SOCKiTBOX – The Original Weatherproof Connection Box


Have an eye for exterior lighting and dΓ©cor, but worried about dangerous weather damage? Protect all your electrical connections with SOCKiTBOX, the original weatherproof connection box.

Available in: Black or Green in Small, Medium or Large

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Thick, durable IP55 weatherproof plastic is safe for pets and animals and effectively blocks rain, snow, dew, hail, dirt, dust, sand, UV rays and other outdoor threats. The lid opens and closes effortlessly, requiring no special screws or tools. Just place your connectors and cables inside, and clamp shut for an airtight seal. For added protection, the interior features special blocks made of flexible silicone; once cables and sockets are in place, the material perfectly molds to fit. Choose the ideal size to suit your job!

The large SOCKiTBOX features one input and one output, which is ideal for multiple sockets, extension cords or timers.



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