REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Hammer with Hook


REDCAMP Aluminum Camping Hammer with Hook is a tent stakes hammer, digger, shovel, spade, tent stake puller, and digging tool.

Available in; Black, Red, Orange, and Blue. With or without tent stakes.

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The mallet head is a heavy duty camping hammer to knock nails into the ground. There is a circular hole in the tent pegs hammer, so it is convenient to hang. A hook design on end of the handle is a stake puller (driver), hooking and pulling tent stakes from the ground. The end of the hammer is a flat shovel that you can use it for excavating soil. Perfect for camping, backpacking, beach, park, grass picnic, hiking, climbing, self-driving, tour, hunting, adventure, traveling, junket, party, BBQs, yard garden, sporting, caravans and other outdoors activities.


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