Power Strip, Allocacoc PowerCube, 4 Outlets 2 USB Ports, 5 feet Cable, Surge Protection,


PowerCubes, the new, compact way to power all of your electronic devices. This new device is an innovative way to multiply power sockets in your home or workspace and offers all the convenience of a power strip surge protector without the bulk! Mix and match different styles to create the ideal power station to serve your needs. Available in Blue, Green, Red, and Grey. Also available with remote control.


This innovative  wall plug is suitable for powering a wide variety of chargers, appliances, and electronic devices. This compact model includes 4 standard outlets, 2 USB ports, and an extension cord to extend the powering ability of your wall socket and allow you to charge more electronic items. Mix and match a range of PowerCubes, including styles that incorporate dual USB ports, 5-foot extension cords, remote buttons, and international adapters. PowerCubes are also stackable for your convenience. Customize your own innovative charging station with these amazing products! PowerCubes are an excellent tool for schools or the workplace.

They’re also a nice option for RVs and small apartments with limited space. Choose a mountable PowerCube to keep it safely secured on a desk, counter, or table. Wherever you use your PowerCube, you’ll be impressed with its versatility! This mini power adapter is designed to accommodate a large range of plug sizes so you can easily power your laptop, TV, and mobile phone cable all at once! You won’t have to worry about blocking outlets with oversized plugs. The creative design of this tool makes it easy to efficiently power up to 6 devices at once!


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