CAMCO Durable All Purpose RV and Camper Reusable Sanitation Gloves, Blue PVC, Large (1 pair)


Protect your hands and wrists from a dirty job. These durable, all-purpose gloves are perfect for everything from dealing with your sewer hose to cleaning up messes around the RV. Latex-free material grips in wet or dry conditions

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Instead of using disposable plastic gloves every time you empty your RV’s black and grey water tanks, invest in Camco Durable All Purpose RV and Camper Reusable Sanitation Gloves. These tough, reusable gloves are textured to give you a secure grip when handling wet fittings and hoses. Made of thick, latex-free PVC material. It has a soft woven knit lining. One size fits most. Protect your hands during dirty jobs with thick, durable material.

One pair of tough, reusable, Latex free gloves.


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