Eve Button – Apple HomeKit Smart Home Remote To Command Accessories and Scenes


Easily set Eve Button to control everyday necessities, such as a connected lamp. Press once to switch it on. Twice to dim it to 50%. And hold for less than a second to switch it off. No swiping, tapping, or talking. Just instant, tactile control.

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Keep a scene handy for summer night celebrations. Employ one to switch on selected lights as you dash out after dark. And reserve another to shut down lamps, appliances, electronics everything except nighttime essentials all at once. With Eve Button, you control your connected home with ease, and it feels natural. Eve Button puts instant control at everyone’s fingertips, offering yet another way to engage connected devices. It’s beyond convenient. It’s empowering. Eve Button communicates directly with your home hub, ensuring an effortless setup while eliminating the need for yet another bridge. Press once, press twice, or press and hold to control a light, power outlet, or any connected device in your home. Better yet, activate scenes in which multiple devices work in unison.

Requires an Apple TV with tvOS11 or higher or an iPad set up as a home hub.

Works with all Eve products including the Eve Light Strip.


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