YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike 2″ Hitch Bike Rack (Carries up to 2 Bikes)

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Say goodbye to difficult loading and hello to your e-bike’s new best friend. The Yakima OnRamp eases the challenge of carrying heavier bikes with an integrated ramp that lets you roll your ride right into place.

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Say goodbye to difficult loading and hello to your e-bike’s new best friend. The YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike Hitch Bike Rack features adjustable trays that reduce bike-to-bike interference and conforming frame cramps, meaning it fits a wide range of bike styles (e-bikes, mountain, road, hybrid, BMX, kids’ and bikes with fenders).

OnRamp tilts forward with bikes loaded so you can easily access gear in your trunk without having to unload. It also features integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks to secure the bikes to the rack and the rack to your vehicle. OnRamp accommodates up to 29 x 3.25” tires (or up to 27.5 x 4.5” tires with the FatStrap Kit, sold separately) and fits wheelbases up to 50”. And with easy installation and removal, you’ll be on the road in no time.

OnRamp E-Bike Hitch Rack Versatile rack with integrated ramp that carries 2 bikes up to 66 lbs each
Easy loading, fits most bikes, tilting design\
Item Dimensions LxWxH 53 x 24 x 11 inches
Item Weight 57 Pounds
Mounting Type Tire Mount, Trunk Mount, Hitch Mount

Essential Features

  • Engineered to carry 2 bikes up to 66-lbs each. Integrated ramp for easy, roll-on loading, and stows away neatly.
  • Adjustable frame attachments means you can carry E-Bikes, mountain, road, hybrid, women’s specific, BMX, kids bikes and bikes with fenders with ease.
  • Accommodates tires up to 29×3.25″ and up to 27.5x 4.5” wide tires with the FatStrap Kit (sold separately). Accommodates bike wheelbases up to 50”.
  • Integrated SKS (Same Key System) locks included to secure bikes to rack and rack to vehicle receiver.
  • Tilts forward with bikes loaded for trunk access. Adjustable bike trays minimize bike to bike interference.

Additional information

Weight 57 lbs
Dimensions 53 × 24 × 11 in


Item Weight

57 pounds

Product Dimensions

53 x 24 x 11 inches

Manufacturer Part Number




Date First Available

November 25 2020



7 reviews for YAKIMA OnRamp E-Bike 2″ Hitch Bike Rack (Carries up to 2 Bikes)

  1. Vince

    A great rack for e-bikesEasy to install and use. Very solid and does what it’s designed for. The only improvement I would suggest is being able to move the centre post left and right to suit the many different e-bikes available. Overall, very good.

  2. Amazon Customer

    expensive disappointment ,,,,,bile wont fit if 27.5×3.0 or largerbile wont fit if rim = 27.5×3.0 or largerstraps are 2 shorttrays r 2 narrowramp is 2 narrowI FOUND the frame fastener awkwardother than that its perfectits like yakima hasnt been in a bike store for 7 years


    It will doBought this primarily because it had the built in ramp, and was the only rack readily available after we got our new e-bikes. The ramp is kind of flimsy, and the bikes can easily come off the track. Since e-bikes are much heavier than most bikes, you have to be careful. I’d definitely have a second person standing by to help. Not crazy about the center post and how it attaches to the bike frames. The plastic knobs are difficult to tighten, so I keep a small strap wrench handy, which helps. The lock cable can be locked onto the trailer hitch pin, but not easily. It is a very sturdy, well built rack. The day after we got it, we loaded up the bikes and road from Michigan to Florida with no problems.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Center Mast is a problemI probably should have followed the advice of the other posts that said the center Mast is an issue. We have fat tire ebike are pretty wide Without Really knowing the width between the bikes on the rack it was hard to decide. I bought the rack and we took our first trip but the bikes were very difficult to to load onto that route the tracks are too narrow they don’t accommodate four inch wide tires were above so I would highly recommend the racked anybody except for an fat tire e-bike. The mast does create a loading issue.

