TemPaint: Removable Peel-and-Stick Paint (Savannah Blue)


TemPaint is the peel and stick paint and solid colored wallpaper solution for those that want the color of paint, but want it where traditional painting isn’t practicable. TemPaint is long lasting, but easily removable. Looks great anywhere!

Available in:Buttercream Yellow, California Merlot, Caribbean Blue, Countryside Purple, Frosted Green, Green Screen, London Fog, Milano Red, Monterey Blue, Parisian Eggshell, Pensacola Pink, Pitch Black, Porcelain White, Sante Fe Twilight Orange, Savannah Blue, Seattle Sports, Venetian Brick Red, Willow Green 2.0.

Borders  available in: Buttercream Yellow, California Merlot, Caribbean Blue, Countryside Purple, Frosted Green, Monterey Blue, Pensacola Pink, Sante Fe Twilight, Savannah Blue, Seattle Blue, Venetian Brick



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Removable peel-and-stick alternative for solid color wallpaper or paint. TemPAINT also makes a great contact paper or shelf liner for drawers, cupboards, and cabinets. Easy to apply: Just wipe your surfaces clean, measure, cut, and stick. TemPAINT is self-adhesive and does best on glossy painted surfaces. TemPAINT is long lasting but easily removable, making it a great design solution for either your home or apartments and RV’s. No mess and about half the cost of roll-on or brush paint and other wallpaper solutions. TemPAINT offers a quick and easy alternative to the hassle of home improvement.

23.5 inches Wide by 32 feet Long Roll.



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