TadiBrothers Furrion Compatible Wireless Backup Camera Kit w/ 7″ Monitor & Audio

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Go on long drives or road trips without worrying about safety with our SKU90114F Wireless Backup Camera System! Safely reverse, park, and drive as you let our backup camera system assist you on busy highways and secluded roads.

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As every driver’s trusted source for all their car needs, the TadiBrothers Furrion Compatible Wireless Backup Camera with 7 inch monitor Kit can be your day-to-day companion for safe and pleasant driving. Go on long drives or road trips without worrying about safety with our SKU90114F Wireless Backup Camera System! Safely reverse, park, and drive as you let our backup camera system assist you on busy highways and secluded roads. This kit comes with everything you need for a foolproof system that will help you stay safe while you’re exploring outdoors. Our waterproof cameras are made from premium materials and built to offer lasting durability to ensure your camera system will function day in, day out without fail.


  • COMPLETE BACKUP CAMERA SYSTEM – Includes a 7-inch LCD monitor, U-bracket dash mount, and wireless box camera. Comes with necessary cables, a cigarette lighter adapter, and an instruction manual to guide you in installing the system in your vehicle.
  • WIDE VIEW ANGLE ELIMINATES BLIND SPOT – Waterproof camera provides a 120-degree bird’s eye view. Its night vision function adjusts to ambient light levels to let you see in low light conditions while its sun shield minimizes glare for clear images.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH FURRION PREWIRED RV – This plug-and-play observation system has an FRCBRKT-BL Furrion-compatible bracket mount and Furrion-compatible backup camera power connector to let you easily install it in minutes using the bracket adapter.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Enjoy hassle-free purchase with our 30-day money back guarantee! We’re confident our products are of world-class quality but in case something goes wrong, you can be confident we’ll help you out with any problems.
  • YOUR TRUSTED SOURCE FOR ITEMS OF EXCELLENCE – Dedicated to selling top-notch products since 2003, TadiBrothers takes pride in working diligently to make our customers happy by offering them excellently made items that meet our high quality standards.

About this Furrion Compatible Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

7-inch monitor

90114f bracket

furrion compatible

90114f Promise

7-Inch Monitor with 150ft Digital Wireless Range

Ideal for a wide range of applications, you can use it for parking, changing lanes, observing your surroundings, and more! The split-screen feature allows you to add up to four cameras in the future. The monitor stays on while you’re driving or only when you go in reverse depending on how you decide to set it up.

Wireless Backup Camera with Audio

The Wireless backup camera Has a 120° Degree viewable angle, is waterproof, and has auto night vision. The camera is one of the most durable we have, with incredible adjustability and night vision clarity.

Furrion Compatible

Have a vehicle that is prewired for a Furrion? If so this is perfect for you! On the back of your Trailer or RV, if there is a pre-installed Furrion housing, our system will install in a matter of minutes with our bracket adapter. Simply snap the camera to the bracket in the back and plug it in, that’s all there is to it.

The TadiBrothers Promise

We stand by our products! The TadiBrothers team won’t let you down. We have been selling top-of-the-line backup cameras, monitors, and other vehicle electronics since 2003.

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Brand TadiBrothers
Screen Size 7 Inches
Product Dimensions 11.89″L x 8.86″W x 3.5″H
Compatible Devices Monitor
Display Technology LCD
Installation Type Dashboard Mount,Plug In
Voltage 12 Volts
Real Angle of View 120 Degrees
Connector Type Wireless

Additional information

Weight 3.61 lbs


15 reviews for TadiBrothers Furrion Compatible Wireless Backup Camera Kit w/ 7″ Monitor & Audio

  1. Cdgrugs

    Stopped working right after return window
    Worked good at first. After the 30 day return window passed it quit working.

  2. Sparky

    Good Camera
    This camera system is easy to set up and use. The screen is crisp and clear. I am using this on a 40′ cargo trailer and I have had no connection issues. I would buy this again. 5 STARS

  3. Be Happy

    Works Great
    We use this in a family business moving mobile homes and it works great. Ours doesn’t have any connection or antenna problems. Of course we still need escort drivers, but it’s fantastic toter driver to have eyes in the rear.The monitor is clear and easy to see at glance. The camera angle is wide, with great coverage. No complaints. It helps our family members stay safe.

