RVGUARD Adapter 30 Amp Male to 50 Amp Female


At some campgrounds, the 30A connector may be absent or loose, or the campground only provides 50A and 15/20A service. The RVGUARD Plug Adapter converts your RV generator cords. It is all you need to quickly connect your non-compatible RV and generator cords. It delivers 30 Amp for any standard equipment and is intended for any general or industrial generator.

Available in both: 30M/50F and 50M/30F

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This heavy duty, no-fuss adapter fits snugly at both socket ends ensuring good contact and easy use. It is constructed from strong solid brass contacts and strong PVC that is built to stand up to the toughest conditions and is built to last. The design makes it so you can easily grip this plug and move it without slippage. Use the RVGUARD Male to Female Plug Adapter when traveling from campsite to campsite or from RV park to RV park. Simply plug your existing cord into the female end of the adapter and plug into any outlets quickly and easily so you can spend more time connecting with family, friends, and the great outdoors.


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