Sperry Instruments GFCI Tester (120V AC Outlets)


Easy to understand legend – identifies seven common wiring conditions. Legend is listed on top and bottom of tester. Match up corresponding lights with the color coded legend on the tester to identity wire combinations.14.81

Availible: In many different styles

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This high-impact Resistant ABS housing with soft over-molded rubber grips with a compact ergonomic design (GFI6302 and VD6504).  Its bright color-coded neon lights for easy visual indication (GFI6302).

Additional Features

  • Standard 3-Wire and GFCI protected 120Volt AC Outlets.
  • Frequency (Hertz) 60Hz (GFI6302).
  • Tests GFI Outlets and standard outlets that are wired in series with GFCI outlets (multiple outlets in kitchen or bath) Rated 10 ft Drop and 250 lb Crush, CAT Rating III 300V
  • 10 ft Drop and 250 lb Crush.

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