Aluminum or Brass Transmitters for TireMinder TPMS (2-Pack)


Tire Pressure Monitoring right from your smartphone! Monitor your RV tires with the new TireMinder Smart TPMS. With this two pack of transmitters monitor up to twenty tires at once. Available in brass or aluminum Compatible with TireMinder Smart TPMS.

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Extra TireMinder transmitters for TireMinder A1A, TM66 and TMG400C TPMS. For RV, trailer, motorhome, truck, car or any other vehicle . Replaceable batteries with 9-14 month lifespan (CR1632). It simply replaces valve cap.

All towed vehicles will have either rubber (brass) or metal (aluminum) valve stems. If you have a rubber valve stem, you will need brass transmitters. If you have a metal valve stem, you will need aluminum transmitters. All TireMinder kits come with brass transmitters. If you need aluminum transmitter for your towed vehicle, they can be purchased separately.


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