Rochester/Manchester 0-90 Ohm LP Tank Remote Sender


The Rochester Gauges / Manchester Tank TwinSite 0-90 Ohm LP Tank Remote Sender is a snap on propane tank gauge for RVs. It sends the level of the LP gas in your horizontal propane tank to your monitoring panel.

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The Rochester / Manchester TwinSite 0-90 Ohm LP Tank Remote Sender – Snap On has a laser trimmed, advanced matrix film resistance element for more reliable and continuous signals, with less noise.

How it works

The sender is magnetically connected to an internal tank float. As the float moves up or down, the sender needle follows accordingly. There is no physical connection to the float itself. One wire is grounded to the tank; the other connects to a panel inside the vehicle (if so equipped from the motorhome factory).


  • 2 lead wires (one to ground; the other to your remote monitoring panel)
  • Magnetically driven.
  • Corrosion resistant for a long lasting product.
  • “No-fog” readability provides an easy read every time.
  • Extends mechanical life.
  • Vibration & shock resistant ensuring a safe and reliable gauge.
  • Case is UV stabilized material.
  • Plastic clips for easy installation.
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Dimensions: 2″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″.
  • Limited warranty.

Technical Details

The TwinSite is a magnetically-driven, variable-resistance sender with potted lead wires. Senders are utilized on mobile applications where direct reading plus an electrical signal to a remote receiver are required. The TwinSite® is capable of generating accurate and reliable signals to remote receivers in most common resistance ranges (0 to 90 and 240 to 30 ohm) The standard model of this Twin­Site® comes with the premium harsh environment construction at the price of the previous standard unit. The case is hermetically sealed by ultrasonic heating to melt and fuse the case into one solid piece. This keeps weather out, ensuring “no-fog” readability while greatly extending mechanical life. The seal is a high reliability, no-gasket design. The plastic case is capable of withstanding vibration and shock that would render comparable metal designs useless.

The plastic case is far more resistant to corrosion than any metal-cased version and is capable of withstanding broad variations in temperature. The plastic lens (and the rest of the case) is a special, UV stabilized material. Electrical connections are sealed with multiple epoxy chambers. The connecting wires are also sealed behind this epoxy barrier. This sealing process prevents sparks or other damage due to both galvanic and electrolytic corrosion, as well as, providing an impervious barrier to road salt.


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