Sealproof Unreinforced PVC Clear Vinyl Tubing, Food Grade


Sealproof Unreinforced PVC Clear Vinyl Tubing  is extremely flexible, and is ideal for low pressure applications for the conveyance of liquids The tubing is made from a PVC compound that complies with FDA regulations.

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This extremely flexible, kink free, food grade PVC is suited for general low pressure industrial applications for the conveyance of chemicals, liquids, gases, and solids of suitable granular size, such as factory air lines automation machinery and pneumatic lines.
Its many suitable uses include pumps, siphons, filters, AC and HVAC tubing, drain valve connections, filters, plumbing, drip irrigation, ponds and gardens, beer brewing, wine making, and more. The High quality, flexible PVC compound manufactured in the United States in compliance with FDA and 3A Sanitary Standards

Lightweight, flexible, and crystal-clear, tubing provides excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents, alkalis, and acids. Smooth inner surface for easy flow and easy cleaning. BPA Free and non-toxic.

100′ Pre-cut flexible plastic PVC tubing, 1/2″ ID x 5/8″ OD


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