who are unorganized. It’s very bright and perfect for the dimly lit tight areas working on an engine. It’s definitely a good price. They’re a lot more expensive at Costco. And he hasn’t made a thing complain about it and he loves to complain about everything in life so it must work pretty well.

  5. Matthew J McCabe

    Over the years I bought lots of drop lights . I really like the features this light has , 2 hooks , a magnet , and 2 lights settings . It is heavily constructed.

  6. RV Customer

    Great light, bright, hangs well. All around great work light. We used this light for all household, garage work, remodeling our home, working on our vehicles, etc. It quit working, so I called GearIT for parts, and the excellent customer service group had me send a video of how it was not working and are replacing the light at no charge. Totally unexpected! Excellent light, excellent customer service.

  7. aey9125

    I’m giving this four stars because the hooks are made out of cheap plastic. If I’m spending $70 on a light, I think that’s the least that could be expected is something that doesn’t feel like it’s going to break asap. Besides that, the two tier lighting is amazing. Very bright and works great. I really wish it had a magnet on the side and wasn’t quite so bulky for tight places. The outlet is handy and having to hook on each end is very handy.

  8. Michael

    Great light. probably the best light i have on my truck now. I’m in plumbing. works well and the little extension port at the bottom of it surely comes in handy from time to time. definitely recommend. very good product. don’t want to jinx myself here, but if taken care of, this light should last me a very long time.

  9. no one of consequence

    When I need a new tool I always appreciate one that suits my purpose well and is made to last. And I’m feeling really good about this one. This trouble light has everything I needed and gives me the satisfaction I get from a well-designed, quality product. It is bright enough to add light to a sunlit room. Although plastic, is it substantially solid and weighty to grasp– so I’m not worried it’ll shatter the first time it takes a fall. The textured rubber grip handle won’t ever just slip out of my greasy hand while I’m inspecting the underside of an engine compartment. The two mode switches give a slick, confident snap when I toggle them, and there’s no flaky wobble there. Plus, the switches are shrouded where they won’t be flicked accidentally. A heavy PVC-jacketed cord and robust strain relief mean I won’t worry about damage by pulling and pinching. (However, like other power tools, the substantial cord may be less pliable in very cold weather.) The magnetic mount on the back is easily strong enough to secure the light in an automotive work environment. It provides not one, but two, plastic hooks for overhead hanging– and they’re mounted on ball joints so I can swivel the lamp! I really like that, although I think aluminum hooks would be extra-impressive. There’s an inbuilt power outlet– a staple feature for trouble lights– and it is tight enough not to drop a cord that’s plugged in even against the force of gravity when hung up. All in all, very much a winning package. There are two other things to know in order to determine whether it’s right for your application: (1) It is BIG. At 14 1/2 inches (35.6 cm), it’s longer than the average trouble light I’ve used. And, (2) it is a power-electronic device that must cool, so there are venting grilles in the body that will be susceptible to water entry in wet environments. Use indoors or outside in dry conditions. A great product! You can certainly find a trouble light for less, maybe even a pretty good one, but this product deserves its price.

  10. Nino

    Works great for what I need. Has both a hook (which rotates to any angle you need) and a magnet. I wish the magnet were a *little* stronger, but it’s certainly not weak and is enough to hold the device. It’s more for times the metal surface isn’t perfectly straight, so I can’t make a perfect connection with the magnet; it’ll hold for a while and then fall. This isn’t a fault with the device, really, and if you can place the magnet properly/flush it’s pretty secure.Having the outlet on the bottom is very nice, especially if you’re working somewhere that you’re using a long extension cord to get power there. Being able to plug in a fan or electric tool right where you are without any adapters or power strips is great. The outlet supplies power even when the light it turned off.I got the lowest power variant at 1200 lumens and it is more than bright enough. If this is something you want for an engine bay or localized work areas, it’s plenty. It’s enough to easily light up an entire dark room. I would only get the more powerful ones if you’re working in a already-lit room and still need a ton of extra brightness.It gets pretty warm to the touch after being on for a while. There’s a voice in the back of my head that makes me turn it off after an hour or so to be safe, but it’s probably designed with this in mind and I haven’t experienced any issues related to it (no melting, smoking, etc). I’m also cautious when working around oil/flammable chemicals, but you should act cautiously around them no matter what. I’m fairly confident this would not ignore them, and I don’t feel any heat from the light itself; just the unit body. Still, better safe than sorry.If you’re like me and prefer to work at night because it’s stupid hot out and you aren’t lucky enough to have a indoor/air conditioned garage, this thing is perfect. It’s not too expensive, it doesn’t feel cheap, even the lowest-tier one gives off a bunch of light, the cable is premium and at a good length, and the built-in outlet adds a lot of convenience. I can’t see a reason to go with anything else.

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