First Alert Tundra EZ Extinguishing Aerosol Spray (Model AF400)

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The First Alert EZ Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray is easier to use than traditional fire extinguishers and discharges 4 times longer than regular extinguishers, making it ideal for fighting common household fires and providing 32 seconds of discharge to ensure the fire is out.

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The nozzle sprays a wide area, giving you greater control to put out a fire faster. Just point and spray the Fire Extinguishing Aerosol Spray on household fires consisting of paper, fabric, wood, cooking oils, electrical appliances, or equipment. The portable extinguisher spray is ideal for the kitchen, boats, RVs, and travel, and the biodegradable, nontoxic-foam, fire-extinguishing formula wipes away with a damp cloth for easy cleanup.

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Tundra Fire Extinguisher At a Glance:

  • Extinguishes small fabric, wood, grease, and electrical fires
  • Sprays a 3-times-wider area than typical actuators
  • Biodegradable formula won’t damage appliances
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • Won’t damage appliances, equipment, or counter surfaces.
  • Tundra has no pins to unlock or levers to squeeze, so it’s much easier to use than a traditional extinguisher.

Store a can in the kitchen, near the grill, and with your camping gear. Keeps Small Fires from Growing.

The Tundra is a fire extinguishing spray that works immediately on contact to keep small fires from growing dangerously out of control. Give you and your family peace of mind by storing a can in the kitchen, near the grill, in your garage, and with your camping gear.

Thanks to its proprietary, wide-spray nozzle, the Tundra extinguishing agent quickly puts out fires by covering a surface area that is three times greater than what typical actuators cover. At the same time, an internal pouch isolates the pressure, so when the nozzle is pressed, only the contents are released. This prevents the propellant from spreading the fire and creating an even more dangerous situation.

Easier to Use than Traditional Fire Extinguishers

Tundra boasts a discharge time that is four times longer than traditional fire extinguishers. And thanks to its intuitive, patent-pending spray nozzle design, Tundra is much easier to use than a traditional extinguisher–it has no pins to unlock or levers to squeeze. Just point the nozzle at any orientation from a distance of three to four feet and spray.

And with a compact height of just 9.65 inches and weight of only 22 ounces, Tundra is a snap to store in cabinets or drawers, next to the fireplace, underneath the sink, or anywhere else you think you might need it.

Biodegradable Spray is Easy to Clean Up

Tundra spray is safe to use and easy to clean up–simply wipe off the spray with a damp cloth. Unlike traditional fire extinguisher chemicals that can cause permanent harm to sprayed areas, Tundra features a biodegradable formula that won’t damage appliances, equipment, or counter surfaces. This special formula also spares you the hassle and expense of hazmat disposal.

What’s in the Box

One can of AF400 Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray and manual.

From the Manufacturer

First Alert Aerosol Fire ExtinguisherFirst Alert Aerosol Fire Extinguisher

First Alert Aerosol Fire Extinguisher
First Alert Aerosol Fire Extinguisher
First Alert Aerosol Fire Extinguisher
First Alert Aerosol Fire Extinguisher

Smoke Alarms

Place at least 10 feet from kitchen/stove, and on the ceiling or high on a wall, no more than 10 inches from top.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms can be placed anywhere, not just the ceiling or high on a wall. They should be replaced every 5 to 7 years.

Fire Extinguishers

Keep in the kitchen and garage, but make sure to have the right grade for the type of fire that might occur.

Escape Ladders

Have at least one if your home has more than one story. Each room needs 2 escape routes; in most bedrooms it’s the window, so have a ladder nearby.

The Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is a strong, accurate, fast and effective home safety tool to extinguish fires. Fires can double in size every 30 seconds (U.S. Fire Administration) and it is during those precious seconds a household fire can spread, putting lives and even your home at risk.

Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is powerful and effective and easy to use, just point and spray. It works on household fires including those involving paper, fabric, wood, cooking oils, electrical appliances and equipment. If you’re looking for a fire safety product that is easier to handle during an emergency, Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is the fire extinguishing product for you.

Compare these technical details with other fire extinguishing tools on the market and you’ll see why Tundra has the competition beat: Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray’s discharge time is 4 times longer than traditional fire extinguishers allowing you to fight fires longer and more effectively than traditional fire extinguishers on common household fires, with a discharge time four times greater than household fire extinguishers allowing the user to react more quickly.

Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray’s unique, patent-pending design is as easy to use as other familiar household products but it covers a wider surface area — up to three times greater than a typical actuator. It also offers easy cleanup — simply wipe away with a damp cloth. The discharge spray is four times greater than 2-B:C or 5-B:C kitchen fire extinguishers with a minimum of approximately 32 seconds vs. approximately eight seconds and its surface area is three times wider (typical actuator-14 in 2 vs. the Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray actuator-48 in 2).

This product has been tested to the qualified performance requirements of UL 711, UL 711A and KOFEIC 0108 by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Safe storage for this product is between 32-107 degrees F.

Product details

Paint Type Spray
Surface Recommendation Paper, Wood, Fabric
Unit Count 14.0 Fl Oz
Age Range (Description) Adult
Usage Interior/Exterior

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs


8 reviews for First Alert Tundra EZ Extinguishing Aerosol Spray (Model AF400)

  1. Nonya Biz

    Works great.Color is red. Perfect. If your gf uses it as cooking spray on a burger….

  2. Amazon Customer

    I haven’t used it but that’s a good thing!It sits on my counter and hopefully it stays there forever! Lol.

  3. HHoop

    Can’t write a review because I hope not to use themNo review to leave because I don’t plan on having a accidental fire any time soon. Can is lightweight but does look too much like a spray “PAM” can or other non stick type spray. I keep them in the same cupboard so I have to be sure to separate them.

  4. Olivia

    Haven’t used but will update…hopefully neverI have not used this product yet but it’s a great things to have. Read the directions before you actually need to put the directions to use.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Peace of mindGlad to have this in the house. Gives peace of mind and is suitable for any of the 3 fire categories.

  6. Anonymous

    Put Out My Dryer Fire!So glad I had this today when my dryer caught fire! Was able to quickly put out out the 3-4 inch flames with just a little spray. Everyone should have one of these in their house/apartment!!!!

  7. Joe

    Great addition to your emergency travel kitThis were a no brainer, I’ve always kept a fire extinguisher in my travel vehicles, campers and boat. These are perfect for your car, light weight, easy to use, fit perfectly in the travel kit or trunk space. The 2 pk was a great buy, price saving and convenient for a back up.

  8. McFamily

    Caught my traeger on fire and this saved itMy wife ordered a couple of these to just keep around for just in case moments. We don’t really ever have fire situations so I thought it might be wasteful. Then it happened. I smoked a pork shoulder on the grill of my traeger. 230 degrees for like 15 hours.. then I cleaned it up good but forgot to clean the grease bucket. The next time I went to use it I was gonna make burgers. The grease bucket caught fire so I had a bad situation on my hands. The under part was on fire as well as 3 foot flames or higher out the top when I opened it. I panicked. Then I went and grabbed one of these cans and followed the directions. Within a minute I had this thing spraying and the fire completely out. It wasn’t even that bad to clean up after all was said and done. We ordered a few more and plan to get some for family members too. Easily the least messy and most compact and user friendly fire suppressant I’ve ever used.

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