Valterra 15-Foot Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit


The Valterra Dominator RV Sewer Hose Kit has everything you need to drain your camper, motorhome, or RV. This set includes one 15-foot sewer hose, a clear 90-degree adapter, and 2 drip caps.

Available in two 10 Foot or one 15 Foot

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The bayonet attachments are easy to twist into place and prevent leaks. With strong 23 mil poly construction, the sewer hose holds its shape after installation to eliminate kinks. The hose remains functional and flexible in cold temperatures down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for all-season camping trips.

With a 90-degree adapter, you can choose the hose direction and assure it will stay attached to your camper throughout the draining process. The transparent plastic adapter material allows you to easily view when your RV is done draining. When you are finished, place the drip caps at each end of the hose to keep your hose collapsed and your space clean.


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