Challenger Breadware Proofing Kit


The Challenger Breadware Proofing Kit includes the Fermentation Mat to maintain the temperature of both your starter and your dough to achieve consistency in your baking, and the Proofing Box to create a temperature-consistent environment to help judge the fermentation of dough and which eliminates the need for single-use plastics.

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Here’s what makes our Proofing Kit the perfect set of tools for bakers:

  1. The Fermentation Mat helps you easily and precisely maintain the temperature of both your starter and your dough to achieve consistency in your baking. With a sleek, compact design, the Fermentation Mat easily fits on a countertop or work surface, and the temperature controls make it simple to set your ideal proofing temperature. You can use the Fermentation Mat for both your starter, and your dough.
  2. The Proofing Box creates a temperature consistent environment which helps you get better at judging the fermentation of your dough and eliminates the need for single-use plastics. Used alongside the Fermentation Mat, it creates a very stable environment for your dough to proof in. Plus, it’s the perfect size for performing your folds without having to remove the dough!
  3. Our Fermentation Mat and Proofing Box are countertop friendly, and are easy to stack and store.

Perfect your fermentation and take the guesswork out of your proofing times with our Proofing Kit! Comprised of our Fermentation Mat and Proofing Box, the Proofing Kit has the tools you need to create a temperature consistent environment for both your starter and your dough, allowing you more control throughout the baking process.

Available only in North America.


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