SharkBite 1/2 Inch x 100 Feet PEX Pipe Flexible Water Tubing for RV Plumbing (White – PEX-B)

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SharkBite PEX Tubing is an excellent flexible water pipe tubing product for plumbing and hydronic systems with superior flow.

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PEX tubing is flexible, easy to install, and minimizes noise caused by a water hammer. Designed for use on hot and cold potable water lines, White PEX tubing is commonly used for hot and cold water lines for identification purposes. CUT. PUSH. DONE. The SharkBite Connection System makes any plumbing project fast and easy thanks to unique quick connect pushfit technology. When you insert a pipe into a SharkBite quick-connect fitting, the fitting’s stainless-steel teeth bite down and grip the pipe, while its special O-ring compresses to create a watertight seal.

From the Manufacturer

SharkBite U860W100 PEX Tubing 1/2-Inch x 100 ft. Coil without Oxygen Barrier White Color

From the manufacturer

pex tubing plumbing supplies water line type a pix pipe blue pvc inch copper flexible red
Brand SharkBite
Material Plastic
Color White
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24 x 24 x 13 inches
  • PEX TUBING: Flexible water pipe tubing for potable water distribution systems; chlorine and UV resistant; minimum working temperature 33 degrees Fahrenheit at 160 PSI and maximum working temperature 200 degrees Fahrenheit at 80 PSI
  • FLEXIBLE PEX PIPE: Line expands and contracts with temperature changes and is freeze resistant
  • PUSH-TO-CONNECT: Use with SharkBite push-to-connect plumbing fittings or brass barb fittings using PEX crimp tool or clamp connections
  • PREFERRED BY THE PRO: All SharkBite PEX tubing meets the same standards for commercial and residential plumbing applications; PEX hose is great for repairs, and easy to cut with SharkBite shears
  • MADE IN THE USA: All SharkBite connectors, adapters, and piping are manufactured and tested in the USA

Using PEX Tubing in a GMC Motorhome

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World-Class Technology for Efficient Plumbing

SharkBite manufactures plumbing systems for residential and commercial applications. For more than two decades, SharkBite has been at the forefront of innovating products that solve problems and help the trade work more productively and efficiently. SharkBite solutions work across a wide range of applications, including single-family and multifamily home construction, repiping, remodel, service and repair work, and water heater installations.

SharkBite PEX Pipe

Total Rough-in Solution

SharkBite PEX Tubing is an excellent flexible water pipe tubing product for plumbing projects. PEX tubing is flexible, easy to install and minimizes noise caused by water hammer. Manufactured for potable water systems in red, white and blue options.

  • Chlorine resistance and UV resistance.
  • PEX Pipe is freeze-resistant but can expand slightly if frozen.
  • Pre-printed insertion depth markings for Sharkbite Universal Push-to-Connect fittings.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

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Red PEX tubing is commonly used for the hot water lines for identification purposes.

White PEX

White PEX tubing is commonly used for either hot or cold water lines for identification purposes.

Blue PEX

Blue PEX tubing is commonly used for cold water lines for identification purposes.

Orange Oxygen Barrier PEX

Use for radiant floor and hydronic heating applications. The oxygen diffusion barrier prevents corrosion of ferrous metal parts in the heating system.

Additional information

Weight 4.99 lbs

Cash Acme


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10 reviews for SharkBite 1/2 Inch x 100 Feet PEX Pipe Flexible Water Tubing for RV Plumbing (White – PEX-B)

  1. yerson d.r.

    PEX is great stuffthis tubing is without oxygen barrier and hence the lower price. I was concerned that it was not potable. But turns out it is not…”Non-barrier tubing is simply PEX tubing without the oxygen barrier. For potable water applications, you will generally use non-barrier PEX.”Who knew? So this is good and the product is great.

  2. alcar

    Not as advertisedI bought this PEX pipe specifically for the “repeating sharkbite pattern” as I decided to give the Sharkbite fittings a shot. I figured by using this specific Sharkbite branded PEX, that it would make things easier to know that the fittings were seated properly.I got the package and was surprised to find there were no markings on it at all other than the standard “what this pipe is good for” printing. The repeating pattern advertised and shown on the listing were nowhere to be found.I contacted customer service and they were great about it. They sent me a replacement order straight away without having to wait for the incorrect one to get there.Part 2…now I get the replacement a few days later. Eager to get going on my project, I open up the box. To my dismay, that exact same incorrect product was sent. Again, no “repeating sharkbite pattern” anywhere on this Pex pipe.I contacted customer service once more. Again they were great, (I mean it’s not their fault) and they suggested they would launch some sort of investigation on the product. It’s very frustrating to buy this product for the sole reason of having that handy depth indicator pattern only to have it missing.As standard tubing, it does the job just great and I have zero complaints. I went ahead and used the PEX anyways, but it sure would have been nice to get what was actually advertised. This is nothing more than standard, everyday, white PEX tubing.Hopefully RV gets to the bottom of this as I see from other reviews that they seemed to have gotten the proper product.

  3. Justice

    Made installing a shower easy.Great product, flexible enough to work in tight space. Easy to install with shark bite fittings.

  4. knothead

    Good flexibility as compared to other popular brands.Easy to work with this particular brand. Easy to cut and apply the copper bands for the final connection. Hose clamps work great for a temporary connection. PEX is noted for its freeze resistant qualities—No damage to this type of plastic when you compare it to a copper tubing installation or galvavized pipe.

