CAMCO Retro Class A Motorhome Party Lights


Camco Party Lights add a festive glow to your outdoor living area. With four unique and colorful styles to choose from, you can show off your spunky style anywhere you travel.

Available as: Chili and Cactus, Patriotic Star, Retro Class A, and Retro Travel Trailer.

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Each 8-foot strand contains ten lights, and an end connector for hooking strands together. UL approved for indoor and outdoor use. Set includes two spare bulbs and a spare fuse. 120V with overload protection. The Camco Party lights are designed to be used anywhere! First, decide where you want to hang the lights—they can go indoors or outdoors, just make sure it’s close enough to reach an electrical outlet. Hang your lights however you see fit. If you’re using nails, make sure not to puncture the wire or lights.

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