Panasonic HomeHawk RV Window Monitoring Camera with Color Night Vision

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The Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW camera is a unique RV monitoring video camera that allows you to monitor the outside of your RV from the comfort of inside. It features a 150° wide angle view and bright color night vision.

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The Panasonic HomeHawk WINDOW camera is a unique RV and home monitoring video camera that allows you to monitor the outside of your home from the comfort of inside. HomeHawk WINDOW adheres to your interior window via a powerful suction cup or double-sided tape, avoiding the need for drilling or elaborate set-up and providing natural protection from theft and the elements.

HomeHawk WINDOW provides clear, glare-free 1080p full HD recording around the clock with a 150° wide angle view and bright color night vision, ensuring you can always see everything clearly. A local microSDXC card (sold separately) backs up recordings without the need for monthly cloud fees or contracts. The HomeHawk WINDOW plugs into a standard interior wall outlet, so the camera has continuous power; never again will you have performance issues due to decreased battery life, or need to disconnect your camera in order to recharge.

HomeHawk’s Person Detection Technology, as well as its ability to customize detection areas, helps ensure you only get the alerts you need—no more unnecessary recordings due to tree or car motion.

With a sleek, discreet design, and its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, the powerful KX-HNC500 HomeHawk WINDOW camera blends seamlessly into your life, providing peace of mind with superior technology and an easy-to-use interface.

Summary of Features

  • MONITOR THE OUTSIDE, FROM THE COMFORT OF INSIDE: Innovative, discreet, compact outdoor camera is mounted indoors. A powerful suction cup adheres camera to virtually any interior window, no drilling or complicated installation
  • CAMERA STAYS SAFE AND CHARGED: Indoor mount protects HomeHawk from the elements and keeps it safe from theft. The camera plugs into a regular outlet, so no more worrying about battery life. Alexa/Google Assistant compatible
  • CLEAR 1080p HD VIDEO RECORDING WITH BRIGHT COLOR NIGHT VISION: Get a clear, glare-free view day or night with high definition 1080p recording featuring a 150° wide angle view
  • DETECTS PEOPLE, NOT CARS: Avoid unnecessary motion alerts. Person Detection Technology sees people and filters out the environment. Set a custom detection area for even more control
  • NO CONTRACTS OR FEES : Local microSDXC card (sold separately) saves 2 seconds of prerecording after any alert, 24/7. No storage fees or contracts

From the manufacturer

Panasonic HomeHawk Window Home Security Outdoor Color Night Vision Wide Angle HD Camera KX-HNC500
HomeHawk WINDOW – KX-HNC500

Monitor the Outside, from the Comfort of Inside

Finally, a camera that allows you to clearly monitor the outside of your home without difficult installation, battery life issues, or theft risk. The discreet HomeHawk WINDOW camera suctions to the inside of your window, providing 24/7 monitoring in 1080p HD while staying safe against the elements.

HomeHawk Window Home Security Camera Outdoor, Color Night Vision, Wide Angle, HD Camera KX-HNC500

24/7 Recording with Bright Color Night Vision

Enhanced color night vision lets you see even better than you can with the naked eye, in 1080p Full HD. Camera records clearly, day or night.

 HomeHawk WINDOW KX-HNC500 powerful suction cup to window no drilling no damage

Easy Installation

HomeHawk WINDOW adheres easily to an interior window using a powerful suction cup—no drilling or complicated equipment needed.

No Monthly Fees or Contracts

Local microSDXC card (sold separately) holds recordings of any alert, with no monthly fees or contracts!

Prerecording—Never Miss an Incident

Each motion detection alert saves 2 seconds of prerecording, so you can see incidents as they happen, not after.

HomeHawk Window Home Security Camera Outdoor Camera KX-HNC500 alexa google assistant app

Monitor Anywhere, Anytime

With the HomeHawk app, you have 24/7 access to live camera feed or recordings, any time, from anywhere. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

HomeHawk Window Home Security Camera Outdoor HD Camera KX-HNC500 customize motion alerts

Person Detection Sees People, Not Cars

Person Detection and custom detection areas eliminate unnecessary alerts and only trigger recordings that matter.

Additional information

Weight 14.4 lbs
Dimensions 5.1 × 2.9 × 1.3 in
Product Dimensions

5.1 x 2.9 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight

14.4 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

April 30 2020

Country of Origin




5 reviews for Panasonic HomeHawk RV Window Monitoring Camera with Color Night Vision

  1. NJMiami

    Impressive Image QualityThe most impressive thing about this camera is the night vision, it is the same as the night vision of Google PIXEL phones but in video, the sharpness and illumination are impressive. Very easy to install, it does NOT need a monthly subscription, and it installs inside the window. The app is very versatile, it is easy to use. You manage it from your phone with the app. It is very thin and discreet. Very recommended.

  2. Birdieman

    Does what I want.Over all the camera does everything I want. Picture quality is good, not great but I don’t need great. Response time is good. The app works fine.The only negative is the suction. After about 2 weeks it fell off my window. I replace it using the provided tape and will see how long that will last. The cord is long enough to reach most windows but is heavy and the weight, over time, may have pulled my camera off the window. The large pad next to the camera lens came unglued. I wonder if it was the result of heat from the sun hitting the camera? Overall, I would buy again.

