Justrite 7150110 Galvanized Steel Type I Red Safety Can w/ Funnel (5 Gal)

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Stainless steel flame arrester can with safety lid, Type 1 steel 5 gallon (red) for flammable liquids with funnel, self-close.

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Essential Features

  • Large ID zone permits user labeling of contents to avoid misuse; Meets OSHA & NFPA For Handling Hazardous liquids
  • Stainless steel flame arrester for exceptional corrosion protection – reliably dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition
  • Self-closing lid controls vapors and spills
  • Ergonomic counterbalance design for easy pouring with rounded, swinging comfort handle for easy carrying Rugged steel with tough powder paint

Additional Features & Benefits of Justrite Type I Safety Can

USA made Justrite Type I steel safety can kerosene gasoline diesel funnel Easy to use

USA made Justrite Type I steel safety can kerosene gasoline diesel funnel Easy to use

USA made Justrite Type I steel safety can kerosene gasoline diesel funnel Easy to use

flame arrester, type I, safety cans, safe storage

Made in the USA

Manufactured in the USA since 1906.

100% Steel Body

Made from high-grade coated steel, each can is tested to ensure 100% leak-proof construction.

Easy to Use

Can has one opening that serves for both filling and dispensing. Use funnel to pour into smaller openings.

Safely Store Fuel

Meets OSHA and NFPA Code requirements. UL & ULC listed and FM approved.

Justrite Type I steel safety can kerosene gasoline diesel
OSHA FM Approval compliance UL listed NFPA


  • Included Components: Unit
  • Instruction Guide


11.75″ OD x 16.875″ H

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 11.61 × 11.61 × 18.5 in
Product Dimensions

11.61 x 11.61 x 18.5 inches; 7 Pounds

Item model number



Janitorial Maintenance & Lunchroom Supplies

Date First Available

June 4 2010



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10 reviews for Justrite 7150110 Galvanized Steel Type I Red Safety Can w/ Funnel (5 Gal)

  1. emiliano

    Tanque para gasolinaEsta bien para lo q se usará,,llegó un poco golpeado,pero nada q lo haga no usable

  2. Emmery H.

    Good concept but it leakedAt first glance this can is a good size and looked well constructed.Unfortunately the first time I filled it up, it leaked near the bottom rim.

  3. Micben

    This type 1 can leaks ALOTJust purchased and received one type one 5 gallon and one type two 5 gallon tank.Went to fill them both up last night. I only live live 2 kilometres ( 1 mile ) from the gas station. When i got home the back of my Jeep was full of gas coming out of the top of the can. After cleaning the mess, i checked both cans for leaks,and tilted them just a little. The can was spilling alot on its own.I will be posting some videos in a couple of days.I am very disappointed and will be returning the type one can although i will be keeping the type two can.The problem is the seal and spring on the type one is very weak compared with the other.Very unhappy customer

  4. Dennis S.

    Gas fresh longerCan came in a good box but the side of the can was caved in. So far the bottom seam seems not affected. Minus 1 star.The funnel is pretty worthless for filling vehicles, only attaches to the can for storage, funnel is wrong angle for side fill cars/trucks and takes another person to hold it, takes both hands to empty the can. Minus 1 star for the funnel.Holds gas safer than plastic, pours reasonably fast for a one opening container (no vent). Find an appropriate funnel for your needs and all will be good.

  5. Bert K

    Don’t get the one with the funnelThe funnel isn’t good enough. Leaks. I wasted too much gas with this can. Would give it a better rating if it could be converted to a spout.I thought this would be much better. Everything else is pretty good but don’t fill it up all the way. It probably will leak that way also if you use the handle.The one with spout probably is better even though it cost more. Not sure since I don’t have one.

  6. James Dub

    Better than Wavians!Prior to these I purchased 2 Wavians for their solid construction and quality. I found that the Jerry can design was difficult to secure in the back of the truck bed. Decided to take a gamble on these based on reviews and price and they don’t disappoint! Very solid construction and has not leaked one bit from the bottom and the top seal. Handle and cap design very well done and easy to maneuver and manage. I prefer these to the Wavians due to the design (as you can see in the picture). Very easy to secure. They’re only half the price as well! You can get two cans for one Wavian!!! Super pleased

  7. O. Arifkhan

    after a month it started leakingI bought two 5 gallon canisters and filled one up with Gas. After a month the canisters started leaking at the bottom.

  8. NinjaReviewer

    Tried and True Gas StorageEasy to use, comes with a nifty funnel, this gas can is top-of-the-line when it comes to long-term gas storage. Be sure to add some stabilizer once full, but once that is done, stick this can in the shed and feel safe doing so – even in Phoenix! Red means unleaded gas (as opposed to yellow for diesel), so make sure that’s what you use it for (just to keep things straight). Don’t worry about 5 gallons being too heavy – gas is lighter than water. I mean, it’s still heavy, but you can manage it, especially with the integrated and sturdy handle. Helpful hint – add a label or tag indicating when you filled the can, if you are using it for long-term storage.

  9. Somewhere Out There

    Love these cansBought Eagle and Justrite 5 gallon gas cans in 2017 because I was tired of using plastic cans with horrible spouts and that had a tendency to swell up (risking a split). I needed cans that would give me a small stash of gas to run generators should an unexpected power outage take place, or should gasoline supplies be disrupted (we had a significant pipeline outage in 2016) and I needed to top off my car’s tank.Four years in, both the Eagle and Justrite have performed as I expected. They’re stable (not prone to tipping over when in transit), relatively easy to pour from with a good funnel), and they’re durable for multi-month non-ethanol gasoline storage (Stabil is used to preserve gasoline life).However, after four years, the Eagle can now suffers from some paint fade and paint flaking. When I brush off the dust and pollen, the JustRite can looks nearly new. Each can has been kept side by side, under the same conditions, sheltered from rain and direct sun.Not complaining about the Eagle can, it’s done what I wanted for four years, and likely has years more life left. But after four years, Justrite also performs well, and it certainly looks better with no flaking, and very little (if any) fade.If I had to buy again, or buy a replacement, I’d go with the Justrite option (assuming they’re built to the same standard they were in 2017).

  10. Courtney

    Good Concept, quality issues. Leaking at seams.I never leave reviews but think this may be hepfull for others. Was hoping for a gas can that would not leak gas fumes while hauling gas from the gas station. It was easy to fill with gas but while driving home I began to smell gas. Left can sitting outside over night. The next morning there is a ring of wetness around the bottom edge of the can. Yep, the bottom seam and about an inch up the side seem were wet with gas. Left sitting on paper towels over night again and the paper towels turned yellow from the gas. Sent request and pics to JustRite for return or replacement. That was a week ago and nothing yet. How hard is it to realize a gas can less than 1 week old that leaks needs to be replaced. Another think to mention is when filling mower there is a point where the gas level must equalize while pouring. It that point a small amount of gas will shoot out past the funnel. I like the idea of the funnel and had no problems using it with a mower. I would not recommend the funnel to fill a car or gas cap on a horizontal surface. If i get a replacement and it does not leak, I will update my post. If not, I guess I will try the other competitors with similar products. ***Update*** I was sent a replacement free of charge 2 weeks after sending complaint to JustRite. The also had replied but my spam filter caught their email. I did update to 3 stars since they sent a replacement. Just wish it had not come to that. FYI the new gas can works as intended with no leaks at this time.

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