Gardner Bender GGS-1512R Grounding Screws Green (12 Pack)

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Gardner Bender GGS-1512R green grounding screws for circuit box.

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Grounding screws secures ground wires to circuit box.

  • Grounding screws secures ground wires to circuit box at threaded screw holes
  • 10-32 x 3/8-Inch washer head, machine screws
  • Hex head
  • Green
  • 12 per card

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Weight 0.317 lbs

Gardner Bender

10 reviews for Gardner Bender GGS-1512R Grounding Screws Green (12 Pack)

  1. Gilles Leblanc

    Wires are goodGreat just what i wanted.

  2. Patricia Hargreaves

    Small quantity. Good value.Worked fine. Good to be able to buy small quantity

  3. John

    Ground ScrewsWhat else can you say other than they are green ground screws that work

  4. Tom Morgan

    These are the short ground screws for Steel City-style electrical boxesWell made, with good threading. Beats trying to cut down a long ground screw, and dress the threads just so you can bond a box.

  5. TolkienFan

    Gardner Bender—-Ground screws work wellPrevious reviewer mentioned that the product description indicated that these were “self-tapping” screws. He is correct, that is what the description says. EDIT: No longer true..Current description is correct. And I suppose if you are not familiar with these screws that could cause some confusion. So, I would say that the manufacturer should make the description here match the description on the packaging…EDIT: Current description matches the item and the packaging…Having said that, these screws are exactly what they should be. Grounding screws that meet the specification and function as they should. I use a lot of Gardner Bender products and find they are always somewhere “in the mix” when it comes to utilitarian products. Never had a “bad” product from them…and priced right.If you NEED a self-tapping screw, you should buy a different one. Otherwise these are the right product at the right price!Four stars—they lose one for the screw-up in the description…EDIT: Rating changed to 5 stars…UPDATE 11/30/13: NOTE!! I submitted an error report for the description on this item. RV notified me that they had accepted my changes and the description wording had been corrected. I am now changing my rating to 5 stars.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Nice stuffThat they worked and fit the threaded hole in my electrical box

  7. ac5jw

    Inexpensive but Questionable QualityI have changed my mind on this product because of the trouble I explain in the comments after this review.The included green screws are Size 10 and 32 threads per inch. It would be wise to verify the size and threads of the installation area before trying to install this product. It is also an easy matter to tap the proper size and threads to match this product if you have a 10-32 tapping tool. I enjoy tapping my own installation holes, and this GB product actually showed me that I either forgot to tap a hole or I used the wrong thread when I tapped it, so I was able to make corrections immediately and install with no difficulty.Some may not like the tight fit of the terinal lug on the screw. It may be intimidating, but you can use a little extra hand strength on the tool you provide to spin the screw in the terminal lug and it should be easy to install if the tapped hole and threads match the screw. The screw can actually be inserted and started by hand, with the tool used later to tighten down the wire in its final position. If there is difficulty in getting this screw to enter its installation hole, then there is likely a problem with your installation area size and thread count. If they all match the product, then the installation is very easy. All you do is turn the screw and it should draw itself into the hole with its threads.Also, there may be some loss of the green color on the screw threads themselves, but I think it was designed that way.I like the clean and shiny surfaces and the screws are made for either a nut driver or a phillips head screwdriver. I also like the length of this pigtail, which is more than enough for my work.I purchased a large quantity of these because they were so inexpensive and I wanted to have a ready supply for electrical and computer projects.

  8. CanadaSSBurn

    The description said solid, I received stranded wire.Despite it not being the same as advertised, these are functionally identical and do the job. I just want to point this out for anyone who has a preference or specific application where solid is more IDEAL BRAND GROUNDING PIGTAILS. The description error is likely on RV’s side, since the packaging correctly self-identifies as stranded. Other brands may be IDEAL, but the spade connector won me over on these GB pigtails.

  9. Just John

    Does what they are supposed to.Good quality and reasonable price.

  10. Gerard Bagwin

    Good, but…Just be aware they’re not self tapping. Only an issue if you have older electrical boxes.

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