Winterize Mfg. Quick Connect Air Compressor Plug


The original patented  Blowout Plug design properly clears freshwater lines to winterize your RV, travel trailer, camper, boat, pressure washers, sprinkler systems, or any water line that has a female garden hose connection. The purging of water helps prevent damage/destruction to water lines from freezing temperatures.

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The purging of water helps prevent damage/destruction to water lines from freezing temperatures. If used properly the anti-freeze that is usually injected into the drinking water lines may not be needed.

The new quick connect design of the Blow Out Plug provides a direct, hands-free, single person connection between the city water port and air compressor. This professional quality fitting is not a clumsy blow out hose made of multiple parts, but is a compact metal tool milled from a solid single piece of aluminum. It is lead-free (unlike some machined brass) and safe for drinking water lines. It combines a quick connect air compressor plug with the standard garden hose thread.

Just lock the air compressor in place with your new adaptor and walk away. This provides a cheaper, quicker, easier, safer, and more efficient method of winterizing a RV water system. The quick-connect air compressor fitting on one end of the tool is a standard industrial ¼” quick-connect air compressor plug. This size and shape is the most common style being used and will attach into any ¼” universal quick connect coupling.

The middle section of our RV blow out adaptor consists of an over-sized 7/8″ hex nut. The other end of the RV blow out tool is a standard ¾” male garden hose thread. This is the same thread found on all garden hoses, RV and boat city water connections. The male garden hose end is bored to create a concave shape. This shape will allow the plug to envelop the small gasketed screen that is typically found on RV city water inlets. The result is a tighter/leak-proof connection.


  1. Thread male garden hose end of blow out plug into city water port or other female garden hose end.
  2. Attach quick connect compressor end to universal coupling and blow your lines clear.
  3. DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI – this may cause bodily injury or property damage.


  1. Disconnect all inline water filtration systems and bypass them before starting.
  2. Drain any fresh water tanks.
  3. Drain hot water tank (make sure water is not hot or under pressure) and then by-pass the water heater (you may need to install a by-pass kit).
  4. Connect your new blow out plug to your city water inlet.
  5. Attach your air compressor and charge your system between 30 –50 PSI.
  6. DO NOT EXCEED 50 PSI. This may result in bodily injury or property damage.
  7. As the lines are fully charged with air, alternate opening all hot and cold water faucets. Don’t forget the toilets, showers (outdoor also), and low point drains. Start faucets from the closest to the farthest away. Repeat this step until no water or mist is discharged from your faucets and you are sure all water has been removed from the system. To help check this you can hold your hand under each open faucet or drain to verify no moisture is still being released.
  8. If all water has been removed from the system correctly then no anti-freeze will be needed in your drinking lines. If you are not sure that all water has been completely removed you can still fill your water lines with non-toxic RV antifreeze.
  9. Pour a few cups of non-toxic RV anti-freeze into each drain, toilet, and black/gray holding tanks.
  10. Consult your manufacturers manuals on how to properly winterize your ice maker, washing machine, and other appliances.

These steps are to be used as a guideline to help assist you in winterizing your water lines. It is important that you consult your owner’s manuals for specific winterizing instructions.




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