Justrite AccuFlow 5 Gal. Galvanized Steel Type II Red Safety Can

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Durable galvanized steel Justrite Type II AccuFlow safety cans with flexible 9-inch hose offer the most convenient and safest way to store and dispense flammable liquids.

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Built to meet OSHA and NFPA 30, they have been independently fire tested and approved by FM and UL. The AccuFlow Safety Can is constructed of 24-gauge galvanized steel finished in a tough powdered paint that resists solvents and stands up to tough jobs

Durable galvanized steel Justrite Type II AccuFlow™ 5-gallon Safety Can with flexible 9-inch hose offers the most convenient and safest way to store and dispense flammable liquids. Built to meet OSHA and NFPA 30, Justrite’s safety cans have been independently fire tested and approved by FM and UL.

The AccuFlow™ Safety Can is constructed of 24-gauge galvanized steel finished in a tough powdered paint that resists solvents and stands up to tough jobs. Flexible metal hose is 9″ x 5/8” (229 x 16) long to reach small openings. The flexible hose offers targeted pouring into small openings while providing a ground path to prevent static sparks when a grounding wire is used. The Safe-Squeeze trigger handle provides the fastest, smoothest, most controlled pouring of any Type II safety can.

Experience the benefits of Justrite’s Type II AccuFlow™ safety cans available in several colors and suitable for the storage of flammable liquids. This helps identify specific liquids, and avoids costly errors when using more than one liquid at a worksite. Justrite Accuflow cans meet OSHA and NFPA Code requirements, and are UL & ULC listed and FM approved.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 12 × 18.5 in
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12.3 x 12 x 18.5 inches; 9 Pounds

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Janitorial Maintenance & Lunchroom Supplies

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February 22 2009



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10 reviews for Justrite AccuFlow 5 Gal. Galvanized Steel Type II Red Safety Can

  1. Eduardo

    Casi perfectaCasi perfecta, solo que las primeras veces escurria por la tapa de llenado al sacudirse en la camioneta o verterlo, tuve que buscar acomodar la tapa y por ahora dejo de hacerlo, solo lo he llenado una ves asi que ya veremos.

  2. Amazon Customer

    PerfectThis is a very great gas can as there is no smell and is very secure. We took it camping on our road trip.

  3. Kevbo

    Great Gas CanThe construction and functionality of this can is great, the only issue I have is when transferring fuel from a 5 gal container to this one, the fill cap on this can has a strong spring holding it closed. So you’ll have to get a sturdy funnel with a wide nozzle to wedge in and stay put while transferring fuel.

  4. Toque

    Throw out that leaky plastic gas can for one of these !Like many I have bought plenty of plastic gas cans and been annoyed with the leaks when pouring and getting gas on my hands.Gas on my hands is not so big a deal when filling the mower in the Summer but when wearing gloves in the Winter and having to fill the snow blower it is a big nuisance.This tank is as tough as they come, has spring loaded filling cap with wire mesh flame trap inside the opening and a lever next to the handle for pouring from the fixed flexible spout. It’s built to meet the highest safety standards and doesn’t get you stinking of gas like those horrible plastic ones.As long as it’s not abused it should last decades, well worth the extra money

  5. Willy

    Work Well, No SpillI was able to get a great price of $126 Canadian for the 5gal Type II with 1″ hose. If you haven’t tried these gas cans they are amazing and well worth the prize. With the traditional 5 gal plastic jug you end up pulling the spout out of the gas to position it for top pouring. As usually the spout will drip gas and leak around the funnel. With these gas cans you don’t get your hands dirty. Simple tilt, insert and squeeze the handle. No over flow issues as you can release the handle as the tank fills.This is the 3rd one I have purchased to replace all my plastic jugs. These cans don’t travel in the back of a pick up, they sit in my garage and are used to fill up the ski boat and lawn tractor. They are clean and easy to use.

