Manchester Tank 7.5 Gal. Horizontal DOT Propane Tank (23″x12″)


This Manchester horizontal steel propane tank with gauge 30 lb (7.5 Gallon) is mounted horizontally during use. Normally used in RV applications.

(Consider this Flame King alternative if the Manchester tank is unavailable).

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The Recreational Vehicle (RV) lifestyle requires the use of propane for cooking, water heating, refrigeration and provides heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Manchester Tank offers a comprehensive line of vertical/horizontal DOT Propane Cylinders for recreational vehicles and the related accessories.

(Consider this Flame King alternative if the Manchester tank is unavailable).

DOT Vapor Propane Tank Features

  • The Manchester Horizontal Propane Tank 30 lb (7.5 Gallon) complies with Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) regulations
  • 7.5 Gallon (30 lb) Capacity
  • LENGTH: 23.4; DIAMETER: 12.2
  • 312 PSI working pressure
  • OPD Valve included (Overfill Protection Device)
  • Mounting of and use of tank must be in the horizontal position.
  • Portable Steel Propane Tank.
  • Special Note: Tank must be filled in the vertical position for OPD to function properly.
  • Part Number 1175TC
  • UNSPSC Code 31160000

Optional Accessories

  • Two Stage Regulators – standard and automatic changeover
  • Dual Rack Kits available
  • UL/CGA pigtail assemblies
  • UL listed supply hose assemblies
  • Visual gauges – standard and remote ready available
  • Relief device pipe away adapter

Why is purging your new propane tank so important?

If the natural volume of air inside your tank is not removed prior to the 1st filling, these problems will result:

  • During the warmer months of the year your tank could experience excessive and false container pressures. This could cause the safety relief valve to open, blowing off (discharging) the excessive pressure.
  • Any air mixture in the tank’s vapor space will be carried to the appliance burner. This could result in unwanted issues from pilot light outages or improper burner flame function.
  • However, if the atmospheric air inside your new tank is properly purged the storage tank will fill faster, your appliances will function more consistently, pressure relief valves on your tank will be less likely to discharge.

DOT Cylinder Purging Procedure:

  • Exhaust to atmosphere any air pressure in the container*
  • Pressurize the cylinder to 15 psi with propane vapor. Never use liquid propane.
  • Exhaust vapor to atmosphere
  • Repeat four more times
  • SAFETY WARNING: The purging procedure should be done by a qualified trained technician. Exhausting propane vapor incorrectly could result in ignition of exhausted propane fumes resulting in burn injury or death.


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