  5. Coconut

    I was replacing a crappy Bosch tankless hot water heater in my basement with …I’m not a plumber. I was replacing a crappy Bosch tankless hot water heater in my basement with a new Navien NR 180 A tankless. Originally I planned on just using the existing plumbing. It would have fit fine and taken me less than a couple of hours to install, but that plumbing had some serious design flaws. Like I said I am no plumber, but common sense tells me a pipe shouldn’t branch off the main water line at a 90 degree elbow pass over the heater on the hot water outlet side turn 90 degrees to go 3 inches to the middle of the heater then turn 90 degrees to go to the bottom of the heater then turn 90 degrees to go to a scaling filter located below the heater then pass through to the outlet of the filter turn 90 degrees up 2 inches and then 90 degrees back 5 inches then, at last, turn 90 degrees up to the cold water inlet.That seems a little excessive on the 90 degree elbows, all of which were soldered 3/4″ copper.Then the hot water came out of the hot water outlet through a flex line that hit a straight pipe in front of the heater till it hits a 90 degree turn going back towards the heater but 3″ below the ceiling till it is hits another elbow going up to the ceiling into another elbow that leads back to the hot water line next to the cold water line till it hits two more elbows that climb in step fashion into a joist bay in the ceiling. My conclusion is that someone hired a plumber from a Dr. Seuss children’s book and I couldn’t live with it any more, but as I said I’m not a plumber and hate sweating copper pipes that are attached to wooden structures that are covered in highly flammable foam insulation that is sprayed into the bays and can’t be removed.The only solution I could find was pex. I used 2 – sharkbite connectors and 2 Sharkbite 90 degree pipe supports and two sharkbite flex connectors and got rid of about 15 feet of copper pipe and 15 copper elbows. I was also able to locate the heater 7 feet closer to the bathrooms and kitchen. I had no problem finding the numerous youtube videos on how to install pex and use the sharkbite connectors. I went with the push fittings, because I only needed two of them to join the existing copper to the pex and two of them to connect nipples for the scaling filter and the hot water outlet. The tools for the crimping connectors are very expensive, while the only tools required for the push fittings is the tubbing cutter and the sharkbite deburrer/ gauge. I was surprised that none of the joints I created leaked at all.Now I have a clean looking hot water heater installation and no more Whoville plumbing.

  6. Garrett

    JUST RE-PIPED MY WHOLE HOUSE WITH PEXBack story: I discovered I had a slab leak on my hot water line under my bathroom and upon further investigation discovered a cold water leak under my entryway. Being in Ventura County, CA our water is hard and my tract home was made cheap. It was built 30 years ago with copper in the slab foundation. The plastic sheathing they used to isolate the copper from the concrete was super thin and subsequently eroded as the pipes expanded and contracted with temperature. This lead to major corrosion of the copper (especially in the hot water line) from the outside and the predominance of minerals in our hot water corroded the insides of the copper. I knew this would be a problem when I bought the house, as I have lived in the neighborhood for a while. Many neighbors have all had similar issues and paid big money to patch or re-pipe.My background: I am an avid DIY-er with just about every type of project. Electrical, plumbing, heating/AC, appliances, etc. I have patched and repaired many types of plumbing including copper, galvie, ABS, and PVC. I was new to PEX. What I did: I did a lot of research before making the purchase and weighed all of my options. I considered paying a plumber, doing it myself, using copper, and using PEX. I decided on PEX and wanted to do a manifold system so I can easily remodel my bathrooms in the future without turning off the whole house water supply. My house is a 1550sqft single-story house with 2 full bathrooms. I opted to replace the 1″ copper line where it comes in to the garage from the shut-off valve outside and run it to the manifold location near the water heater. I split the 1″ copper with a “T” and reduced it to 3/4″ copper to the water heater supply and the cold-water side of the manifold. I used 3/4″ SharkBite PEX stubs to feed into the manifold for a little flexibility. I ran 1/2″ PEX to each fixture. I used red PEX for hot and blue PEX for cold. I wanted to reduce the amount of fitting and connectors in the system, but used 1/2″ PEX to used copper stub-outs with new compression fitting valves to lead to each fixture; I didn’t like the idea of the PEX sticking out of the walls. I used the stainless cinch-ring clips because the crimper is a bit smaller and fits in tighter spaces. I opted for the 100′ rolls of the PEX so I could have a direct shot to each fixture without any unions along the way.The Review: PEX, though flexible, is still fairly rigid and a bit tough to uncoil, but much better than copper. With a little patience and coercion, I was able to thread it through the headers and down the walls with minimal drywall cutting. I used 90-degree angle guides to protect the bends. Using the cinch rings at the connection points was easy. It took me 53 hours of work over the span of 4 days to complete the project (drywall repair included). It would have been a bit faster, but I had to cut a hole in part of my roof to access a header above the kitchen sink.Bottom Line: I am beyond thrilled with this product and how easy it was to install. I was able to re-pipe my entire house by myself in a few days for less than $1000. The copper portion alone cost me $300, so that puts the PEX at $700.

  7. brian dentz

    great value and no different than the big box storesdefinitely worth the money.

  8. Todd in AZ

    Worked great on main line from meter to houseThis stuff is pretty stiff. I let it sit in the sun for a while to soften it before installing. That method worked well in Arizona in February. If you are in a cold weather area, leave it inside the house overnight. If you leave it outside then you will have to take a heat gun to it for a while to soften it but be careful not to overheat it and deform it.

  9. NiF

    Good Deal / easy to useI paid 26 or 29 for 100ft roll of 1/2 inch.Used some to run Hot water line outside for hose hookup.

  10. JDS

    exactly as describedWell packed and as advertised. I used several different sizes.

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