HEDBOX RP-DC50/DFP50 Dual LCD Battery Charger


RP-DC50/DFP50 – Kit | Dual LCD Intelligent Battery Charger is compatible with the Sony NP-FP battery types: NP-FH50, NP-FH70, NP-FP50, NP-FP90, NP-FV50, and NP-FV100.

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Charge two batteries simultaneously, drawing power from either an AC wall source (an AC cord is included) or a 12/24V DC power source (a DC car charger need to be order separately). Additionally, the Dual Professional Battery Charger features a USB power output to charge other devices with a USB power input, with powerful 2.1A output. With protection against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, the Duo Charger safely, conveniently, and quickly recharges up to two professional Li-ion batteries.

RP-DC50/DFP50 – Kit | Dual LCD Intelligent Battery Charger Compatible with the Sony NP-FP battery types: NP-FH50, NP-FH70, NP-FP50, NP-FP90, NP-FV50, and NP-FV100.


The RP-DC50 Digital Dual Professional Battery Charger conveniently charges two professional battery packs that run on 7.2V and 14.4V.

Charging Technology

Intelligent charging systems integrate the control systems within the charger. The electronics within the battery to allow precision control over the charging process. As a safety precaution with high-capacity batteries, a pre-charging stage begins the process. The charging cycle is initiated with a low current. If no corresponding rise in the battery voltage, the unit indicates that a possible short circuit exists in the battery (zero volt activation).

Constant current/constant voltage (CC/CV) charging mode is an effective way to charge lithium batteries. When a lithium battery is nearly empty, the battery takes constant current to charge it. Moreover, charger CPU automatically adjusts charging current to be lower than the max charging current that the battery can accept. With constant charging, the voltage of the battery rises slowly until it reaches a maximum voltage. Then the charger switches the charging method to “constant voltage” and reduces the charging current.

When the battery is fully charged, the unit stops the “constant voltage” state.

RP-DC50 Dual LCD Intelligent Digital LCD Battery Charger – Overview





Large LCD Display Screen

A large LCD screen provides clear, accurate, and precise display of the charging status. The LCD display graphically shows charging voltage, charge status of the batteries and USB Power Out.

USB 5V / 1A Power Out

Charge or supply 1A of power out. The USB output can be used any time. It is independent 5V output. The USB output is also displayed on the LCD.

Boost Charging Push button provide HIGH speed Charging Mode.

DC12V Car Cable Input

With a 12V DC power you can use the charger in a car, plane, bus or any location with a 12V DC power supply.

Dual Simultaneous Charging

The RP-DC50 is able to charge simultaneously two different battery models. With two different capacity and two different voltage, all in the same time.


Included in the Box

  • 1 x RP-DC50 Digital LCD Battery Charger

Under transport regulation, the RP-DC50 is factory packed in a cardboard box with internal shock-resistant protection. This kind of packaging makes it travel securely and transportation is safe for the sea, air and road.

Dc12 Car Cable
  • 1 x 12V DC Car Power Cable for In Car Use

With a 12V DC power you can use the charger in a car, plane, bus, or any location with a 12V-24V DC power supply.

  • Power Supply Cables1 x 110V – 220V AC Power Cord

The power cord depends on the market the box, and consists of AC Cord with an Australian plug, a European plug, a US plug, or a UK plug.

  • 2 x RP- DFP50 Battery Plate for Sony

It is designed to be used with standard Sony NP-FP battery mount type:

  • SONY | NP-FH50 ; NP-FH70 ; NP-FP50 ; NP-FP90 ; NP-FV50 ; NP-FV100

Tech specifications


Interchangeable Battery Plates

With easily interchangeable battery plates, designed for use with digital charger model RP-DC50, the intelligent charger can be used for all global brand battery models. This economical option of interchangeable plates allows you to charge many different types of batteries, all with one charger. The charger automatically sets charging voltage and charging current for the designed battery. This technology leaves no space for charging error!

To find appropriate Battery Charger plate that fit your battery, please choose from complete list of HEDBOX charger plates, available here on MyMotorhomeLife.

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.92 x 4.37 x 1.57 inches

Item Weight

10.6 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

October 27, 2018




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