DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Gyroscopic Screwdriver w/ Rechargeable Battery (DCF682N1)

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The DCF682N1 8V MAX* Gyroscopic Inline Cordless Electric Screwdriver features speed variations allowing users to choose the level of performance needed for various applications. The electric screwdriver allows for quick bit change and holds 1-inch bit tips.

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DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver, Gyroscopic, Rechargeable, Battery Included (DCF682N1)

DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver, Gyroscopic, Rechargeable, Battery Included (DCF682N1)
DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver, Gyroscopic, Rechargeable, Battery Included (DCF682N1)


Speed 430 RPM
Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 8 Volts
Battery Cell Composition Lithium
  • The cordless screwdriver features motion activation variable speed and reversing control for precise fastening control
  • Motion activated variable speed 0-430 rpm of the rechargeable screwdriver is made for fastening into wood, plastic, and light-gauge metal
  • The powered screwdriver allows illumination in confined areas without shadowing
  • Battery charge status on tool notifies when to charge packs
  • 1/4-inch hex allows for quick screwdriver bit change and holds 1-inch bit tips
  • 8V MAX battery pack allows for longer run-time and charges in one hour
PTG Three Year

Additional information

Weight 1.74 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 2.06 × 7.88 in


10 reviews for DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Gyroscopic Screwdriver w/ Rechargeable Battery (DCF682N1)

  1. Edgar Iwamoto

    Takes a little while to get used to how to get it in motion, but doable. Minor—depending on the wood, if pilot hole not deep or wide enough, this screwdriver may not drive the screw all the way down, and will have to crank down using regular screwdriver.

  2. Leo J. Pusateri

    For light duty work, there is no peer. You just twist your wrist in the direction you want it to spin and the gyroscope does the rest–twist it further it goes faster, twist it just a little and it goes slower. Quite intuitive and easy to get to know. I took down an entire garden shed with very little effort.For heavier duty work (driving wood screws into pine wood to make a light bar) I had to use a bit of my own elbow grease to drive the screws all the way in–it was more labor intensive, but still a lot less labor intensive than using a non-powered screwdriver.Battery life is pretty good.Overall the best, easiest powered screwdriver I’ve ever owned; if there was a way to make it a bit more powerful I’d rate it 10 stars!

  3. Randy Reynolds

    I’ve had the screw driver now for a few months now and use it regularly everyday. Up side is it’s light weight and sturdy and comfortable to hold in any situation and the quick release makes it easy to switch out your bits when needed. The battery holds up pretty good as well with the most uses I’ve had been 2 days on a single charge running about 2 hours each day or more simply a rough estimate of about 200 screws zipped into wood each day before needing charged. Without a heavy work load it last about 2 months on a charge if you use it for everyday home task like putting in a few screws to hang a picture or something. The Down side on it now is the gyroscope it uses to drive with. The forward and backwards drive is fine but it does have a what I’d call a hiccup from time to time when you go to drive a screw and that sometimes it’ll not turn to start driving or it’ll start a drive a full speed, only thing I can think of is that the gyroscope doesn’t fully reset on occasions causing it to miss read and either not turn or turn at full speed. I’ve just got in to habit of giving it a quick twist before starting a drive so that it reset the gyroscope.

  4. D. Ano

    I usually buy DeWalt products as I believe they are top quality. This screwdriver lives up to the description. Very easy to operate although the “smart technology” took some getting used to. Plenty of power and charges in under an hour. I was sick of the multiple tasks around my house that required a screwdriver. This speeds up the process and saves my wrist. Very happy with my purchase.

  5. Geobikee

    At first I had trouble determining how to operate this cordless screwdriver. I would pick it up and try driving a screw, only to have it sometimes run forward, sometimes in reverse, and at different speeds. What the heck? There was no forward/reverse switch and nothing obvious that would indicate the direction it was about to turn. I thought it might be defective and considered returning it. What’s that you say, “Did you read the directions?” When has that ever worked? Ok, once I read the directions and figured out that it responds to a light clockwise or counterclockwise twist of the wrist I was up-and-running. The speed is easily adjustable by the amount of twist one applies to the handle. With a light twist of the wrist it can run really slowly, providing low torque or with a firm twist of the wrist it can quickly drive home a screw with appropriate torque for a screwdriver. I use this nearly daily and have yet to recharge it. I’m loving it and I think you will too. It’s another great DeWalt product.

  6. RV Customer

    I bought two of these in December of 2023 and it is now April 2024 and they both do not work. I bought one for work and bought one for a back up in case the one quit working and now both quit working at the same time. Just like that. They act like the battery is dead but both have full batteries and when pressing the button, the three green light indicators light up and then go off. Seems the motor or something is defective. This is a bummer because my boss is likely to buy me some cheap knock off to replace. I buy these myself because I love them but can’t afford to this time.

  7. Dana R.

    At first I could not figure out how to make the screwdriver work. Who reads directions? Pull it out of the package, turn it on and way you go, right?It wasn’t until I twisted the unit to see underneath for what I thought was the on/off switch, and it came to lilfe! Walla/presto!!It is really cool to use, would highly recommend. Currently using it to add outlets to the boxes. Light, compact, much easier than my impact driver or drill.Small twist of the wrist, goes slow, more aggressive twist, it goes faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kindle Customer

    And not in a bad way. This little screwdriver is super effective. The gyroscope takes a few minutes to get used to, but then it’s just amazing to use. Imagine yourself floating in 0G in an engine room opening the casing to a hyperdrive and a flick of your wrist and you’ve accessed the control panel to save the day. Yeah. It’s like that.

  9. Dallas

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    1. This cordless electric screwdriver helped me build my china cabinet in two days. 2. It prevented my hand and wrist from getting tired and enraging my authorities 3. It has a reverse mode, slowly turn your wrist to the left and it will back the screw out. Slowly turn your wrist to the right to drive the screw into wood or something else. 4. Remember to apply steady pressure on the screw so your screw bit won’t slip from the screw head. 3 The electric screwdriver has a bright light that comes on when you depress the switch to help you guide the screw in place. 4. It comes with one Latium battery with a protective cover when not using the battery and a charger that has a 3’ electric cord. The screwdriver, battery and charger are sealed in a heavy duty plastic package that can be used to keep your merchandise protected. 5. To lock the screw bits in place pull up on the chuck key and the screw bit will lock in place. 6. It is ergonomically designed to hold. 7. It’s well built with a solid feel and is made like all the other Dewalt electric tools. 8 Has a 3 year warranty after you register the product. 9. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for 5 star quality tools. 10. Thanks RV and Dew-alt for selling a fantastic tool for the consumer.

  10. JayG

    I bought this as I wanted a power screwdriver that had variable speeds. This one has that and it is super easy to use. I use it for small hobbies and on 1.5mm to 2.5mm screws. This means I am using it at a slow speed and watching the torque at times. It’s great and the gyro function works perfect. Tap the power button and the light will light, insert and hold power button, turn in either direction. The more you turn while holding the power button, the faster it will spin. If you release the power button and press again, it is as if you are in neutral and any prior rotation is nulled out. Something to think about for those that tap the power button instead of adjusting the gyro and position.I totally recommend this, she saw the name Dewalt and was instantly fine that I had bought a product with a quality brand name. I joked that I would probably lose it before it broke…

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