XFasten Blue Painter’s Masking Tape 2-Inches x 60 Yards (3-Pack)

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The XFasten Blue Painter’s Tape is equipped with anti-bleeding properties that will help you achieve sharp and seamless paint jobs.

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Boasting a top of the line adhesive, XFasten Painter’s Tape features a specially-treated backing that resists UV, direct sunlight, and humidity.

The XFasten Blue Painter’s Masking Tape is equipped with anti-bleeding properties that will help you achieve sharp and seamless paint jobs. Boasting a top of the line adhesive, we make sure that it stays strong but is not aggressive enough to pull off surface finishes. XFasten Painter’s Tape features a specially-treated backing that resists UV, direct sunlight, and humidity. This blue painter’s masking tape is extremely convenient to use in any weather conditions. The XFasten Blue Painter’s Tape resists curling and splitting while being highly conformable.



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13 reviews for XFasten Blue Painter’s Masking Tape 2-Inches x 60 Yards (3-Pack)

  1. Dale

    Not even close to 3m blue tapeDidn’t stick well, paint bled like crazy, absorbed the paint and was EXCRUCIATING anti remove! Do not waste your money! I did everything I do with 3m blue and it just didn’t work. Only purchased because I needed 3/4” and couldn’t find an alternative.

  2. northerner

    This is a tape that sticks well and very easy to removeBest overall tape I have used. I first learned of this item on painter jean lurrsens website. She is a watercolorist and promoted this tape as the very best she’s used to tape her paper to a board. This is what I use it for and I found its the only kind that will stick to a rigid foam board. So I am very happy with this item and would recommend it highly.

  3. Steve Hutchinson

    Bleeds Through!This product is absolute garbage! I just painted my stair stringer and shoe trim and was EXTREMELY disappointed at the amount of bleed through! The Dollar store has better masking tape! Ughhh😒

  4. Amazon Customer

    Who knew that finding 3/4″ tape would be a challenge…I needed 3/4″ tape to touch up a project that I had done several years ago and could not find this width at any of my local big box home improvement stores. The closest they had was .91 inches. Honestly, who needs tape with such a bizarre width ! So I was very happy to find this on RV. The tape worked well and arrived early so I was able to complete my project ahead of schedule. My reason for only giving 4 stars is that I had to buy a 3 roll pack when I only needed about 1/2 a roll.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Too stickyThis is stickier than the stuff you buy from the hardware store.. More like masking tape.The rolls I got were all squashed in transit too. And the tape sticks to its self a bit so the back side is sometimes a bit sticky.That being said I would probably still buy it again because the price is right.

  6. DuClay

    Great for acrylic on canvasGreat with acrylic paint on canvas. I haven’t noticed any bleeding under the tape. Wish they had more sizes.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Use to tape down papers on bird cagesI have a paper chewing parrot. she reaches through the cage floor and shreds her papers. this holds them down and peels off the metal when I need to clean her

  8. CA9949Fox

    I’m not a professionalI applied the painters tape to a surface that had been painted 24+ hours before. The room was in our basement, which is pretty cold. I had to paint my ceiling and walls. After painting the walls, I waited a day and a half before appling the painters tape for the wall paint to cure.When I was finished painting the ceiling I immediately removed the tape. I was so happy because the tape didn’t remove any paint from the newly painted wall.I moved on to paint trim. After I painted the trim I immediately removed the tape for the exception of one wall because I forgot. The next day I realized I still had some tape masked on the wall. I started to peel the tape of the wall and….. the wall paint started to peel off too. I ended up soaking the tape with warm water with a little dish soap added in. After waiting 15 minutes I was able to remove the tape without a problem.I’m no profession, it could have been my paint or how cold the room was, so it took the paint longer to cure. Be careful not to leave this tape on for too long, you just may pull paint off your surface.

  9. Charles from Ohio

    good product and good priceGood product and good price/

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very good product for the priceThis tape works very well on my work projects…protecting wood from adhesive, etc. I will definitely buy it again.

  11. MikeC

    looks niceHaven’t used it yet, but it looks good

  12. cordellia

    Not so bad afterall – re-reviewOriginally disappointed in the quality of this tape and gave it 1-star. Decided to keep it after finding only the outmost layer was bad. Since I had to pry the rolls off from one another the first layers are bad from heat exposure. Decent tape once you get through the sticky layers

  13. 57Hummingbird

    Mostly a great productFor the most part this worked as good as any blue painters tape. The only issue I had was in trying to separate the rolls from each other . . that was a chore, but I did get one separated.

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