CAMCO Silent Top RV Stovetop Cover (Bordeaux Finish)


CAMCO RV Solid Bordeaux finish Universal Silent Top cover hides and protects burners. Made of natural bamboo to create a sturdy and stylish surface. Available in several colors and finishes.

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Bordeaux Finish

This product is a simple & elegant way to optimize counter space in your compact RV or marine kitchen. The non-skid bottom keeps the Stovetop Cover in place and helps reduce rattling when on the move. The Silent Top Stovetop Cover is compatible with most 3 & 4 burner stoves. Includes a flexible cutting mat. You can use it to protect your stovetop from knives, or as an additional cutting surface.

All hardware included

The CAMCO Silent Top Stovetop Cover features feet that fit into the burners of your stove to help keep the Stovetop Cover in place when traveling. The feet are easily installed into pre-drilled holes with the included templates. All installation hardware is included. The hardwood has a non-toxic finish that helps protect the Stovetop Cover from moisture and maintain its appearance even after years of use.

The Silent Top Stovetop Cover measures 19 1/2” x 17” x ¾”.


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