FIRST ALERT Kitchen Fire Extinguisher


The FIRST ALERT KITCHEN5, Kitchen Fire Extinguisher is a  5-B:C rated kitchen fire extinguisher designed for kitchen placement. This fire extinguisher fights flammable liquids and electrical fires. It’s small enough to fit in a cabinet or use a mounting cap to place on the wall.

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The KITCHEN5 extinguisher is ideal for use in the kitchen and can be recharged by a certified professional when used. It is designed to fight flammable liquid and electrical fires. The Kitchen Fire Extinguisher is made of a durable metal head that is designed to meet demanding needs. It features a metal pull pin, with a safety seal, that deters accidental discharge and discourages tampering. It comes included with a secure mounting bracket and strap for secure placement. The color coded gauge is easy-to-read, corrosion-resistant, and provides accurate measurement. First Alert Class B & C Fire Extinguishers are designed to put out fires caused by flammable liquids and combustible gas. These fires are capable of spreading extremely fast and can be attributed to gasoline, grease, oil and paints. The First Alert Kitchen Fire Extinguisher can also put out electrical fires. Electrical fires are commonly caused by electrical equipment, paneling, wiring and circuit breakers.


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