The Philippi Battery Bank Monitor for 12v & 24v Systems


The Philippi Battery Monitor BLS is a battery monitor for battery systems consisting of a 12/24 V starter battery and one or more 12/24 V house batteries connected in parallel.

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The Philippi Battery Monitor BLS constantly monitors the voltage and current of the main battery and detects the full charge as well as its complete discharge. The values for battery capacity and charging efficiency (CEF) are adjusted at each cycle to provide the most accurate capacity indication possible.

The Philippi Battery Monitor BLS can only be operated with low voltage DC 8-32V in conjunction with the shunt SHE-300. It is designed for use in RVs and boats and may only be operated in closed rooms that are protected from rain, humidity, dust and condensation. The battery monitor should never be installed in a location where there is a risk of explosion due to gas or dust. The battery monitor is not suitable for outdoor installation.

Read about our experience of installing and using the Philippi Battery Monitor BLS in our 1973 GMC Motorhome.

Key Features:

  • Display of the current voltage, the current charge or discharge current, the remaining time, the battery temperature and the state of charge of the consumer battery(s)
  • Further information on the use of the consumer battery(s): No. of charge cycles, deep discharges & mean depth of discharge.
  • Warning of a dangerous deep discharge by an adjustable acoustic alarm
  • Suitable for all battery types like acid, GEL, AGM and LiFePO4

Technical Specifications:

  • Supply voltage DC 8-32 V
  • Current consumption (monitor) 80 mA at max. Display brightness, 6 mA in sleep mode
  • Current consumption (shunt) 20 mA, 2 mA in sleep mode
  • Shunt 0.1 m Ω
  • Measuring range U1 0-35V, resolution 30mV, accuracy 0.25%
  • Measuring range U2 0-35V, resolution 30mV, accuracy 0.25%
  • Current carrying capacity Shunt 300A, 600A 1 min, 1500A 0.5 s
  • Current carrying capacity relay 1A
  • Measuring range I, shunt -600 – + 600A, resolution 10mV, accuracy 0.5%
  • Measuring range T (external sensor) -15 – 60 ° C, resolution 1K, accuracy 1K
  • Dimensions:
    • Monitor L 105 x W 75 x D 40 mm
    • Shunt L 118 x W 40 x H 65 mm
  • Connections shunt
  • Bolt M8

Manuals and Other Documents

Battery Monitor BLS Philippi Operating Manual

Battery Monitors Overview BLS Philippi  


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