BioLite HeadLamp 325 Ultra-lightweight Rechargeable USB Headlamp

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With a front profile of only 9mm and weighing only 69g, the BioLite HeadLamp 330 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light sits flush on the forehead without worry of bounce or slippage. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry for any activity and the rechargeable battery means you can leave the alkalines behind.

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A headlamp so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. This headlamp delivers bright illumination, excellent fit, versatile modes, and USB rechargeability so you can leave the disposable batteries behind. Power source is located on the front, leaving a smooth back band, ideal for anyone looking to kick back or read with their light. It’s time to try a headlamp you’ll keep on your head and not around your neck.

  • Weighs only 50g
  • Max Output: 325 lumens
  • White + Dim , Red + Dim, White Strobe, Red Strobe
  • Front panel tilts downward with one hand
  • 40 hours on LO, 3 hours on HIGH
  • Recharge via micro USB
  • Backed by BioLite’s HolyFit Guarantee

Experience top-tier performance with a fit unlike any headlamp you’ve experienced thanks to our proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction. With a front profile of only 9mm and weighing only 69g, the BioLite HeadLamp 325 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light sits flush on the forehead without worry of bounce or slippage. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry for any activity and the rechargeable battery means you can leave the alkalines behind. Spot and Flood settings offer distance and area lighting to serve a variety of tasks while dimmability means you use only the lumens you need. Ditch wasteful alkalines and fill up using powerbanks, solar panels, or any other micro-USB source.

A near weightless feel makes the BioLite HeadLamp 325 Lumen No-Bounce Rechargeable Head Light a perfect companion for camping, running, or the next power outage. Provides light without getting in the way. Pair with the Light Diffusing Stuffsack (sold separately) and HeadLamp works double-time as a hanging ambient light for your tent or common area.

Product Features

  • The ultrathin 3D molded housing sits flat on your forehead. That means no bounce, no slip. By integrating our electronics into the fabric, we pack all your lighting into an ultra-thin facing that is designed to fit as seamlessly as a contact lens.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry for any activity and the rechargeable battery means you can leave the alkalines behind.
  • Max Output 325 Lumens, Adjustable Front Panel, Red Night Vision Included
  • 40 hours of battery on LO, 3.5 Hours on HIGH, Recharge Via Micro USB.
  • HeadLamp 325 is made from high-quality moisture-wicking band that keeps your forehead comfortable and dry during activity. Best of all: no abrasion points. The easy-adjust clips also take the guess work out of right-sizing your band.
  • Available in 3 Colors

Comparing the 3 most popular BioLite Headlamps

BioLite Ultra-lightweight Rechargeable USB Headlamp Comparisons


    1. Is it really as comfortable as everyone is saying?
      Try it for yourself! With our HolyFit Guarantee, you can put HeadLamp 200 to the test for yourself for 30 days – if you don’t fall in love, we’ll take it back.
    2. What does 50g compare to in items in my everyday life?
      Less then a pack of Altoids, roughly 1.5 gum packets, about the weight of a golf ball.
    3. Is it adjustable? Does it fit kids?
      Yes, the headlamp is easily adjustable by pulling away or towards your ears with the clips on the back. And yes, it fits kids!
    4. What is the color temperature of the light?
    5. Does the headlamp tilt?
      Yes, the front panel can articulate up and down easily with one hand
    6. Can I control it with gloves on?
      Yes! The large power button located at the top of the panel is easy to engage with gloves (we’ve conducted multiple tests in house with various glove styles)
    7. How do I clean the HeadLamp?
      The headband of HeadLamp can be hand-washed with a mild detergent or dishsoap and water. We recommend dampening a sponge and wiping down the inside of the band.
    8. How long does it take to recharge HeadLamp 325?
      HeadLamp charges to full in approximately 3 hours.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 4.61 × 3.54 × 3.11 in
Package Weight

0.12 Kilograms

Item Weight

4.2 Ounces

Brand Name


Part Number




Date First Available

February 3 2019



10 reviews for BioLite HeadLamp 325 Ultra-lightweight Rechargeable USB Headlamp

  1. S.Cramp

    Light and comfortableI have used this a few times now and compared to my old head lamp it is worlds apart. I am a early morning runner so need a decent bright lamp with a comfortable band. This lamp delivers on both fronts and is also really lightweight. What I really like is that you do not get any bounce when running.The features the lamp has are great also. It has several different light modes and a really nice way of dimming each of those.The only slight issue I had was trying to adjust the light angle with gloves on but that is probably due to my sausage fingers. Also if you set it beforehand it would not be a problem.Over all a great product and worth the cost.

  2. CJ

    Comfortable and effective head torchI bought this head torch to replace a cheaper battery powered LED one, initial impressions are very good. It has an excellent light output. I can see enough to be able to run down a trail in complete darkness and the battery still has 50% left after approx 2 hours of use, so has not yet needed re-charging. It is comfortable to wear and a good fit. It is quite expensive (for a relatively simple torch) hence 4 stars rather than 5.

  3. Amazon Customer

    This kit is not pony.I tried a slightly cheaper product but had to return when I found the plastic shortening straps were incorrectly placed and no way to fix.I use this for running, in the UK. I run at around 5am and along canal paths. My runs are about 1.5hrs and I get 2 runs in then charge. The battery has never failed.In short, as a runner doing 1-2hr runs in the dark, this works really well.And as ex squad, it even has a red filter!

