TITAN 12V DC Double Rack Mount Ventilation Cooling Fan for Fridge Vent


Equipped with two TITAN exclusive 9-blades silent fan and IP55 waterproof & dustproof fan and speed controller, you can switch auto temperature control or 6 levels manual control to both have a whisper operation experience and perfect cooling performance. Great for refrigerator vent & grille ventilation in your motorhome, camper van, camper truck, or any cabinets.

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This mounting rack fan is perfect for a grille fan or a vent fan to update ventilation. It can be applied to external or internal refrigerator vent fan in motorhome, caravan, or cabinet ventilation grille. Solve thermal heating problems of various electronic applications in camping, outdoor, and other cooling.

With hook rack mounting design, the double mounting fan can easily install on vent fan or ventilation grille. Let the application cool down and reinforce ventilation immediately. Every RV owner should install auxiliary cooling to save their equipment and improve its performance.


– Auto Temperature Control
20°C (68°F) auto turn off the fan
45°C (113°F) auto operate at maximum speed
-6-levels manual controller to adjust for particular needs
Notice: When you are in the auto mode, the indication of operating is green. If your surrounding temperature (depend on the sensor) is under 20°C, the light shows “red” and the fan would stop working. It is normal, please do not worry. After the temperature is above 20°C, the fan would operate again.

IP 55 Waterproof &dustproof fan, perfect for outdoor use

Take TITAN professional 9-blades kukri silent fan, this multi-purpose fan or fridge vent fan provides you the quietest operation experience without being disturbed.

Rack hook design for easy install on refrigerator vent

Refigeration/ fridge cooling fan
Ventilation grilles
Motorhome /RV vent fan
Automotive side vent cooling fan
Bus coversion DIY ventilation cooling fan
Skoolie ventilation cooling fan


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