YAKIMA RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

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Get your bikes on the road without the hassle with the Yakima RidgeBack. Carry 2, 4 or 5 traditional geometry bikes to your next ride (slanted top tube bikes require the TubeTop adapter, sold separately).

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Easily access gear in your trunk with theYAKIMA RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack tilt-away design (even with bikes loaded). The UpperHand lever lets you tilt the rack down and fold it flat for low-profile storage. Protect your bikes from dents and scratches with the anti-sway cradle that eliminates bike-to-bike contact.

Here’s a hitch rack that goes long on features. Starring the UpperHand control lever that tilts the rack to make access to your vehicle a cinch. The Yakima RidgeBack Tilt-Away hitch-mounted bike rack also includes zero-hassle ZipStrips to secure your bike, folds flat for easy storage and to top it off is fully-assembled out of the box. Hanging racks tilt or swing out of the way to access your vehicle’s trunk or hatch. They’re great options for carrying multiple bikes (fit up to 5 bikes), but be aware of the type of bike – anything without traditional geometry may need a top tube adapter.

Get your bikes on the road without the hassle with the Yakima RidgeBack. Carry 2, 4 or 5 traditional geometry bikes to your next ride (slanted top tube bikes require the TubeTop adapter, sold separately). Easily access gear in your trunk with the tilt-away design (even with bikes loaded). The UpperHand lever lets you tilt the rack down and fold it flat for low-profile storage. Protect your bikes from dents and scratches with the anti-sway cradle that eliminates bike-to-bike contact. Zero-hassle ZipStrips secure your bikes to the rack. Comes fully assembled and installs quickly and easily with no tools required. The SpeedKnob tightens to secure the rack to your vehicle’s hitch.

Want more peace of mind? Lock your bikes to the rack with the HandCuff locking cable (sold separately) so you can adventure without worry!


  • Dimensions: L 44.00 in x W 12.00 in x H 16.00 in.
  • Fits 1.25” and 2” Hitches
  • Item weight: 32 lbs

Additional information

Weight 17.26 lbs
Dimensions 44.1 × 15.3 × 9.9 in
Package Weight

17.26 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

12.2 x 16.14 x 44.09 inches

Item Weight

33.07 Pounds

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Date First Available

October 12 2013



10 reviews for YAKIMA RidgeBack Tilt-Away Hitch-Mounted Bike Rack

  1. Russell LaMountain

    great rack, easy to installgreat rack, easy to install, a bit heavy but that goes to the strength of it. My only down comment would be that the bike movement on the cradles can rub your paint off the bike and if you were to put 4 bikes on there they would all be touching somewhere which again would cause some wear on the paint. (I took an old tire tube and wrap the bike where it contacts the rack and cinched it down tightly. ) Bike sits nice when i do this.

  2. Ivan Flores Tovar

    Muy bueno.Lo conseguí a un muy buen precio y me ha funcionado bastante bien. Solo quedan bicicletas grandes y a algunas hay que comprarles la barra Yakima que va del asiento al manubrio, para que no quede inclinada la bicicleta. También recomiendo la cadena de seguridad Yakima para evitar que se roben las bicicletas.

  3. Bernice Raabis

    Not recommended at allOrdering this has been a huge headache. It took forever to arrive, when it finally did the hitch portion of the assembly didn’t fit right even when used as recommended. The carrier wobbles terribly while driving. Then the internal hitch adapter fell out as we drove rendering the “security system” totally useless. On top of this We had to order 3 extra swing arm adapters because not one of our 3 (normal) bikes fit on the rack without one. This brought the price up over 100 dollars higher than the already steep price. I would send tye rack back but have already recycled the box and don’t want to be without a bike rack during the summer. The broken security system means that the rack could be stolen off my car at any point. For 500 dollars this thing should be far more sturdy, well made and functional. I would NOT recommend buying this item.

  4. Michael Nilson

    Well Constructed and Secure’s bikes solidI’ve had an opportunity to use this carrier a few times now . The pivot at the hitch is a bit tight and caused some confusion when setting it up for the first time but once I understood what to do it was no big deal. The carrier secures the bikes in very secure as it has the ratchet straps over the cross bar of the bike, as well as one to the seat post. While it would be nice to have a carrier that swung to the side to get access to my cargo area it wasn’t worth the extra cost in my opinion. My wife’s bike required a tube-top adapter to be mounted but I bought an off-brand of this at my local Canadian tire for about half the price of the Yakima equivalent. Overall it feels very well constructed!

  5. Northernspear

    Good product, but Speedknob keyhole prob.I have had this for a month now on a 1 1/4 inch hitch and like the overall build quality. The only problem I have with this right now is the speedknob keyhole being so tight that I can’t twist the key without either re-adjusting the speedknob to a different position (which to me does not make sense but somehow helps find a less tight position). Either I loosen tension which may compromise the fit of the bike rack to the hitch or tighten it even more which takes a lot of force. Then even after locking, the speedknob can hardly move freely; it has a lot of friction unlike those I’ve seen in videos. Either way I am fearful of breaking the key in the keyhole when locking/unlocking. I will probably need to contact Yakima on this when I have some time…

  6. Scog

    Yakima backs their product, fast response.This is an update. My wife and I love this rack, bought it about a year ago, have it on our Subaru and carry our road and MTBs everywhere using it. Of course to use the back hatch of the car we have to lower the rack out of the way of the hatch. All good. But just recently the lever to lower the rack broke off. I contacted Yakima, sent photos and in days they sent us a brand new rack. Wish we could have just swapped out the lever, but not my call. Easy warranty process and response by Yakima. It’s a great rack and company.

