Gardner Bender Bullet Splice Insulated Barrels 16-14 AWG (10 Pack)

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Gardner Bender 20-163P Bullet Splice Male & Female Pairs are designed with a fully-insulated barrel, 16-14 AWG (Blue).

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Gardner Bender Bullet Splice Insulated Barrels (five male & female pairs) are designed with a fully-insulated barrel and rated 16-14 AWG (Blue, PN: 20-163P). The package includes 5 pairs of bullet splice insulated barrels. Gardner Bender produces a complete line of top quality wire connectors for many uses.

  • Bulb Voltage: 600 volts
  • Temperature Rating: 257 degrees Farenheit
  • This product is manufactured in Taiwan
  • Model number: 20-163P

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Weight 0.48 lbs

Gardner Bender

10 reviews for Gardner Bender Bullet Splice Insulated Barrels 16-14 AWG (10 Pack)

  1. Griklag

    Five StarsGood price and product

  2. Michael Moriarty

    Misleading quantityA little misleading. Instead of putting ’10-Pack’, it would be better to state ‘5 Pair.’

  3. PN

    Three Starsworked for the purpose it was intended for

  4. Thomas Garner

    Works wellRewiring a trailer, and I already had the female ends. If while wiring you wire lights backward easy to unplug these plugs and reverse them so that their wired properly.

  5. MarmoMan

    Don’t buy!!Item delivered is not what is pictured. I got cheap pvc version not nylon as pictured. Do not buy this. The brand on what I got is GB and is clam shell packed. The holders are poorly made and will not hold up to any sort of repeated separations and connections. Soldering the wiries in place after chrimping will help with pull out issues but the clip itself will fail at the connection points.

  6. Josh

    Not worth the headacheThese are not good. Save yourself some headache and get a better quality connector. These do not hold the wire very well. They would probably work if you never need to disconnect them but that defeats the purpose of the connector.

  7. Joseph Urban

    Description is misleadingThe description for this product is misleading. It states that this is a 10 pack so my assumption was that you get 10 of each type since you can’t use one without the other. In reality, you get 5 of each type.

  8. Knighthawk001

    Not as dipictedReceived product quickly, however the product dosen’t match the photo.

  9. vizwhiz

    Acceptable, but with shortcomings.They work. The wire grip is very short, meaning not long enough to grip much bare wire. They’re also just barely big enough for the wire size listed (in this case 16 ga at the large size). The two pieces are also hard to press together, and even harder to pull apart. If you don’t hold the plastic, you will pull the wire out, no question. But for general service, hidden, and not-often-disturbed connections, they work well enough. Not good for connections you want to put together and take apart often.

  10. thetalk

    Love using these terminalsThese are hard to find in quantity and at a good price locally, so it’s nice to get them online. These are great when you have just a few wires. The alternative to using these terminals is to use a connector. Using a keyed connector is safer because you can’t mix them up and connect incorrectly. However a connector would be bulky, and I like these thin inline versions. If you stagger them by a couple of inches, you won’t take up much more space than the wire bundle currently needs in it’s run. You want to make sure that the wires aren’t exposed in a place where someone could unplug and reconnect incorrectly! I used these blue ones for wires behind a car dashboard. That way I could disconnect them if I had to remove the panel or the device, but they were hidden and protected from the average user. I also varied the wire lengths so that they could basically only be connected in the correct way. Also recommend investing in a good crimping tool.

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