ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Folding Camp Chair

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A patented, powder-coated steel frame makes the King Kong Chair extremely stable and durable with the ability to support up to 800 lbs.

Available in a range of colors and sizes along with other essential camping equipment.

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ALPS Mountaineering Extra Wide King Kong Folding Camp Chair brings plus size support and comfort wherever it goes. To the beach or in the backyard, this chair is ready for whatever the outdoors can conjure up. Stationary weight capacity is 800 lbs.*

Why Buy?

You can take this perfect chair anywhere with you and know there’s a comfy place to sit wherever you are. At such a great value, it’s a smart buy.

*Stationary weight capacity refers to maximum stationary weight product supports when used in proper fixed position and meeting product specifications.



  • Sturdy powder-coated steel frame and 600D polyester fabric provides stability and comfort
  • Each adjustable armrest comes with a cup holder and side pocket for maximum storage
  • Includes convenient shoulder carry bag, allowing you to transport and store chair with ease
  • The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong is on our best sellers list; you’ll know why as soon as you take a seat
  • Dimensions: 38″ W x 20″ D x 38″ H, Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Color: Deep Sea



From the manufacturer

King Kong

King kong frame

King Kong Fabric

king kong seat width

Patented, Powder-Coated Steel Frame

A patented, powder-coated steel frame makes the King Kong Chair extremely stable and durable with the ability to support up to 800 lbs.

Strong, Durable Fabric

Strong 600D polyester fabric is extremely durable.

Roomy Seat Width

The King Kong boasts a roomy seat measuring 24.5 inches wide.

king kong cup holder

king kong side pocket

king kong back pocket

Two Cup Holders

There are cup holders located on each arm of the chair, perfect for right or left handed users.

Two Side Pockets

Two side pockets keep your most-needed items easily accessible and off the ground.

Large Back Pocket

A large mesh back pocket is perfect for storing carry bag or other items.


Product Dimensions 20″D x 38″W x 38″H
Color Deep Sea
Form Factor Foldable
Material Polyester
Age Range (Description) Adult

Additional information

Weight 7.08 lbs
Dimensions 38.9 × 7.8 × 7.2 in
Package Weight

7.08 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

20 x 38 x 38 inches

Item Weight

12.5 Pounds

Brand Name

ALPS Mountaineering

Warranty Description

Limited lifetime.

Model Name



Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year




Included Components

Camping chair


Sport Type

Outdoors Camping



Date First Available

December 3 2017


ALPS Mountaineering

10 reviews for ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Folding Camp Chair

  1. Ken Nixon

    A superbly robust, heavyweight, folding chair.Superbly robust and very comfortable for the larger person, but it comes at a price – the weight! Great for static camping and sedentary pastimes like fishing. A bit cumbersome for lugging around crowded festivals.

  2. Paul A Mansell

    Sturdy and comfortableExcellent quality. I’m a really hefty guy and I have complete confidence when I sit in this chair.


    LOVE ITI have brought 3 of these chairs now, absolutely worth the money, love them very durable and sturdy and easy to set up and take down, great for us more rounded people. lol.

  4. Reviewer

    Certainly delivers on width!There’s no doubt this is the chair for you if you are a larger person it’s very wide and sturdy, I didn’t have any concerns sitting in it. When you do sit in it you can feel the metal frame underneath but it’s not too bad comfort wise. It’s a bit of trade off for strength over comfort. The only downside is for that strength the chair is a bit heavy but the straps allowing you to carry on you back help. Very pleased with this purchase I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Howard R.

    OverpricedSat in it very carefully at first but once in was ok but awkward to get out of as arms are material and dont give alot of support the front bars of the seat dig into your thighs so a couple of cushions would sovle this problem my biggest complaint is the advertised price was £20 cheaper than what i paid for it and if i had known the proper price i wouldn’t have bought it this is the first and last time i buy anything from overseas and i cant recommend this at this price.