  3. SundayAtDusk

    Super Security Camera That May be One Of A Kind . . . .I’m not sure how I came across this camera, unless it was an MyMotorhomeLife daily deal. Even doing a search for “window security camera” does not bring up this Panasonic camera. It doesn’t bring up any type of window security camera. Is this the only one out there? Whatever, it is exactly the type of camera I have wanted for years. In fact, when I got the Panasonic HomeHawk floor camera a while back, I tried to see if it would work through a window. It did not. For me, a window camera is perfect. No installation problems or expense, no wiring needed, no batteries that needed to be replaced in cameras hung high, no weather problems. No, you just stick this window camera to a window inside with the powerful suction cups, or you can use the included double sided sticky tape. You will then see a live crystal clear colored picture of outdoors day and night.I have mine in a front dining room window, where I can see anyone coming on to the front porch, part of the porch, part of the front yard, part of the driveway and cars passing on the street. When the camera detects movement or people, it starts filming. It stops when the movement or person is gone, and never has continued taping blowing leaves or anything like that for very long. When you look at the recordings, you even have the option of seeing only ones with a person in them. (However, if movement set off the camera first, while it will keep filming if a person enters the picture, that recording may be listed under “motion””, instead of “person”.)Detection sensitivity can be adjusted, too, as can the detection area. The camera will show a grid of the detection area, and you just put an “x” in each box you don’t want the camera to focus on. Playback is easy, as well as deleting individual recordings. Just remember to notice the date arrows that take you back to the day before. You can also lock in recordings you don’t want deleted and take a picture of any part of a recording. If the micro memory card gets filled, the camera starts recording over old recordings. (I’m using the Samsung PRO Endurance 128GB 100MB/s (U1) MicroSDXC Memory Card.)So far, I’ve had no problem with the camera falling off he window, and I did not apply the tape. The window is a thick glass one that does not open, and is sheltered from the elements, so there is no condensation on it ever, or intense heat hitting it. I’m thinking of getting a camera for an upstairs window which will show the full road, and would be putting it on a window that gets direct sunlight on it in the morning. I’ll update this review if I do get a second camera and if the heat on the window affects the suction cups.The HomeHawk app was simple to download when I got my floor camera, and it was simple to add on this camera. The app has the user guides, too, and do read all that’s there to understand what the HomeHawk cameras can and cannot do. The only shortcoming I see with this window camera is if the electricity or internet goes out, the camera will not work. Other than that, I love everything about this Panasonic. It’s not that noticeable in the window, either, especially at night. There is either a blue or flashing red light visible inside on the back of the camera, but no light on the very dark front of the camera. The white cord is noticeable, but I wasn’t looking for a hidden type camera; just one that would provide live and recorded images of outside; in the simplest, least costly way possible.

  4. Yooper Bob

    The concept is great BUT quality and customer service is terrible!After finding this camera on the internet our first thought was that the Panasonic HomeHawk Window Camera was a great concept, and we would rate concept 5 out of 5 stars. We used the suction cup attachment method (with the knowledge that the camera should be removed, window cleaned, and camera re-attached every 3 month) to allow us to easily move the camera to a different window if needed plus not crazy about applying a permanent adhesive to the window.After approximately 6 months and having removed the camera twice to clean the window and re-attach the canera, during the first week of June 2021 the camera fell to the floor. Upon examining the camera we discovered the rectangular suction cup was still attached to the window with a good strong suction! The adhesive that was used, at the factory, to attach the rectangular suction cup to the camera failed! We were able to remove the suction cup from the window and “stick” it back on the camera. We can only assume the “hot” sun was the cause of the adhesive failing. This happened the first week of June in the hot and tropical area of the United States known as Green Bay, Wisconsin – Northeastern Wisconsin.Since the Panasonic Owner’s Manual states this camera has a one (1) year warranty we contacted Panasonic – which was another challenge since there is no phone number. The contact method was/is e-mail and after 3 weeks received what appeared to be an automated response that someone would be in touch within 1-2 business days. After another week we received an email that we would need to “order” a replacement suction cup plus their double-sided tape. Yup, we had to “order / pay for” the parts that failed.The original price of the camera, on MyMotorhomeLife, was just over $125. The replacement parts cost was $62.85, over ½ the price of the original camera. The suction cup was $40.95, the double-sided tape was $11.95, and adding insult to injury shipping and handling was another $9.95 – YUP not only had to pay for parts that should have been covered under warranty but had to pay shipping and handling.After receiving the replacement parts, with NO instructions, we soon discovered the double-sided tape that we were told was needed was NOT required!If the hot sun of Northeastern Wisconsin results in the adhesive failing again it looks like this $200+ great idea will end up in the trash!

  5. Cody L.

    Excellent window camera but the suction cup don’t last.Update! After 6 months, the suction cup broke due to sun lights and heat. I search and I can’t find the suction cup replacement. That is ridiculous.The camera is very good but the nighthawk app is very very not good. Camera got excellent night vision as you can see from the photos. They have to improve the app.

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