Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator

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Get ready for the ultimate Star Trek adventure with this original series Communicator! With sound effects and clips from the ground-breaking classic series, each of these limited collectibles features a pop-open design and deluxe window-box packaging.

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Two to beam up! Get ready for the ultimate Star Trek adventure with this original series Communicator! With sound effects and clips from the ground-breaking classic series, each of these limited collectibles features a pop-open design and deluxe window-box packaging. Don’t be caught on your next landing party without one of these handy life-savers!

NOTE: Remove the item from the box and remove the plastic strip to use completely. Item should be taken off the ‘Try me’ state to listen to all sounds from the Star Trek series.

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Feature Set

  • The original Star Trek has been a pop culture phenomenon for over forty years
  • The iconic Communicator inspired today’s cell phones
  • Replica features authentic sounds from the Star Trek series
  • Features a flip-open top ; A Diamond Select Toys release
  • **Remove the item from the box and remove the plastic strip to use completely. Item should be taken off the ‘Try me’ state to listen to all sounds from the Star Trek series.**
Theme Science-fiction-and-fantasy
Brand Diamond Comic Distributors
Color Black & Gold
Material Plastic
Cartoon Character Star Trek

Additional information

Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 4 in
Product Dimensions

3 x 1 x 4 inches

Item Weight

8.8 ounces



Item model number



3 AAA batteries required.


Star Trek


Diamond Comic Distributors

9 reviews for Star Trek: The Original Series: Communicator

  1. Prinz Valium

    Transporter room ready to beam up.Meine Freundin wollte als Kind Mr. Spock heiraten. Das logische Weihnachtsgeschenk war damit dieser Communicator. Aus dem logischen Geschenk wurde das perfekte Geschenk.Der Communicator sieht aus wie das Original aus der Serie. Er ist sehr hochwertig und schwer verarbeitet.Beim Öffnen der Klappe ertönt das typische Zwitschern und der Motor bewegt eine rotierende Scheibe. Drückt man nun die rechte Taste ertönt eine Ansage aus der Serie. Leider im Zufallsprinzip, ich wäre gerne vorbereitet welcher Text kommt. Drückt man die linke Taste, erscheint ein rotes Licht. Macht man dann die Klappe zu, meldet sich der Communicator ein paar Sekunden später mit einem Piepton.Nach dem Öffnen der Packung kam der Communicator nicht aus dem Testmodus. Er musste einmal komplett aufgeschraubt und wieder zugeschraubt werden. Dabei hatte sich das Problem von selber gelöst.Der Motor ist etwas laut, allerdings sind die Sprachsamples laut genug um den Motor zu übertönen.Nach nun über einem halben Jahr nehmen wir den Communicator immer noch gerne in die Hand um damit zu spielen. Man bekommt einfach das Star Trek-Gefühl.

  2. Peter Brand

    Communicator enterprise 1701Macht sich als Ausstellungsstück gut. Die Verarbeitung ist einfach gehalten und somit als Spielzeug nicht wirklich gut verwendbar. Ansonsten ist der Artikel gut, und macht was es soll. Lautstärke und Funktionalität ist okay. Im großen und ganzen bin ich zufrieden obwohl ich es für etwas überteuert halte.

  3. Dougal

    Wish I had this in 1966 !My first one was only partially functional: one of the buttons didn’t work & the swirly-thing didn’t go round. Returned it and, thanks to RV’s Customer Service, I received a replacement very quickly. Everything works on this one, so… cool!Yes, it’s made out of plastic. For this kind of money did you expect more?? If you want a higher-end level of tech and craftsmanship, you’re going to have to pay for it big-time.So what if it’s cheap & cheerful… it’s very fun and entertaining. Well worth the modest price. As a casual cosplay or party prop, or for kids of all ages (especially those who watched the first broadcasts of TOS), this is perfect and pretty much guaranteed to bring a smile to your face the first time you flip it open and hear that CHHRRRPPPP!

  4. Karey Pharris

    Nice but has some flawsThis is a nice replica that has some bad completion to it. I returned one that had the same issue. When you pull the demo tag, both stopped working. So on the second one I took it apart and fixed where the demo tag was inserted. The metal strip that is supposed to make contact did not, so a simple small flat bladed screw driver to push it down and make contact. There was another reviewer who did some very nice electronic work to quit the motor was nicely done. I plan on doing the same thing. Overall nice piece but has flaws. I also have some other pieces from the manufacturer that I plan on calling about and getting replacements. Those being the Star Trek III phaser and TOS Tricoder. They all seem to need some better quality control.

