Yorkim T10 LED Bulbs 6500K Xeron White Interior LED For Car or RV (Pack of 10)


Yorkim 194 LED White Lights are made with aluminum body design for better heat dissipation, low temperature, low power consumption, & long-lasting life up to 50,000 hours on your car or motorhome —50 times longer than the original incandescent bulbs.

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Normally different LED bulbs are required for different parts of the same car or motorhome (I.e. dome light, map light, trunk light, etc.). Although 194 LED bulbs are most commonly used, they may not fit all parts of your car. Please check owner’s manual to verify compatibility before purchase.

The voltage is 12v, color temperature: 6500K (White), luminous flus: 100Lm/bulb. The 194 T10 LED bulbs can be used as led interior cockpit lights, led license plate light, led interior map light, led dome light, led turn single light, led reading light, dash board light, side door courtesy light, glove box light, trunk cargo room light, instrument lamp door light, and more.

T10 LED Light Bulbs White pack of 10, each T10 bulb uses 5x 5050 super bright SMD chipsets, 300% brighter than halogen bulb, Non Polarity. Also T10 LED Bulbs replacing T10 158 161 168 168A 168NA 175 194 194NA 2821 2825 2827 147 152 159 184 280 285 447 464 555, 558 585 655 656 657 906 912 921 1250 1251 1252 2450 2652 292 2886X 3652 558 658 PC168, PC175 PC194 PC195 W5W W5WB W5WLL 124 160 161B 192 193 194 194A 194B 194G 194NAK 194R, 195 2825L PC160 PC161 PC168B PC194G or PC195NA bulbs.Super easy plug & play installation.



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