Chic Leaf Tableware for 45 Guests – 100% Biodegradable Dinnerware Set (340 Pcs)

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Chic Leaf Party Supplies Tableware 340 Pcs Bulk Pack for 45 Guests – 100% Biodegradable Palm Leaf Disposable Dinnerware Set, Sturdy 10” & 7” Plates w/ 10 Oz Cups, Napkins, Forks, Knifes & Spoons

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    • Enhanced Disposable Tableware Set: Discover our upgraded set featuring 10” & 7” palm leaf plates, perfect for serving up to 45 guests. This comprehensive set includes 45 appetizer/dessert plates, 45 dinner plates, and 50 each of forks, knives, spoons, napkins, and cups. Ideal for hosting larger gatherings efficiently and stylishly.
    • Extra Supplies Included: To accommodate unexpected needs, we’ve added 5 extra units of cutlery, cups, and napkins. This thoughtful addition ensures you’re well-prepared for any event, from housewarmings and baby showers to wedding receptions and birthday parties.
    • Durable and Versatile: Our tableware is not only good looking but also microwave and oven safe, suitable for both hot and cold dishes. Unlike typical paper or plastic plates, these are crafted from sturdy materials that maintain their form under pressure, ensuring a reliable dining experience.
    • Eco-Friendly and Compostable: Clean up effortlessly and sustainably with our biodegradable and compostable tableware. Crafted without chemicals, these pieces help minimize environmental impact, offering a responsible solution for event dining.Elegant and Unique Design: Elevate your event with our uniquely handcrafted palm leaf plates. Each plate is created by skilled artisans, offering a distinctive and sophisticated design that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your table setting.

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Weight 13.21 lbs
Dimensions 18.07 × 14.21 × 7.99 in

Chic Leaf

10 reviews for Chic Leaf Tableware for 45 Guests – 100% Biodegradable Dinnerware Set (340 Pcs)

  1. C. COHEN

    Excellent quality. Arrived very quickly. Better than described

  2. Michael Hui

    These natural plates are perfect for small parties and receive compliments from my guests.While I understand that no two plates are exactly alike due to their natural leaf material, I have noticed that some plates do not look as good as others and have uneven thickness. As a result, I have to handpick the good ones for the party. Considering the price, I wish the quality was more consistent.”

  3. Rita S.

    Beautiful alternative to disposal plasticware. Bought these for a Thanksgiving gathering and was a bit concerned that the plates, bowls would not be sturdy enough for the weight of the food: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the various sides. I was also concerned the plates might ‘ leach’ into all the soupy ( gravy) and acidic ( cranberry sauce) foods.- changing the taste and becoming less sturdy over time. NOT TO WORRY !! These plates and bowls worked marvelously ! And they all of the natural variations in each plate and the colors were perfect for autumn / thanksgiving feast ! Everyone loved them. We will attempt to compost the more heavily soiled, used plates – and hopefully they will degrade. I was able to actually hand wash some of the less soiled/ used ones in hot , soapy water and air dry to use in the future. That’s how durable these are ! I would highly recommend this product. A bit pricy, but worth it !

  4. Missy

    Bought these for a hibachi/sushi theme party and they are beautiful….they look like bamboo. I Will buy more.

  5. A.Servin

    If you’re looking for eco-friendly disposable dinnerware then you must try these! I’m always looking for ways to reduce waste with eco-friendly alternatives for everyday products. I’m glad I found these. Palm leaf plates are an exception that don’t sacrifice functionality for sustainability. They are one of the best environmentally friendly products I’ve tried and work better than plastic or paper plates, in my opinion and even beats bamboo. Palm leaf plates naturally have an earthy look/feel, which I love for that all natural look.These plates can be used to serve any type of food – hot or cold. They are leak-resistant and highly durable, strong enough to stand up to knives. Very sturdy as well, and for being so sturdy they are surprisingly lightweight, so they are easy to carry. Compared to paper or plastic plates which can be flimsy, the thick construction of palm leaf plates can hold the weight of food without bending easily or going limp, this is a plus for mothers. Free of chemicals, these 100% natural plates are safe for you to use. Give them a try!

  6. Richard

    Plates worked well. Strong, easy to hold in lap and cut food. No issues with moisture.Eating utensils were terrible. Broke easily. Knives break on 1st use. Spook bowl so shallow it doesn’t hold soup.

  7. Lauri Lewis

    We wanted to use an earth friendly dinner service for our outdoor wedding coming up in June. They exceeded our expectations and look amazing in person. Very sturdy and each plate is different in coloring with a wood veining. We will be saving as many as possible to use on our camping honeymoon!

  8. Barsoap

    Ordered the party pack with 90 plates and not a single one is broken. The cups are pretty, the plates are gorgeous, and the silverware is functional. Only bad thing was the “napkins” which are very sad brown paper towels, not napkins. The napkins can’t be used for guests but everything else is stellar.

  9. Jill Maurer

    Used at a rehearsal dinner. They were sturdy, they looked good and everyone liked them.

  10. Nita

    Love using these for Christmas and Thanksgiving get together. These plates look beautiful, are plenty sturdy enough to be piled high with all the fixings with no leaks or bending if held in one hand. They look high end and not like a traditional paper plate. Makes clean up after a big meal a little easier by just throwing leftovers and the plates right into the compost pile.

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