  7. ths

    Excellent bike carrier, my choice after thorough analysisJust bought this rack and received it the other day… exactly what I had imagined and seen on reviews. Here, I’ll provide some insight to my decision to help you decide what would be best for you.Background: I need a bike carrier that will handle 4 bikes (adult road bike & children mountain bike) that’s easy to use and not break the bank.First decision point: Roof-rack vs. hitch mounted bike rack. Roof-racks seem more secure but I’ve known so many people who have run into their garage with the bike attached. Roof-rack decreases your MPG since your car will be less aerodynamic. Also, I’ll be using this on my mini-van and the roof-rack for that would just be too high. So I decided on hitch mounted bike rack. But if you treasure your frame and don’t want to scratch it (you might with this carrier), then roof-rack may be the way to go.Second decision point: Fold down bike rack or this type of carrier. If I had mountain bikes, heavy bikes, or bikes with irregular frame then the fold down bike rack where you place the bike on top of the rack and lock down would be the way to go. But since I have 4 bikes to carry and they’re all “normal” frame, then this carrier is fine. It doesn’t extend the car as much as the other type.Third decision point: Brand vs. no-brand. I’m a true believer of “you get what you paid for.” Do I want to save a couple hundred dollars while risking thousands of dollars of my bikes… not really. So I decided to go with a brand widely recognizable, either Thule or Yakima.Fourth decision point: Yakima vs. Thule. This is the same debate as Canon vs. Nikon… you have camps on both sides and will fight to their last breath for the brand they’re loyal to. Largely, the racks are very similar in function and price. But this rack won because:1. Hitch mount has a locking mechanism: The triangular thingy at the bottom tightens and loosens the hitch mount, you can lock it and no one can take it away. Thule doesn’t have this.2. Operation levers at top: The two levers that you use to “operate” this carrier are located at the top, so you don’t need to bend down to do anything.3. Tilting mechanism: The carrier can be tilted so that you can access your trunk. I don’t know the exact degree but it is pretty significant. I have a Honda Odyssey and the trunk clears the carrier by about a foot.4. Heavy: This rack is -heavy- and that’s good, means it is made out of something strong and will last for a long time.5. Plastic clips: Instead of rubber straps, this carrier uses plastic clips. This is probably longer lasting and easier to use.Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase.Extra tip: The black lever at the top will control both tilting of the carrier and also folding the hitch mount

  8. N

    SOLID & EASE OF USEInitial impressions (arrived yesterday)::: Rack comes fully assembled (which is a big plus) and installs right away for a 2 inch receiver (Also works with 1.25 inch receiver but that is an extra step). Rack is SOLID. Love the ease of use with all the easy release/fold-downs, etc. The ratchet clips worked very well as one should expect. For a quick test I loaded two adult bikes and drove around and there was NO WOBBLE of the rack at all (I just twisted the spin knob as tight as possible and it was firmly secured). Although not “recommended” by Yakima you CAN tilt the rack down with bikes on — just remember to LIFT the part of the rack the bikes rest on UP slightly before pulling the release lever to tilt the rack down for rear access. I bought this rack because I wanted a solid rack that was easy to use and easy to take on/off (as we can’t just keep it on continuously all spring/summer for various reasons) and it looks like it hits all the marks.

  9. Andy B

    Love the rackI purchased this product 3 years ago, and subsequently got the cable lock to secure the bicycles to the rack. Love the rack! Works really well.Last week, I was pulling the lever to tilt the rack down to access the car’s hatch, and the tilt lever broke off. I called Yakima to ask about purchasing a part to fix it. Immediately got a rep on the phone, and on the spot, they offered to replace the entire rack. I offered to look into my records to confirm the purchase date, and they said they’d see that on my receipt, but they were replacing it either way. Very soon after that, I got my replacement rack, by express shipping no less.The product is wonderful. Service WAY beyond my expectation. Incredible.

  10. Amazon Customer

    catastrophic failure may have lead to injuries, except luck.I purchased this rack after reading the reviews here. On the first extended trip, and with 108lbs of the 150 lbs limit. this hitch catastrophically failed the vertical tube and arms with the bikes separated from the lower section when it broke off. In 3 lanes of traffic on an interstate at 70 MPH. THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED bikes flying and injuring others was the cable lock I had wrapped through the bikes and to the hitch, thank God for that. I would not buy again and in my opinion they should all be recalled. The big vertical tube you can see in the pictures is welded to the lower portion with 2 narrow strip of iron. That is what failed, they simply cracked off.

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