  5. Betty Rogers

    Capt. Kirk now has a communicatorIt’s the neatest prop to play Capt. Kirk on Halloween! My husband is going to love it! He’s been a Star Trek fan since the series came out in the 60’s. He remembers the day of the week and the time of night when Star Trek came on. And he’s almost 64 now! He’s going to love being Kirk this year. And I’m going as Uhura! Fun! Fun! Fun!

  6. Astral_Phoenix93

    Awesome piece, but…..It is an awesome Star Trek collectible, but it only has one phrase and that’s it. It is suppose to have other phrases from other characters,blinking lights and other sound effects, but they do not work. I still like it because it completes the set with the phaser and tricorder as well as the uniform. Just be wary of buying the toys because there could be possible problems.UPDATE: For some strange reason the communicator started to work when I flipped the grill cover open. I didn’t touch it for a couple days after I received it and them all of sudden when I picked it up and played with it just turned on. I’m so happy it works now, but it was so strange.

  7. Edwin R Beck

    Beam this piece of sh!t out of hereThis is a toy.I know it is made by a toy company but in the photos it looked really good.The description made me drool.The finished product?I would have loved to find this under my tree when I was 10.Not now.I don’t know what people have been taking to conventions and raving about.It can’t be this.Someone wrote that you would pay $99.00 at a convention.But not for this.This is cheep lightweight plastic.The sound is scratchy and muffled.Honestly. I don’t think I would have liked this when I was 10.I want what was shown in the pictures and described on the page.Not….this.This will be going back.

  8. K

    Kirk Literally OutBought this as a costume accessory for Halloween. Unfortunately like many reviewers, the only thing this device was capable of doing was continuously saying “Enterprise, this is Kirk”. The moiré did not work at all, and neither did any other recorded sayings. How am I supposed to trust this device to help beam me out of tough situations if the only thing it can do is say “Enterprise, this is Kirk?” Mustard-colored plastic flip lid gives the communicator a cheap look.Do not recommend. Returned.

  9. Snoopy

    Terrible redesign from original, Massive dissapointmentWhat a huge let down. I bought one of these for my Trekkie wife a few years back. It had a gold chrome flip up screen, did all the sound effects, and had a fairly quite little motor inside that made a “moire” effect (shimmering light pattern) on the round screen. For $30 bucks, pretty cool, and dagnabbit, it LOOOKS just like the real prop. Even has the 4 screws on the back like the prop (watch TOS in Hi def–you’ll see them!). I just recently bought two–one was sent back–and boy did Diamond Select mess this toy up big time. First, the gold chrome screen has been replaced by a dull gold colored plastic that looks like crap. Look at the pictures, you can see the shiny gold chrome and the ugly gold colored plastic. But far, far worse than that, BOTH units did not work when the demo tab was pulled out. The two pieces of metal that are supposed to close the circuit held apart by the “pull me” tab never closed. So, I jammed a screwdriver in there and bent them enough to make contact. Now it worked. And things really went south!!Recall the quiet little motor that makes the moire effect wheel spin? Well as soon as I got the unit out of demo mode and the motor started, there was a hideous grinding noise audible from across the room. Both units had exactly the same problem. Now, if you look at the two close up picture attached, you will see what the problem is. The motor drives a worm gear (seen in the side by side picture) that makes the gear wheel move. This clever gearing is to make a fast spinning motor slow down for a gentle moire effect. But after looking at my wife’s unit, I saw the yellow wire was connected to the + terminal, the brown to the -. On my unit, the wires are reversed. Reversing the +/- polarity (a true Star trek term!) on a DC motor reverses the direction. So, the worm gear went from quietly pulling the ring gear to jerkily, and with great grinding noise, pushing the ring gear on the new units. Realizing I was probably going to get another lemon, I took the one I’m keeping apart and switched the two wires so yellow now goes to + like on my wife’s unit.Problem almost solved.Another cheap redesign popped up. On my wife’s unit, they mounted the motor with hot glue. This helps dampen vibrations even more by acting as a shock absorber and keeping the humming motor off the plastic slab where it would be like a sounding board. The new model has plastic tabs molded in to wedge the motor in place. And they work wonderfully to amplify every buzz, gear misstep, and hideous grinding noise the backwards running motor made. So, I popped off the tabs, found the best, quietest position for the motor, and hot glued it in place. Now it hums just like it should, with a noticeable but faint and not unpleasant motor noise.In summary, if you don’t mind tearing it apart, rewiring the motor to spin the right way, and hot gluing the motor in place, and what the heck, painting the gold screen part while it is all disassembled, this is the toy for you. If, on the other hand, you are a normal person who expects the darn thing to not stink out of the box run–don’t walk–away from this junk.BTW–The original shiny chrome unit showed copyright CBS, 2009. The new, messed up beyond belief units have a copyright 2016 stamp on the back.

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