  4. PositiveInfluence

    Works great on my pre-wired Outback
    I have a 2019 Keystone Outback that is 33 foot and needed a camera badly. Thankfully, this model comes pre-wired for the camera so installation was quick and painless.It took about an hour to get the camera and monitor set up and works great! Thankful to have this installed before our first big trip this week!

  5. Mukhtar Rajabov

    Very helpful backup camera, good picture quality
    If you’re bad at backup parking, this is the product for you. It’s a little difficult to install but trust me it’s worth it, I spent about 2 hours to install it, connect all the cables, put the camera in the right place, so be prepared to spend a little time on it. Overall this camera is of good quality, it looks a bit big but it doesn’t makes any problems.

  6. Kate K.

    Signal weakens when encountering obstacles
    Thanks to the waterproof camera, I was able to travel comfortably and reliably when the viewing angle was wide. The box also included a 7 inch LCD monitor, U-bracket dash mount and wireless box camera, cables, cigarette lighter adapter and system, manual.It can adjust the light and clarity beautifully, day and night.The volume cannot be adjusted either.

  7. Miz J

    Nice but requires power
    This is a nice backup camera if you have power at the back end of your RV. You can probably connect it to your running lights so every time you turn on your running lights the camera would turn on. If you are prewired for a camera then you are all set. I am considering putting a small LiFePo4 battery and a solar panel on the roof and connecting that to the camera. I might mount this to the back bumper. I can wire into the license plate lamp. How I wish they just put a battery in the camera and allowed us to use a small solar panel to keep it charged. I did hook it up with a 12v battery just to check it out before I start mounting it. It worked well but of course it is not a trailer length distance. The price is pretty steep. I expect a little more at this price. Overall though, if you need a backup camera this is one to try.

  8. John H

    Nice RV/trailer camera
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     Very easy to install and use camera kit. Perfect fit for prewired Furion also adaptable to hardwire in.Multiple mount options and distances with included hardware as well as multiple antenna options.I found range to be nothing less than spectacular. I stopped with around 170 ft but signal showed strong when outside. With more interference and obstacles ie walking through house and distances ~100ft cut out a little but still did great.This range should equate to ~80+mph and working well at speed. If you are not familiar lesser wireless cameras may work fine when stationary, but have problems with anything more then a crawl.Camera switches to night vision very fast when presented with blackness. Camera and monitor both turn on and sync very fast when plugged in or when vehicle starts. Very impressed.Screen was visible in bright light, but get better results without. There is an inch of shade cover to help block some sun which helps.No way to adjust audio volume, but most of the time that will be off anyway.For me grid lines were almost perfectly where I would have put them. end of red is spare tire, start is about a foot in front of it. Based on your setup results will very.I haven’t actually used it high speed driving or at night yet, but based off of the testing I’ve done both should be good.Monitor supports up to 4 cameras, you can either stay on one full screen or have 4 split. No other variation like 3 cameras 2 on top one on bottom covering 2 squares.You can mount camera upside down and flip image both vertical and or horizontal. (Also stays this way on restart)I personally used a smaller antenna from a previous camera due to mounting with the smallest bracket. But I did test the antenna that came with it and had great results. Kit includeds nice length to get antenna closer together for longer setups or that might have more interference.This is a great kit and it has easy links to videos on how to setup.Recommend!

  9. Ariana

    Straightforward and appropriated
    This was easy to install and we really appreciate the YouTube videos that made it so much easier