  4. Neil Wallace

    Very impressiveSaw a recommendation on Runners World and decided to order a couple for me and the lad now that many of our runs are in the dark. What can I say, perfect! The lamps have 5 modes: red, spot, flood, spot + flood, and flashing spot. The spot mode is extremely bright, and flood mode gives a nice bright spread of light. Not sure what the red is useful for unless you put it on backwards for cycling? Anyway, very impressed and a good decision to buy.

  5. MichaelB

    Perfect Running Light ( also great for Fishing )Just started running later at night as it’s cooler in temp and needed a light. Now, I’m pretty self-conscious of looking foolish with a like strapped to my head, but this light and band is small, looks actually really nice on, the light is fantastic and shines nice and bright for hours, so very easy to run with, almost forgot I had it on my head, which is a good sign.Charge via USB which is great, blackband looks really nice and loved it so much I bought another one for my wife in black when she runs with me and another in Orange, which I use for fishing ( has a red light setting, so perfect at night )Great product design, well balanced on the head, no vibration when running, worth every penny/cent.

  6. Bromptonboy

    Unreliable Light SourceThis is a good looking, yet unreliable light. When it works, it works well. My son and I are in Scouts, so we camp monthly, and I use this almost daily for early morning walks. The one button controls all is a bit finicky, but easy to master after a bit of use. You can toggle between very bright targeted light, to broad beam, to red light – which is useful when camping.The headband is snug and adjustable. My problem is that right after the warranty period, the light will suddenly cut out leaving me hanging. It will behave as if the battery is drained. All I have to do is plug it back into a micro-USB power source and it will work again. It is unreliable – therefore not useful.

  7. Fred Coulter

    Keeps me on the roadDue to that whole “work” thing, I can’t run during daylight hours on weekdays. But the roads I run on are not always well lit. After an embarrassing run after a hurricane, I’ve used a headlamp for those runs. After my last headlamp died, I did some research and ended up buying this one.My previous headlamp was battery powered. The problem with battery powered headlamps is that you can’t tell when to replace the battery, as it slowly loses power over several weeks. With a rechargeable one, like this one, you recharge it every night after your run. The end result is that you always start the run with fresh battery.I’ve run for up to an hour and a half and never had a problem with drop out. For my purposes, this lamp works fine.It’s also comfortable, distributing the weight between the front (lamp) and the back (battery). And it’s very light.It offers multiple lighting modes, but I only use the one that supplies both a spot as well as area lighting. If I chose a different setting, the battery would last longer. But since my runs aren’t that long, it’s never been a necessity.

  8. IR

    Regretting this purchaseI took a chance taking this on a three and a half week backcountry camping trip and sorely regretted it. First of all the battery life is awful. If I hadn’t brought a solar power bank I would have been screwed. I was often left literally in the dark after only an hour or so on the lowest setting. Also even in the lowest setting this thing is unbearably bright, which is really annoying when you are in a camp with a lot of other people, it is blindingly bright. Wish I had just brought my tried and true regular headlamp which has the right amount of brightness and lasts weeks and weeks with a single battery.

  9. cg3

    Most comfortable, best features, good valueI bought this for a GoRuck event and am super thankful I did. Having used various other branded headlamps, this was significantly more comfortable and easier to wear. Unlike most other styles you don’t have a huge battery pack to weight it down, nor do you have the bulky light assembly that bounces up and down and doesn’t stay angled right.This has a really nice low profile design and a comfortable strap. This even stayed put during burpees!There are multiple light options, however it did take me a few tries to get used to selecting the one I wanted and keeping it as my default. Super easy now. It looks too small to be adjustable but you get a surprising range of travel up and down with the light angle. Plenty bright enough to stay lit for an overnight ruck event and see where I was going the whole time.One issue I found was with the power button: I had also used this on a backpacking trip and at some point while it was in my bag, something hit the button and it turned on and stayed on, which of course drained the battery. Thankfully I brought a backup battery pack and the headlamp charged back up relatively quickly. Would like to see a slide switch instead of a pressable button…but otherwise, lots of pros and only one minor con to this light.Highly recommended!

  10. Jordan Benjamin

    Was great until it grew mold within 3 weeks in west AfricaAs a wilderness paramedic practicing emergency medicine in remote parts of Africa, I pick my gear very carefully because I need to know that I can depend on it when it counts. By all measures this light seemed like a great option – innovative idea, no bounce makes it great for things like placing IVs in confined spaces in pitch darkness, sweat wicking antimicrobial headband, rechargeable lithium ion battery etc…all of this sounds really fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it until it started growing all kinds of funky colorful mold all over the antimicrobial headband within 3 weeks of arriving. Keep in mind this is a brand new Biolite headlamp I bought for the trip, so it lasted literally 4 weeks and 1 of them was in the box stateside. It’s not the first piece of expensive gear I have seen that failed the West African conditions test, but it is a serious problem for a $50 dollar headlamp that is integrated with the strap and therefore cannot be deep cleaned to deal with this kind of problem. Unless the company wants to comp me a new light I’m out $50+ dollars and a headlamp which is a bummer. Either way, they need to sort out the mold issue because it would be a great product if it lasted more than a few weeks. 2 stars overall because I wasted a bunch of money but the product is innovative and has the potential to be great if they fix this major flaw

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