  6. Orlean

    Buy this and cry once, but know you bought the right can the first time.I was using a very old plastic 1 gallon can that the cap split on. When I was looking at spending $60 + on a gas can, I myself thought I was crazy; it pained me to cough up the money for something as simple as a gas can. After looking at what the big box stores had available, and even online I came came to the conclusion I would just spend the money on a can that I hoped to last me for life.Originally, I was looking to purchase one of the Surecan gas cans with the pivoting spout on the bottom; but for only $12 more I figured a all metal construction can that meets OSHA safety standards was worth the extra money for me. I am very satisfied with this can, its built like a tank – the spring tension on the fill lid is very strong no joke, but it’s made that way to seal well, and seal it does. When I filled it up with fuel the first time with non-ethanol fuel; on the way back home after several stops, I could not smell gas whatsoever in the car, I also cannot smell any fuel in the garage as well. I bought the 5/8 spout model, and I find it to be great for what I have to use it for; have no problem with fuel flow too, I was able to fill a push mower in what seemed like seconds even with the small spout. The handle to dispense fuel is by far easier than anything I have used before specially the EPA push nozzles that are a pain to use. The only con if you could call it that was during the painting process something got on the can as you can see in the second picture.Highly recommended, you know the old saying you truly get what you pay for; well this item is a testament to that.

  7. Jake

    Not returnable even if not usedThis looks like a great product, but, be aware that once you receive it you cannot return it. I open the box, and realized it was bigger than I needed. Got on to amazon only minutes later and was going to return it to purchase 2 smaller ones (which would have cost more money) but that’s what I needed. No go. Even though the only thing open was the box. The can has not been touched. Even the hardware is still encased in plastic seal unbroken. That’s just not right. I believe this says not returnable if it has been filled. Mine was not and the lid on the tank was never even opened!

  8. Steven

    I can’t recommend productI ordered the steel gas can on Aug 31 2019. At first I believed that I made a great purchase over the highly regulated plastic gas cans that simply never work correctly or leak and spill gas. This steel can didn’t leak at any part of the can during filling the can with gas and filling generators up as well. I stored the gas can like I always have done in a shed with my other tools. It was about 10% to 20% full. I am not sure when it happened as it was put away for the winter, but some time in the last 14 days or so the steel gas crushed into itself. As if it that a negative pressure from a vacuum in side it and collapsed into itself. The steel gas can is now completely useless to use. I hope that the seller will contact me about the issue and solve this issue as most people expect a expensive steel can to last longer than 2 months of use. Later I will post pictures of the gas can to show the damage.

  9. Paul G

    Buy this… BUT do not put 5 gallons inI was a little disappointed when my brand new gas can with 5 gallons of fuel in it was leaking gas due to the outside ambient temp. It was in the back of my truck for about 3 hours at about 75F – not in direct sun. When I grabbed the can to fill the dirt bikes, I was surprised to smell the gas and see a steady stream of gas (coming from the filling hole) that was running down the bed. Since then, I only put about 4.5 gallons and viola…no spillage even in the heat.Also, the lever to release fuel for dispensing rubs against the solid handle and get’s stuck every time. So, I have to release the dispensing lever a few seconds before I reach the desired volume. It’s not really safe or convenient. Not exactly what I was expecting for the price of this can.I contacted RV, and they are sending me a new unit. I’ll be sure to update this review when I get to test the new can. I’m hopeful that my can was simply defective. Thank you RV for being so easy to work with on this issue.NEW CAN UPDATE: Well, the same applies to the fluid volume. This should be re-labeled as a 4.5 gallon cannister. The good news is that the new unit doesn’t have a faulty lever like the previous cannister. All things considered, this is still the best gas can I’ve ever owned and would recommend you to purchase it. It’s a 4 star at this point because I can’t speak to it’s durability. I’ll update this review in a few years.

  10. Mr. Borgnine

    THE BEST GAS CAN !!!Forget all the crappy plastic cans with “high tech” safety pouring spouts. Cheap plastic cans that expand and contract, that will eventually crack. This is a rugged metal can with a great paint coating. Reminiscent of the cans my father had that he got from his father, except this one has a better finish!The only thing that I would fault it for is not having a stopper to put in the pouring nozzle. Yeah, other reviewers said just bend it down. Well, it gets dusty and windy around here. Bending it down isn’t going to keep dust out, so after searching RV for something that would fit the nozzle, I came across this:https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HRFEEFI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1This silicone stopper fits perfectly in the nozzle. Both the gas can and the stopper are a great buy together!MODIFICATION 03-31-19: STILL, absolutely the best gas can you can get. I got rid of the plastic cans I had. The link for the stopper seems fine on my end, but perhaps it’s because it’s an RV Smile link that it doesn’t work for one commentor. The actual title on the page of the stopper is:WIDGETCO #4 White Silicone Rubber Stoppers11-03-2020 – STILL the best gas can ever!! No issues with this gas can at all. Total satisfaction for 2 years + of use.

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