Universal LED Off-Road Fog Driving Rectangular IP68 Waterproof Light


The Abrams LED flood and spot lights are ideal for almost all vehicles, including trucks, pickups, vans, tractors, agricultural machinery, boats, forklifts, off-road emergency vehicles, ATV’s and RV’s. Plus, you can easily use them as outdoor construction or warehouse safety lights. Comes in both Spot and Flood in 100W, 27W, 48W, and 60W.

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Turn night into day  with the Abrams ultra-bright LED off-road work spot lights, which are equipped with 9 x 3W Cree LED’s each. Projecting a stronger light beam to a greater distance and illuminating your surroundings. Stay safe on the road with these energy-efficient and convenient LED driving spot lights for trucks, which will help illuminate your lane, make road bumps and other obstacles more visible and enhance road safety. Install your lights within minutes even if you are not a car mechanic. You can mount your waterproof and shockproof ATV lighting accessories to your front bumper by following the simple and clear instructions.
Perfect fog lights for all vehicles, including your truck, ATV, RV, tractor, bus, van, pickup truck, SUV, UTV, flatbed, emergency vehicle, boat, motorcycle or even forklift. Plus, they are ideal for outdoor use.

Replace your old automotive spot lights with our super-bright LED lights with confidence!


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