Klein Tools Fish Tape, 25-Foot 1/4-Inch Wide Spring Steel Tape


The Klein Tools’ Fish Tapes are perfect for wire runs associated with short commercial, residential and VDV runs. The high carbon, coated steel is firm with the right amount of flex when pulling wire in attics, down walls, or through small branch circuits. The optimized housing and handle design decreases payout effort and reduces binding.

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Durable, high carbon 1/4-Inch wide spring steel fish tapes are firm yet flexible. New protective coating reduces non-contact moisture and humidity but keeps the steel dry to touch. Laser etched markings in 1-Foot (0.3 m) descending increments allow you to more accurately measure the length of conduit runs and determine the amount of tape left to pay out. Slim-profile plastic tip navigates easily and reduces catching. Optimized design of the tape housing decreases payout effort.


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