Fast 30W Flat USB-C Wall Plug, 2-in-1 Foldable Slim Wall Charger

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2-PORT FAST CHARGER  is an all-in-one charging solution with 30-watt output to efficiently and quickly charge your devices. This fast flat USB wall charger is equipped with USB-A and USB Type-C ports, making it compatible with multiple devices like cameras, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Click link on product page to apply the $2 discount coupon.

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  • ⚡ 2-PORT 30 WATT FAST CHARGER : Top-Up presents you with an all-in-one charging solution with 30-watt output to efficiently and quickly charge your devices. This fast flat USB wall charger is equipped with USB A and USB Type C ports, making it compatible with multiple devices like cameras, phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • ⚡ 90° FOLDABLE PLUG : This multi-utility US Boutlet comes with a 90 degree USB charger foldable plug .Top-Up’s 2 in 1 portable and flat USB c wall charger is perfect for use in hard-to-reach wall sockets behind furniture. USB ports in our dual charger plug are located at the bottom, so the cables will follow the wall instead of clinging straight out, allowing it to last longer with less wear and tear.
  • ⚡ SPACE-SAVING SLIM CHARGING BRICK : Unlike other big and bulky charging blocks, our flat USB plug-in wall charger is super slim. This dual charging block is compactly designed to be flat, enabling it to fit in even in most snug spaces like behind the furniture. The lightweight construction of our fast charger makes it an ideal travel companion.
  • ⚡ FOR AN EFFICIENT CHARGING EXPERIENCE : This 30-watt dual charger features a PD technology that stops transmitting current to the device once the battery is fully charged, thereby saving the battery. Moreover, the shell of our lightweight and slim fast-charging USB c wall plug is built using a high-quality, durable, and PC fireproof shell for safeguarding.
  • ⚡ WIDE COMPATIBILITY : Top-Up dual flat wall plug USB charging block ensures fast power transmission to charge your devices quickly. The A and C-type plug design offer compatibility with multiple devices like laptops, mobile devices covering iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, LG, Sony and works well on other type C and USB-A port devices.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to work with USB-C and USB-A devices including iPhone 15 14 13 12 Pro Max Mini Plus / 11 / XS / XR / X / 8 7 6 Plus, iPad 10 / iPad Pro / iPad Air 5 4 / iPad Mini 6, Airpods series, Samsung Galaxy S24 S23 S22 S21 S20 fe S10E S10+ S9 S8, A15 A14 5G A54 A53 A34 A25, Note 20 Ultra/10/9/8, A10E A9 A11 A12 A13 A32 A20 A21 A52 A51 A50 A71 A72 M13, Google Pixel 8/8 Pro/7a/7/7 Pro 6a/6/6 Pro 5 4/4a/4xl 3/3a/3xl 2/2xl xl, LG G9 G8 V60 V50 V30 V35 ThinQ, Stylo 6/5/4, Moto G Power/G Fast/G Stylus X4 G7 Power G6 Z4 Z3, OnePlus 10 9T 8, Apple Watch 9, Apple Watch Ultra 2, MacBook Air M2 15-inch/13-inch, MacBook 12-inch, Beats Pill and other type C and USB-A port devices.


Additional information

Weight 1.44 lbs
Dimensions 1.9 × 0.47 × 3.4 in

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10 reviews for Fast 30W Flat USB-C Wall Plug, 2-in-1 Foldable Slim Wall Charger

  1. Theresa Marcel Schwartz

    I love the low profile and don’t understand why more don’t cut back on the bulkiness of their charging blocks and the fact that it has both USB A and C slots is a real bonus for our use. However, the $25+ they are asking is really too high. I thought I was getting two, because the picture showed two, but that was my mistake. Great for travel because of the size, Awful price. haven’t tested with use yet.

  2. Austin

    Charger is nice and slim but it failed after the second use. It got hot and something burned up. It’s cheap enough it’s not worth my time to replace. Might be worth buying if you need something space efficient just buyer beware, it may not endure the test of time.*UPDATE* I was contacted by the seller and offered a refund. This is very appreciated and is excellent customer service. While I can’t give a perfect rating, the customer service does at least warrant a bump in review score.

  3. Quinn Lee

    Thin enough to hide between sofa and wall.

  4. Kdimarsi

    Love these flat charges and how fast it is!

  5. Bryan B

    I love the compactness of this device, the design and just overall appearance. Overall, the performance did not accommodate in charging my devices after two weeks, it appears that it loses its voltage overtime. The first week was fine but then all of a sudden it stops charging after the second week. It appears to still be able to put out juice, but not enough to charge my devices after testing it, this is my second purchase trying to give them a second chance. I end up having a return it now I have to get an uglier one hoping that it’ll perform better than this brand. Maybe i recived 2 defective units?

  6. David Davis

    The charger is the length of a credit card and a little bit narrower. Of course it is thicker than a card but it’s still remarkably thin and light weight. Both ports charge my devices quickly and when it’s plugged into a receptacle it doesn’t block the second outlet. I haven’t had it long enough to know about it’s durability but so far it seems to be exactly what I wanted for travel.

  7. Doug Davis

    There are 2 plug options but don’t waste your time using both at the same time.This can “Super fast charge” my phone via USB C (dead to 100% in 1 hour) or my Galaxy 3 watch in just over an hour via USB. I figured normal charging capacity if charging both at the same time.I was wrong, 4 hours to charge my phone and 3 hours to charge watch if done concurrently.

  8. LinTastic

    Works great, and so compact. I love it. Perfect for traveling.

  9. Rob

    I really like how slim this is but I’ve found it cannot charge both an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. If both are plugged in, only one will charge.


    Much smaller in person than it appeared in the product photo. I like having one of each port (USB, C) so I can use my older cords. 2 ports and high power allows you to change our Apple watch and phone at the same time.

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