  6. J M Rush

    Rugged, well built, comfortable chair.This is an awesome, well built, comfortable chair. Assembled with screws instead of the typical cheap rivets (that WILL pull loose). A nice quality build. I read MyMotorhomeLife customer reviews before purchase (as always) that expressed discomfort in the back of their legs at the front of the chair. I experienced the same thing. I knew before ordering the seat height was 18 inches front and back, which is what I wanted. I took some measurements and discovered that when seated, my butt was only 12 inches off the ground. No wonder the discomfort! I fixed that problem after brain storming a while. I installed a 2 inch thick wooden block on top of the rear seat supports. I cut the blocks to the same outer dimensions as the original parts, drilled a 3/4 inch hole for the frame to pass thru, and attached with one screw per piece. Not real pretty, but functional. Now I can easily get up from my chair in spite of arthritic knees, and no undue pressure on the back of my legs. The only other downside with this King Kong chair is the odor. Smells like new carpet. Just left it out on the porch for a few days and it outgassed to an odorless state. I would recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for a rugged and comfortable alternative to the average camp chair. I feel sure this chair will last many years. Long live King Kong.

  7. Jeffery Smeal

    Three Simple Tricks To Save You From The Gypsies Who Have Come To Steal Your Children!I really love this chair.I’m a tall guy. Tall and big.After destroying so many of my friends and relatives outdoor seats over the years, I realized that bringing my own chair to cookouts and garden parties was less embarrassing than having to be picked up out of a tangle of canvas and aluminum while people stare very intently at their hotdogs and into the bottoms of their cups.I purchased this one for an out-of-town job where I’d be sitting at a machine 10 hours a day and the only other option available to me were unpadded metal folding chairs. I needed something that would hold me comfortably but also support and make it through three months in a tough environment.It has succeeded on all points.First off, yeah, its heavy. This is not the chair to tote on a long hike…although the carrying pouch has a nice long wide sturdy strap.But for that weight you get a sturdy seat that feels solid and dependable as mamma’s love.The canvas is heavy quality, double stitched in places and quilted on the back.It supports me in all the right places too. Granted, its meant more for lounging than work, so some support padding was needed to keep a proper posture for long use. But the seat is more parallel to the ground than others I’ve had that slope down to the back and the back itself is taut and gives a good surface to brace yourself. The arm height is adjustable in the back which was a nice surprise.It’s not winning any beauty contests with the color but two drink holders and pockets on each side and at the back make it a super practical. I cankeep a water, phone, backup battery and assortment of tools by me at all times.As others have mentioned, getting it back into the bag is not a … super smooth? …process. But it’s totally doable and really not that big a deal. I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect something that feels like It can hold a hockey team (with equipment) to collapse into a willowy pile of nothing at one touch like those $20 Coleman chairs do.There is also the common complaint that the bars under the arms can become uncomfortable over time – pressing into your legs where they rest up against them. Yeah, that’s a thing. The Best I can say is that you will experience that with any chair of this type and that the seat is plenty wide enough that it isn’t nearly as bad as others I’ve used. I do ten hour shifts in it with little trouble. But it is a concern.I expect to have this thing for many years to come and to continue to enjoy it the whole way.

  8. Lime Green Medic

    perfect. It’s like a cross between an overstuffed chair …Received the chair yesterday. Tried it out today. Was surprised at how big it was folded up. Was thinking it would be too big.It wasn’t. It was, in a word, perfect. It’s like a cross between an overstuffed chair and a la-z-boy for me. I didn’t even notice the pockets on the side but the drink holders work as advertised.They say it’s rated for 800 pounds. I’m going to say that’s accurate, based upon the sheer size and amount of material used to make this chair. I’d get out my calipers and spec everything out, but I’m sitting on my laptop in my chair and I don’t wanna get up. I weigh in at a whispery 400, and it doesn’t creak, it doesn’t moan, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to collapse like EVERY OTHER CHAIR I’VE OWNED.This one is a keeper for me.Five stars.


    This is a ruggedly built chair designed to last for …This is a ruggedly built chair designed to last for a long time. Only complaint I had initially was that the middle of the seat sagged to much, putting pressure on the backs of my legs in the front. I saw in another review a fix that someone figured with 2″ wooden blocks. I figured out a simpler fix that seems to be working so far. Takes the pressure off the backs of my legs by allowing me to sit a little higher in the chair.

  10. Justin M.

    It’s a great chair, but adding small boosts makes it perfect.This is definitely a beast of a chair. I am bigger than you’re average guy in height and weight, so it’s near impossible to find reliable seating. I agree with other posters though about it sitting too low in the back and took it just a step further than them.Using a typical pool noodle, cut a 3.25″ section for each side, you’ll have to slice it to get it on but it fits perfectly. I then wrapped the cutouts in a layer of gorilla tape. This keeps them in place so they won’t pop out and still allow the chair to fold and go back into the bag as normal.With that slight addition this is now going to be a chair I take everywhere over the summer.

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