Loctite Heavy Duty Threadlocker (2 Pack)


Trust LOCTITE Threadlockers for superior performance and the reliability you expect. Lock against vibration, shock and thermal cycling – plus seal against corrosion and galling. Achieve better clamp load retention compared to all mechanical locking devices. LOCTITE Threadlockers can be easily disassembled with minimal effort.

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LOCTITE Heavy Duty threadlockers are the reliable choice when you need strength, but also when you need to disassemble parts. From using hand tools to applying localized heat, disassemble our various threadlocker grades when you need too, whether low, medium, or high strength. Loctite is a problem solver, too. When you’re tackling your next challenge, Loctite provides the product—and the expertise—to help with your manufacturing and maintenance problems. Get the job done right with their resources, training and in-plant consultations.


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