CARTMAN DOT-Approved Reflective Warning Road Safety Triangles (3-Pack)

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The CARTMAN DOT-Approved Reflective Warning Road Safety Triangles (3-Pack) are composed of 17 x 17 Inches reflective panel and fluorescent plate and are incredibly noticeable at night, during the day or in any weather.

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  • EFFECTIVE REFLECTIVE – Our road triangles are DOT approved! Meets U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard FMVSS 571.125 specifications for warning devices.
  • ALERT OTHER DRIVERS – Warn motorists to roadside trouble, keeping you and your passengers safe. A great assistance kit to keep in your car or truck for emergency use.
  • STABLE BASE – Cartman safety triangle with a rotatable and sand filling base, each weighs 2.98 lbs. Designed to withstand strong winds and continuous gusts from passing cars.
  • EASY SET UP – No tools required. The folding design and snap-fit design of emergency triangles make it very easy to use and also meet the need of a quick and convenient storage.
road side emergancy kit for vehicles

warning triangle

warning triangle

warning triangle

Velcro for Added Friction

Non-skid base withstands up to 40 meters per hour winds, stay firmly where you put it.

Easy to Set up

No else tools required, great to use while waiting for roadside assistance.

Easy Storage

Tips: the middle triangle should be placed upside down to fit right back into the box.

driveway reflectors
driveway reflectors dot triangles for truck traffic triangles


Size DOT 3PK
Color Red
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Item Weight 9.92 Pounds
Light Type Fluorescent
Pre-printed Letter
Product Dimensions 17″L x 17″W


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20 reviews for CARTMAN DOT-Approved Reflective Warning Road Safety Triangles (3-Pack)

  1. M Lortz

    Very sturdy and stable. I would like if the manufacturer created a model with rechargeable flashing LEDs.

  2. Amazon Customer

    We are using the triangles on our fleet trucks. The reflection is great and has high visibility. I highly recommend this product for break downs and remaining DOT Compliant.

  3. Bovineguy

    I am sure UPS destroyed the cardboard box, and had a large port in the destruction of the plastic box they came in. It’s really not much of a box, just shredded pieces of plastic, I dropped them in the trash can, I’ll come up with someway to keep them together. I would think as heavy as these are that the box would be better built. Oh well, you get what you pay for.

  4. hmt

    comes in a bright orange case for storage. did not expect them to be so heavy but you want something that is not going to fall over while cars drive past. going in the trunk for my auto emergency kit

  5. mitrall

    PROS: comes with carrying case, collapsible, comes with 3, bright, comes with carrying case, essencial kit for any careCONS: kind of finicky to open and put together, not super intuitive, at first I thought I was going break it…but easy enough.potential CONS: don’t know how sturdy it would be in extremely windy conditions

  6. G

    These triangles are solid plastic and not flexible or soft like other in this same category. The ground support have a nice weight to them that will keep them from toppling over due to some wind. Side note, when I purchased them I thought the description of ‘sand filling base’ meant it could be filled with sand, but they already are which is a plus. Also, looking at some of the reviews when shopping, there was a mention of some difficulties with the snapping on and off when deploying or storing the triangle sections, but I didn’t find this to be the case. It’s actually fairly easy to clip the corners on and off (photo). The only downside is that the plastic box that it comes with is very flimsy (photo). It was already warped and had weakened spots when it arrived. I didn’t care that much about the box though, as I didn’t have use for it. I knew I would be tucking away the triangles individually in my vehicle.Overall, I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some road triangles for their vehicles.

  7. Bethany Moore

    Bought these preemptively since we do a lot of traveling and warning other drivers well ahead of your disabled vehicle greatly improves safety. Had to, sadly, use them TWICE during our last 2000 mile move but thankfully we had them in the first place. I only mark them a 4 star on sturdiness due to one of the triangles breaking a piece of plastic during the first use (was likely my fault, it was after a successful emergency stop involving having no breaks on the highway while pulling a trailer so I was quickly setting them up after the fact), although even with the broken piece making it barely hold its shape it still was holding up to traffic wind. Beforehand, I did practice setting them up so if we had to use them it would be easy, but I might suggest being careful as you set them up. Setting them up slightly wrong WILL break the plastic hinges (as I learned the hard way). Visibility-wise and safety-wise, these are a good addition to your emergency kit.

  8. Scott Miller

    Use for My RV motorhome in case of break down, or to warn when parked on residential street. Also set one next to rubber mat covering power cord across sidewalk when parked there..

  9. Shunyata

    These are the best triangle reflectors, at a good price. However, if other drivers drive over them they will break

  10. Ann E Palrang

    Hopefully we never need to use these…. We keep ours stowed in our motorhome.

  11. father of 3

    I purchased multiple sets of these for emergency use. They are in all of my vehicles. They are easy to setup and seem ready to do the job if needed.TLDRI’ve changed a flat at night on a busy interstate. It was not a fun experience. There was little shoulder and cars and trucks were going by. It felt a bit too close for comfort. I did not have reflectors or emergency lights to alert passing motorists. It would have been nice to have a set of these and some type of flare along with me. I think these are an inexpensive investment that can go a long way in improving safety.

  12. Patrick M Murphy

    I feel a lot more secure having the triangle reflectors with me in case my car would break down or have a flat tire people have a hard time slowing down for someone in trouble

  13. JS

    The wire legs are sturdier than they look in the pictures. They’re also pre-bent to fold up nicely and snap back into place in the base.

  14. Lew

    These triangles arrived just as advertised. I found all three easy to unpack and unfold. They came in what appears to be a sturdy carrying/storage box and already filled with what I assume is sand in the base. The only surprise has been how heavy the full box is. I missed that in the description if it was there.

  15. hmschoolmom

    These are well made. The base is weighted and relatively heavy, so it isn’t likely to blow over. The hard case is nice and keeps them from getting broken during storage. However the “latches” are pathetic. They won’t hold, and when I pick up the box by the handle, everything falls out. I will drill some holes and add a decen lightweight latch, or maybe just a large rubberband or strong elastic. But for now a bungee cord is satisfactory.

  16. Barney808

    Heavy duty and relatively easy to set up. Was little tricky to disassemble because you need to switch places of the arms to fold back. Hope I never need to actually use it.

  17. JD

    Easy to use if needed in an automobile emergency

  18. MSpeer

    Pretty much a must have if you tow trailers, gives you that extra safety you need.


    These are very well made and come in a hard case. Save yourself the trouble and do not get the cheaper ones you can find that may come with other items. Worth the extra few bucks to get this set if you need to use these. Easy to deploy and put away. We got these to use while traveling in the EU.

  20. “homespun100”

    Road trip in a Ford F150 Supercab and these will do a wonderful job marking the road warning ⚠️ oncoming traffic to my disabled truck should the need arise. I especially liked the compact carrier with handle and easy assembly of the triangles 🔺️ and intuitive base stand system that makes it easy to set up and display.

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