Fanttik X8 APEX Portable Air Compressor, Cordless Tire Inflator with LCD Screen (150PSI)

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MORE THAN A TIRE INFLATOR: On the top of this air pump is a 2-mode LED light providing convenience for you to inflate and change tires in the dark. On the bottom there is a 5V/3A USB-C input port and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, making it an emergency power supply for your phone.

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2X FASTER INFLATION: The powerful X8 APEX tire inflator has a built-in high-performance chip that can quickly inflate tires and provide max pressure of 150 PSI and airflow of 32L/Min. It takes only 14s to pump up one road bike tire(0-45PSI), less than 6 minutes for one 205/55 R16 car tire (0-36PSI).
Portable air compressor
Tire inflator

Essential Features

  • DURABLE WIRELESS INFLATION: Come with the rechargeable 7800mAh battery, X8 apex does not require an external power supply while working and can provide a wireless continuous runtime up to 40 mins. Perfect for inflating cars, motorcycles, bikes, balls, and other inflatables, including new-energy vehicles like Tesla.
  • OPERATION STATUS IN A GLANCE: The large LCD dual display shows both real-time pressure value and preset value, convenient to read and observe the tire pressure status. 5 preset modes with auto-stop give you smart inflation. No need to worry about over-inflating your tire.
  • AUTO DETECT AND SHUTOFF: Preset the value you want and the air compressor will automatically shut off when the pressure is reached, so you don’t have to worry about over inflating or low tire pressure anymore.
  • MORE THAN A TIRE INFLATOR: On the top of this air pump is a 2-mode LED light providing convenience for you to inflate and change tires in the dark. On the bottom there is a 5V/3A USB-C input port and a 5V/2A USB-A output port, making it an emergency power supply for your phone. Besides, its compact size can be easily fit in your car, bicycle rack or backpack.


Portable Tire inflator



small air compressor



tire inflator



air compressor


It takes only 20s to pump up one road bike tire, 5 minutes for one 185/65 R15 car tire.


How do I preset the pressure value?

Switch Modes:

Click the Mode buttoned to switch between the five inflation modes. Long press the Mode button to cycle through psi/bar/kpa. The number on top of the screen indicates the real-time pressure in the inflated device, and the number on the bottom indicates the preset pressure.

Manual mode:

When in the manual mode, no mode icon is selected on the screen. The preset pressure value is adjustable, and the value and unit will be saved. Adjustable Range: 3-150psi / 0.2 – 10.3bar

  1. Car Mode: Default 2.5bar / Adjustable Range: 1.8-3.5bar
  2. Motorcycle Mode: Default 2.4bar / Adjustable Range: 1.8-3.0bar
  3. Bicycle Mode: Default 45psi / Adjustable Range: 30-145psi
  4. Ball Mode: Default 8psi / Adjustable Range: 4-16psi


  • The inflator should be turned on when being used as a power bank.
  • When being used as a power bank, the inflator will enter “Energy Saving” mode if inactive for 3 minutes, and the screen will only display the battery level icon.
  • In energy saving mode, when disconnecting the charged device from the inflator, it will automatically turn off.

Important information

Brand Fanttik
Model Name X8 APEX
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH 7.78 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Voltage 11.1 Volts

Additional information

Weight 2.92 lbs
Dimensions 7.78 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Part Number


Item Weight

2.92 pounds

Product Dimensions

7.78 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

Power Source

Battery Powered


11.1 Volts


28.86 watt_hours

Item Package Quantity


Sound Level

80 dB

Type of Bulb




Date First Available

November 16 2021



7 reviews for Fanttik X8 APEX Portable Air Compressor, Cordless Tire Inflator with LCD Screen (150PSI)

  1. drayfromthe513

    Works like a charm! Nice and somewhat compact, charge cable could be longer and instructions are hard to read. But overall nice tool to have when in a bind.

  2. Bill from Philly

    Better rehearse before you need itThe instruction manual is in micro type. Forget about learning this at night if you need it for the first time. I can barely read it in strong light with reading glasses. I went to the seller’s website looking for a pdf manual and couldn’t find one. I struggled thu the mini manual (using my phone’s “magnifier” function) and wrote my own quick instructions and printed and scotch taped it to the large side of the pump.The buttons are micro labeled as well. So I had to make my own references (noon, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock) for my quick instructions.When I use it, I will update this review and perhaps the stars. But out of the box, it is lacking.