  10. Dipped in Ink

    Great visibility
    This backup camera is being used for my parents to take the RV across the country this summer. Both of them have complained about not being able to see through the backup camera that is already installed in the RV because it is much too small. This screen, however, has a really bright and wide display that is great for people with declining vision (it has large buttons and an easy-to-navigate menu) that can be operated with only a few clicks. Because the signal can be connected at such a great distance, this is also handy to connect a trailer hitch to even when it isn’t a part of the actual vehicle. During the summer, we use the trailer to take the kayaks out, and lowering them into the water without this backup camera has proven tough– I can say with confidence that the clarity of the picture from this camera has prevented many dings on both my trailer and my park.Unfortunately, I have had a bit of trouble with the connectivity of this device. Though it is advertised to have a distance signal of about 150 feet it tends to only be reliably connective at 100 feet. This is fine because the connection is easy to get again when you turn it on and back off, but this has happened a few times. Anyway, it is also worth noting that the instructions to install this backup camera are not super thorough, but the actual installation itself is pretty easy and straightforward. As long as you have a screwdriver, you can set this up in under 5 minutes.Overall this has been a really convenient tool for an RV and a trailer. If you were looking to reduce the number of dings on your car, this wide display screen and easy installation will certainly help you out. I recommend it!

  11. Bruce E. Munck

    Nice picture
    I use my pickup truck for a lot of things, one of which is hauling my wife’s jewelry trailer back and forth to flea markets, yard sales, etc. I have gotten pretty good at backing up and getting the hitch ball close enough with only a couple of tries so that when I let the tongue down I can push the hitch into place. However, I realized that it could be easier to do if I were to place a camera directly above the ball and aim it straight down so that I would know for sure it is in the right spot before ever climbing out of the cab. For this purpose I didn’t want a teensy 3” screen, but rather something that would give my aging eyes a clear view of the ball and hitch. I decided that a 7” screen would be plenty large enough and so I went with this Tadi Brothers Backup Camera Kit.One of the things I hadn’t given enough thought about before ordering this is how to mount the camera on my tailgate. That is an issue with this camera as its mounting hardware is geared specifically toward putting it on a Furrion bracket. I couldn’t simply mount it on the top of the tailgate and rotate the camera down to view the ball, because the bracket doesn’t provide enough overhang to get the camera in the proper line. Besides, I don’t want a camera permanently affixed to my tailgate getting in the way when I need to carry something in the bed. No, this was going to require a different approach; and so I decided that I would fabricate a hanging bracket that sits over the top of the tailgate when backing up to the hitch, and then can be removed when not needed. This allows me to carry the camera in the truck and put it on the tailgate only when it is actually needed. Less chance of someone taking it at night. Another thing I needed to consider was where to mount the viewing screen so that it would be visible but not in the way. I finally decided on the transmission hump instead of the dashboard. Since I won’t be using this while driving, it doesn’t have to be in my line of sight.Well, the concept seemed good to me at the time, but it is a bit ‘clunky’ in practice and I will be giving it some more thought. The camera is certainly not the problem as it gives a nice clear picture and makes hitching up an easier process. The biggest issue is getting it lined up correctly every time I put it on the tailgate versus having it permanently mounted. A little bit out of alignment makes a difference, although it still allows me to see the hitch. Once I get my part figured out I should have a good system in place. My truck has a 6-foot bed, so the camera never loses connection like it might if it were located behind the trailer. I like the size of the screen and the clarity of the display. This would actually be a very good camera system for seeing behind a trailer as it has a really clear picture. Kind of overkill for what I’m doing, but oh well…it works.

  12. Daniel

    Decent wireless camera system, loses signal sometimes
    First, there are YouTube videos to help with installing this camera. I don’t think the video quality is as good as it could be. It does lose signal from time to time. It is nice being wireless and using it as a backup camera for a 21 foot enclosed trailer. Decent camera system overall.

  13. RBKalco

    Works great
    This is a good solar back-up camera. Pretty clear picture. Works great with our solar set-up. Easy enough to install and use. This is a good quality and reasonably priced.

  14. Marc Harbeson

    These units are absolute junk. Antenna has loose connection and cuts out because of it.
    Cheap crap is all I can say. Went to return them and for the first time ever on amazon I had a restocking fee for this junk crap. Don’t waste your money on this crap. Parked in driveway it gets zero bars unless I wiggle the antenna. Guess someone will need to hang outside and keep wiggling the antenna while I drive.I would give it negative stars if I could. This is my first review – ever – that is how angry I am about it. This product should be de-listed. Its that bad.

  15. Robert Adelsperger

    Easy to install and it works great.

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