  5. G. Halcomb

    Okay, but not well suited fat tire ebikes.Specs say 3.25 tires, but our Radrunner’s 3.30 don’t even come close to fitting into the tire trays. The Fat Bike straps might help, but they are backordered everywhere till ????? The on ramp portion is even narrower than the tire trays and it’s easy for the bike to slip off when rolling up the ramp. The vertical post is fixed at one location, so mounting options for ebikes without a crossbar are limited. Finally, the stabilizers do not tighten well to the vertical post, so the bikes flops around. I bought some extra web straps to secure everything. I’m hoping for the best!

  6. rudiger

    Center Mast Issue? Maybe…AFAIK, there are only two, purpose-designed ebike carrier racks, the Yakima OnRamp and Thule EasyFold. They’re both pricey, with the Thule being a whopping $250 more. It’s lightweight and has some nifty features, but it’s light because it’s constructed of aluminum and plastic which might give pause for some longevity concern, particularly considering the heavy weight of ebikes, even without the battery attached. A terrific example is the folding, aluminum ramp. Really great for transport, but for actual use, maybe not so much.Bike wheelbase can be an issue, as well. Most shorter MTBs won’t be a problem, but some larger commuters approaching ~50″ might.Conversely, there could be an issue of MTB tire width. Many new mountain ebikes are coming with substantial width tires, and neither of these racks have tire rails designed to accomodate them. Thule offers longer attachment straps but, like the rack itself, they’re expensive and should really be included.So, this comes to the Yakima. Besides those already mentioned, the one truly glaring issue (as also pointed out by others) is the fixed, offset center mast. The Thule avoids this by using a U-shaped, center-mount, swing-down arm from the front, but it has it’s own issues, with the biggest being nothing separating two bikes. The Yakima’s mast is not in the center but offset to one side. While it might seem strange at first, I think the logic is so the mast can be folded down without it sticking out to one side, making it easier to transport when folded. The question becomes, why didn’t Yakima design the mast so that it can easily slide along the bottom rail to which it’s attached? Maybe it’s to keep it completely secure. But then it’s impossible to have the same attachment point for two identical ebikes side-by-side. This can be a real problem with commuter-style, step-thru ebikes with fenders and racks where the only place to secure it is the seat post. Many of those have an inordinately large diameter downtube where the battery is inserted, and the included center mast straps simply aren’t long enough to go around.Fortunately, the wheel trays, themselves, are adjustable with knobs underneath. So, the ebikes can be moved side-to-side as needed to attach both ebikes to the fixed center mast.In conclusion, while it’s not perfect, in the interest of longevity and price, the Yakima OnRamp seems to be the current choice for ebike transport, at least if you’re looking to carry heavy, commuter ebikes that have fenders and racks.But if someone were looking to move around fat-tire mountain ebikes where bike attachment wasn’t a consideration, I think I’d just go with the heaviest-duty, standard bike carrier (like one for RV use) I could find.

  7. Ed D

    This was so well worth the cost for our EbikesI was so glad to find this on RV. Everyone else had none is stock anywhere for Ebikes. It’s was a lot of money but let me say you get your money’s worth. We invested in 2 Rad Ebikes. A lot of money and we wanted a super sturdy bike rack to add to rear hitch of Ford Ranger which we flat tow behind motorhome. Not only was this Rac certified to carry behind motorhome hitch it also was the only one certified to be on towed vech behind motorhome. It’s solid as a rock there is no movement on this rack which drivingbon rear of truck. It’s super easy to remove bikes and load them off. It comes with a ramp that attaches to bike rack when not using. The ramp works fine but I am strong enough to lift ebikes in place on rac without ramp. But for someone who does not have the Strenth the ramp could make a big difference to owning the ramp.The heavy cable goes around both bikes and lock to the hitch pin end. Making the lock a very secure setup. It’s a heavy cable but someone who wants to can with bolt cutters cut it off is anything really secure these days. We just completed our 1 st 1000 mile pull with the bike rack attached behind pickup which was flat towed behind motorhome and it went just fine. I added a full waterproof cover over bikes which does block out the rear Break and turn signals of truck. So I modified the bike rack by adding skin style trailer lights and a lic plate holder that lights as well so I am legal driving down the road as well as safer so car behind us know when we turn or break. If you don’t use a bike cover I suppose you won’t need to do this. But spending 3 grand on Ebikes I want them covered and no body knowing what I am covering.

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