  3. leeb

    great for emergencies and household useI purchased this inflator after seeing a review video by the youtuber Silver Cymbal. There were some coupons available at the time so I got it for 85$. It just so happened I picked up a nail the day the inflator was delivered. Out of the box the battery had half charge. I pulled the nail, plugged it, and tried out the inflator. It is one of the quietest inflators I’ve ever used. It’s not much louder than a running car engine. It filled my 255/35/R19 tire to 36psi in about 8 minutes. It’s also alot more convenient to top off bicycle tires than using my garage compressor. Its can also be used as a power bank. Excellent buy.

  4. B Butler

    Never leave home without itIf you own a car without a spare tire you should never go without this device.I own a Tesla model 3 with no spare tire and I’m more than one occasion have ended up with a flat tire and was lucky enough to get a can of flat fix to get to the next place where I get air.Flat fix doesn’t area tire up enough to get you somewhere safely. Add some flat fix and add air with the Fanttik X8 to proper pressure in just a few minutes this will Air your tire up to the full pressure.Has a very bright flashlight that works so you can work in the dark and is very easy to operate.I highly recommend this product.

  5. Anthony

    not what I thought it wasshould have more features, I used it and thinking these parts will wear out early in its life: hose, LED, battery was wearing down quickly

  6. John Dow

    Very nice looking unit and works well inflating tiresAlthough the unit is great looking feels durable inflates vehicle tires without any issues after I gave it a full complete charge after only a few days the unit battery discharged over 40% powered off. which makes it useless for me unless I’m going to charge it before every time I need to use that item may of been a good product. if the battery did not discharge automatically when it was turned off it actually may be useful to me for those of you that are willing to make sure it’s charged every time before you need it it may work for you but if I stored in my vehicle when I need it in an emergency and the battery is dead it’s completely worthless to me.

  7. Ian Jordan

    Mixed bag for the priceThis thing is a mixed bag, given it’s premium price and marketing. It’s got nice industrial design, and feels good in the hand. For the most part, it does what it says, and is a useful device to have around. It does fill a car tire from 0 PSI in about 8 minutes, and still has half battery leftover. The pressure is pretty accurate. The light is nice and bright.Some caveats however:1) It’s a pain to use often. The hose that comes with it needs to be screwed on to the valve stem perfectly aligned, and threads on about 8 turns. The diameter of the part you spin is smaller than the non-moving part, so your finger is constantly grabbing the wrong thing. I’m used to much faster, less finicky connections on a portable inflator. I bought this to adjust tire pressures at the track, and this just won’t work when you are adjusting 4 tires 5X per day.2) It over inflates by 1 PSI. Set it to 36, and it stops at 37. Verified it’s actually at 37 with a second gauge (they both agreed within 0.2 PSI so that’s something)3) It will not deflate a tire at all. If the pressure is too high, it’s up to you to figure out how to let the pressure out.4) If you use car or motorcycle mode, it defaults to BAR. But for a ball, bike, or manual mode, it’s PSI. You cannot change this. WHAT? You can change the units, but it takes 5-10 seconds and doesn’t remember it. It always boots in manual mode (PSI) and does remember the last pressure setting.5) The front of the unit says a max run time is 7-10 minutes. Well, is it 7, or is it 10? Which follows on:6) It takes 8 minutes to fill my car tire from 0 PSI to 35 PSI. Am I supposed to turn it off for 10 minutes at the 7 minute mark? Is a tire fill actually 18 minutes?7) If you have an SUV, this will only fill one tire. They have a lot more air inside. This will take about 30 minutes given the 10 minute off time requirement after 7-10 mins on.8) Way too much packaging. A box in a box, in a box.9) The hose is too short. If you happen to have the car parked in such a way that the valve stem is up near the top, the unit can’t sit on the ground. So you have to hold it. For up to 30 minutes.All of these are kind of picky, but for a unit sold at $100+ and with great thought in design, it should be better at this.

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